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The Final Weighing was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek and Aya travel to Siwa to stop Flavius and recover the Sphere.


Bayek and Aya rode into an eerily quiet village, with Senu following them. Bodies littered the ground, and the air was thick with smoke.

  • Aya: Completely silent. The animals, too.
  • Bayek: Some sort of plague has hit the village.
  • Aya: That viper Flavius did this.
  • Bayek: We should have ripped out his entrails long before now. Let us get to the vault.

Soldiers were guarding a gate.

  • Aya: Roman soldiers.
  • Bayek: Must be Flavius' men.
  • Soldier 1: Take those intruders down!

Bayek and Aya killed the soldiers.

  • Aya: It was Flavius all along. He brought Caesar and the Romans here, hoping to take complete power.
  • Bayek: We trusted him. We were fools.

They found injured Rabiah.

  • Bayek: Rabiah! What happened here?
  • Rabiah: Quickly... Hepzefa... The vault!
  • Bayek: Rabiah, we will come back to you when we can.

Aya and Bayek continued, infiltrating the temple.

  • Aya: Heavily fortified. Behave my love.

They made their way towards the vault.

  • Aya: We must be careful not to be seen.

The pair neared the vault, where soldiers spotted them.

  • Soldier 2: Intruders! Attack!

Fighting their way through the soldiers, they gained entry to the underground vault.

  • Aya: Bayek, there is trouble ahead.
  • Soldier 3: The vault is opening! Run for cover!
  • Aya: Look! The vault!
  • Bayek: They're frightened of the opening door.
  • Aya: They're running!
    Careful. We don't know what's in there.
  • Bayek: We must find out what happened.

The door to the vault rumbled open, and slabs became stairs that the couple descended deeper, where they saw a large, golden globe.

  • Aya: Bayek. Are we dreaming?
  • Bayek: We have entered the Duat.
  • Aya: Who could imagine such a land as this?
  • Bayek: No man should approach this close to the gods.

They entered the chamber of the golden globe.

  • Aya: Who created this? The gods themselves? Ah! Here is the story of mankind... Bayek? Bayek.

Aya turned away from the globe to see Bayek, who had found Hepzefa's body, and rushed to him.

Origins Quest22TheFinalWeighing Part01

Bayek discovering Hepzefa's dead body

  • Bayek: It is Hepzefa.
    Oh, my seni. Your life is done here in the desert dust. They took my closest friend.
  • Aya: We must rush to stop Flavius.
  • Bayek: No! We cannot leave him here. He deserves a proper farewell.

He rose, taking Hepzefa in his arms, and turning away from the globe, Aya behind him.

  • Aya: Go ahead, Bayek. I am with you.
  • Bayek: Hepzefa knew nothing of the Order. There was no cause for him to be killed. Flavius ripped out his heart as a message to me. It was he who killed Khemu.
  • Aya: My husband, we will end this.

Outside the vault Bayek found Rabiah, helping the people of Siwa.

  • Bayek: Rabiah.
  • Rabiah: I saw what happened. It was horrible.
    The Roman leaders entered the temple vault.
Origins Quest22TheFinalWeighing Part17

Flavius using Alexander's staff to open the temple vault

As she told the story, in unfurled as if in a vision; Flavius and Septimius combined the Sphere with Alexander's Staff of Eden, lighting them up, and the vault door opened.

  • Aya: Septimius and Flavius.
  • Rabiah: The objects they carried opened it as if by a god's hand. Hepzefa tried to stop them, but they rendered him helpless. They entered the vault, a blue fire seemed to emerge. I fled to no avail. The entire village lost its reason and fell to the ground like dolls.

In the vision, Hepzefa attacked them, but was knocked out by Septimius, and he dragged Hepzefa into the vault, where they knelt before the glowing globe inside the vault after activating it.

  • Villager 1: They have destroyed Siwa.
  • Villager 2: They must die!
  • Villager 1: You must put an end to this!

Rabiah turned back to Bayek and Aya.

