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The Final Showdown was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


After discovering Brinley Ellsworth led the attacks caused by the Templars and the British Indies Company, Duleep Singh resolved to confront him with Jacob and Evie's help.


Jacob met Henry Green and Duleep at the docks to the River Thames.

  • Henry: Oh good, you're here. His highness seems to have caught a mild case of madness this morning.
  • Duleep: You were right when you said that this was our chance.
  • Jacob: I was?
  • Duleep: I propose we make a commotion, lure out the Templar-controlled British Indies Company.
  • Jacob: And do what? Put yourself in the line of fire?
  • Duleep: I need to send Ellsworth a message. This won't be over until we can draw him out. This is something I must do. I will make a scene, and then you need to rough them up a little.
  • Jacob: Well that shouldn't be a problem.

Duleep approached a group of Templars and taunted them.

  • Duleep: I heard you Templars are a bunch of pansies.