  • Rabiah: Bayek. Aya. You have the prayers of the entire village to support you.
  • Bayek: Let us bring Hepzefa to his rest. Then we will seek justice.
Origins Quest22TheFinalWeighing Part05

Bayek carrying Hepzefa's body out of the vault

Hepzefa's funeral took place later, at the Mountain of the Dead.

  • Officiant: Let the embalmers come. We pray Anubis accept this ornament in place of his heart, such that Hepzefa may walk free in the Field of Reeds.

Afterwards, Bayek bid farewell to his friend.

  • Bayek: Hepzefa, old friend.
    I miss our talks, Hepzefa. And drinking beer! Siwa needs you, Hepzefa. Hepzefa. Where are you now, my friend? Walking in the Field of Reeds?
    Hepzefa. I could use your help now, seni.

Bayek walked to Rabiah.

  • Rabiah: Bayek, Hepzefa would have wanted you to have this. The weapon he prized above all others.

Rabiah gave Bayek Hepzefa's Sword.

  • Bayek: I am honored.

Bayek made his way to Aya, who stood in front of Khemu's burial place.

  • Aya: Some villagers captured a Roman soldier and questioned him. Flavius is headed for Cyrene and Septimius for Alexandria.
  • Bayek: I will kill Flavius.
  • Aya: There is a farm at the border of Cyrene. Someone there may have seen Flavius pass through. As for me, I will cut out the heart of Septimius.
  • Bayek: I feel as though wherever we go, tragedy follows. Perhaps we should come to terms...
  • Aya: It is hard. I don't want to let go, but...
  • Bayek: Every time I think of you, I think of Khemu and everything we lost.
  • Aya: Me too. So for now. We kill.
  • Bayek: Farewell, Aya.

Aya turned back to Khemu's grave, and prayed. Bayek knelt.

  • Bayek: It has been too long, son.

Departing Siwa, Bayek rode for Cyrenaica. On the way, he thought.

  • Bayek: Flavius will not escape me again.
    Flavius will not stop until he reaches Rome. I just don't give a nek
    (shit) anymore. Nothing will stop me. I cannot stop until Flavius's heart is in my fist.

A group of villagers knelt, worshipping, before a caged lion.

  • Villagers: Oh, great and ferocious Flavius!
    All hail the mighty mane of Flavius.
    Do not anger him, Flavius the lusty, the indomitable!

Bayek rode into Cyrenaica.

  • Bayek: A lush land of pastures and fields. Trampled on by Roman occupation.

He approached a farm house.

  • Bayek: This must be the farm Aya spoke of. Someone must have seen the Lion pass through.

At the farm, an Egyptian man led another, a slave, to a spot, and prepared to behead him with an axe. A Greek woman rushed to stop him.

He ignored her, pushing her aside, and killed the slave. Angered and in despair, she grabbed a sword from the ground and cut the other slaves free, urging them to run. Mereruka approached her, intending to kill her.

  • Praxilla: By my sacred oath. Forgive me!

She killed Mereruka, then spun around as she sensed Bayek's approach. She attacked him, he dodged and grabbed at her arms.

  • Bayek: Peace, I am not your enemy.

In her shock, Praxilla dropped the sword, and withdrew.

  • Praxilla: I am sorry, it is just... He was such a gentle soul, once had me treat a wounded dog he had caught in a snare... Why would he do this?
  • Bayek: I have seen this before, in Siwa. I'm looking for the soul-eater responsible. Flavius.
  • Praxilla: The proconsul?
  • Bayek: That sack of rancid goat shit murdered my son, razed my village and now marches through your land with the light of Amun-Ra...
    Come, let us search the farm, look for survivors. I am Bayek of Siwa.
Origins Quest22TheFinalWeighing Part07

Bayek talking with Praxilla

  • Praxilla: Praxilla, of this land gone mad.

Bayek and Praxilla began to search for survivors.

  • Praxilla: Why would Flavius do this? They are just poor Siwan farmers.
  • Bayek: They stood in his path.

Bayek discovered several cart tracks.

  • Bayek: Fresh cart tracks and footprints.
  • Praxilla: The Romans have threatened to take the farmers to the Citadel before.
  • Bayek: Why?
  • Praxilla: To work on weapons, fortifications, General Agrippa's orders.

Bayek and Praxilla discovered a deceased farmer's body.

  • Praxilla: The cruelty Flavius inflicted here, it sickens me.
  • Bayek: He will not stop till he reaches Rome. Then it too will fall before his godless ambition.

The two encountered several soldiers and defeated them. They entered a nearby house where they discovered another body.

  • Praxilla: There must be someone left alive, women... children?
  • Bayek: Perhaps someone is hiding?

Bayek and Praxilla made their way up to the second floor balcony where the found an old lady.

  • Praxilla: Nenet! Are you alright? What happened here?
  • Nenet: Redcloaks and that milksop with the Lion's head. Took anyone who could work, farmhands, my son Kade. Everyone. Then He came.
    Dark eyes, hooded as a raven. I wanted to throw stones to shoo him off. Something golden, bright in his claws. Held it up, crowing as they fell before him. Some by their own hands, others by those dearest to them. Against nature. Everyone crying, screaming, running, dying.
  • Bayek: How did you es-
  • Nenet: No one sees poor Nenet, an old woman's husk with clouded eyes. But I saw them. Didn't cry out. Bit my tongue 'til I choked on the blood.
  • Praxilla: The men who did this... We will find them.
  • Nenet: Better hurry, girl. Raven flew north to the home of the huntress.
  • Bayek: I will try. Flavius also robbed me of my boy.
  • Praxilla: Let us bring Nenet to my cart.

Bayek began to escort Praxilla and Nenet to the cart.

  • Praxilla: Will you follow Flavius?
  • Bayek: I must.
  • Praxilla: For your son?
  • Bayek: For every son.
  • Praxilla: You must miss him very much?
  • Bayek: All my waking and sleeping hours.
  • Praxilla: You will see him again in The Field of Reeds.
  • Bayek: Nenet spoke of the home of the huntress?
  • Praxilla: Yes, Cyrene, the shining porticos of Roman conquest. It is north of here.
  • Bayek: If Flavius is there, I will find him and destroy every fiber of his ka.

The three of them arrived at the cart.

  • Praxilla: When you arrive in Cyrene, look for my friend Diocles. I would trust him with my life, and yours. As a magistrate, he hears petitioners in the Agora... Give him this.

Praxilla handed a ring emblazoned with the image of the rod of Asclepius to Bayek.

  • Bayek: I hope this heals the madness in this land.
  • Praxilla: I pray you get the justice you seek, Bayek.
  • Bayek: Why would they take Nenet's son Kade?
  • Praxilla: The Citadel casts a long shadow over Cyrenaica. There are rumors that General Agrippa and Flavius are preparing for war.
  • Bayek: Against Egypt?
  • Praxilla: Do you doubt their ambition?
  • Bayek: No. They won't stop until I stop them.
  • Praxilla: I will bring Nenet to my clinic in Balagrae, south of the Temple of Aesclepius. Though that place has troubles enough.
  • Bayek: I will find you if I can.

Bayek journeyed to Cyrene. Along the way, he saw a group of farmers affected by the orb's effects, dancing in front of a shrine.

  • Man 1: Worship him, worship him. Mars incarnate. Flavius of Cyrene!
  • Bayek: Flavius has taken their wits. This is not good or natural. Will they dance till their feet bleed?
  • Woman 1: Do you hear the beautiful music?
  • Man 2: Dance, dance, dance for Flavius!
  • Woman 2: We will have a Bacchanal!
  • Man 3: The Lord Flavius is our Muse.
  • Man 1: We offer you our true expression, God who walks among us.
  • Woman 1: I will dance till I can dance no more.
  • Man 2: Flavius has made us his Maenads.
  • Woman 2: He has given me ivy leaves to wear.
  • Man 3: I give my feet in service to Flavius, the god of war.
  • Man 1: Oh great and beauteous Flavius.
  • Man 2: Unconquered, heroic, furious Mars, Rejoice in strife, and in the blood wars.
  • Man 3: Fierce you are, your mighty power can make the strongest peaks and deepest rivers shake.

Passing by the Kyrenaika Roman Citadel, Bayek came across a group of Egyptians willingly walking into a pyre to perish.

  • Man 1: Walk, walk, into the flames. Flavius will burn away your crimes.
  • Man 2: Flavius makes our farms prosper, our children fat.
  • Bayek: They think Flavius is their god! What madness is this?
  • Man 1: The Lion's fire will cleanse you!
  • Man 3: Flavius our God. I was found wanting in his sight.
  • Man 1: Feel the searing heat of forgiveness.
  • Man 4: For Flavius! His Order is God.

As Bayek entered Kyrenaika, he came across a soldier in front of a monument.

  • Greek Soldier: None shall take the healing weed. Stay away, these silphium fields are the property of the Republic.
  • Bayek: Flavius has made this man his mouthpiece.
  • Flavius: Keep off the silphium plants! Flavius has decreed, all silphium is Roman silphium. By order of Flavius, Silphium belongs to the Republic. Taking silphium is punishable with death. Anyone stealing silphium will be executed! Silphium shall only fall to Roman scythes. Do not touch! Do not touch!

Bayek entered Cyrene, and found the Agora. There, Diocles was speaking with a citizen.

  • Citizen: Came back from Balagrae with a crook up his arse. Demanded my taxes for the year! They burned my farm when I refused!
  • Diocles: And you are sure it was Leander's men?
  • Citizen: My wife said no good would come of defying him. I hate it when she's right.
  • Diocles: Leander will pay. You have my word.
  • Citizen: Your word, Diocles? Will that sow my scorched fields? Bring my goats back to life? I am done with you, and this land. Your word... pah!

The man left in a huff, and Diocles turned to Bayek, who approached him.

  • Diocles: And how has our most "venerated" magistrate extorted you, Egyptian?
  • Bayek: Praxilla said you could help me. I am Bayek.

Bayek showed Praxilla's ring.

Origins Quest22TheFinalWeighing Part11

Bayek meets Diocles

  • Diocles: Is she alright?
  • Bayek: As well as anyone can be with Flavius desecrating your land. I've followed that fucker's murderous trail all the way from Siwa.
  • Diocles: So the rumors?
  • Bayek: True. As are his preparations for war.
  • Diocles: One more oppressor. Egypt will never be stable again. Invasions upon invasions. Flavius will make of Egypt one giant tomb. He rules from the Acropolis, but it's crawling with Romans. I pray the dice fall in your favour, Bayek. I must deal with his lapdog, the magistrate Leander. Seek me out again, if you would be a friend to Cyrene.
  • Bayek: Thank you, Diocles. It is time for my son to enter The Field of Reeds.

Bayek walked up to a group of orators serving the Order of the Ancients.

  • Orator 1: Even when your kind appears to triumph, still shall we rise again. The Order of Ancients is born of a realization. We need no creed, no indoctrination. We do not lurk in the shadows. We stride in the light.
  • Bayek: It is just Order of Ancients propaganda. Flavius has turned you into enemies of freedom.
  • Orator 1: Sons of Prometheus, you will follow us. Only by serving the Order can you be saved. Our only desire is that the world be as it is. A place of order, symmetry, harmony. The gods crave them. Out of the yawning veil of nothingness, the stygian void of chaos, Gaia emerged.
  • Orator 2: The free will advocated by these tricksters does not exist. Do not listen to them. They claim the people should be free to make their own choices. That we live without any form of laws and restraints. We say, "should the thief be free to steal your cattle? Should the murderer be free to extinguish the life of your son?"
  • Orator: You cannot stop us. We will have our new world. Pay no heed to the enemies of knowledge. Nothing happens randomly. All events we witness, we experience, happen for a reason and by necessity. They think they can break the shallow chains of determinism? They do not understand that the fabric of the universe is not woven from the threads of chaos, but of order. May the Father of Understanding guide us all.

Bayek infiltrated the Akropolis.

  • Soldier 1: The Temple of Mars. Good to see our Roman Gods outside of Rome.
  • Soldier 2: Proconsul Flavius scares the shit from my bowels.

Within the Akropolis, Flavius stood with the Sphere in front of a statue of Mars.

Origins Quest22TheFinalWeighing Part12

Flavius detecting Bayek's presence

  • Flavius: Do you think I can't feel you skulking in the shadows, Bayek of Siwa?
  • Bayek: I have followed your path of murder and madness all the way from my homeland. And now, you will answer for my son's death, Roman!
  • Flavius: No, Egyptian. Now, you will bow before your god!

Flavius activated the powers of the Sphere, and he and Bayek fought.

  • Bayek: You murdered my son, my friends... Why didn't you kill me when you had the chance in Alexandria?
  • Flavius: You should have joined the Order! You need us. But you chose slavery.
  • Bayek: The man who killed my son. Cowering in another temple.
  • Flavius: Your Medjay friend Hepzefa also had a stubborn streak. Like your son.

Using the Sphere, Flavius created illusions of masked members of the Order, who attacked Bayek but were soon destroyed.

Origins Quest22TheFinalWeighing Part13

Flavius unleashing the Apple's power

  • Bayek: These are nothing but tricks.
    Your time on this sand has ended!
  • Flavius: Your mind will break eventually, just like all the others.
    My power, my potential, can you not feel it?
    You're nothing but a farmer. Camel-herders and shit-shovellers, that is all Egypt is.
  • Bayek: You robbed my son of his afterlife!
    I will cut your heart out!
  • Flavius: I am the Lion!
    None will mourn you, Medjay.
    I will rip your ka from your body.

Flavius created illusions of Bayek's dead targets, the members of the Order he'd slain, which he dispersed. Eventually, Bayek inflicted a fatal wound on Flavius.

Origins Quest22TheFinalWeighing Part13

Flavius facing the Medjay

  • Bayek: He was a child, Flavius. My child!
  • Flavius: That's the one thing I do not regret in my life.
  • Bayek: I will never give you peace!
  • Flavius: Your son's death made the Order bow to me. Caesar, even. I had Rome. It gave me an empire of a thousand sons, each one greater than the last.

Bayek charged at Flavius and grabbed him.

  • Flavius: Come on, finish me, you coward! The waste of time!

Bayek dropped to his knees and lost the feather in his hand while Flavius fell the ground.

  • Bayek: I can't do, I can't, I can't do it!

Khemu approached, and walked up to Bayek.

  • Khemu: It's all right, papo (father)...
  • Bayek: No... I will... I will lose you forever.
Origins Quest22TheFinalWeighing Part16

Khemu saying goodbye to his father

  • Khemu: Not forever. I will be waiting for you in the Field of Reeds.

Bayek embraced his son one last time. Khemu walked to Flavius, picking up the feather and touching his shoulder with it, disintegrating him into ash, while Khemu left the Duat. Bayek stood up from Flavius' corpse and took the Sphere.

  • Bayek: This relic should never be found again.
    Aya must know our son's ka has been put to rest.


Bayek killed Flavius, avenging Khemu, and recovered the Sphere.


  • The title of the memory refers to Egyptian mythology, in which the dead are judged by Anubis, who weighs their heart, representing the soul, or ka, against Ma'at, 'truth', often represented by a feather. If the soul is heavier than the feather, Ammit will devour it, but if it is lighter, the soul will ascend to paradise. This reflects Khemu's ascension, after his soul is redeemed with the death of Flavius, his murderer.
  • The orators speak according to Templar doctrine, and much of it is paraphrased from Haytham Kenway's speech to his son Ratonhnhaké:ton.



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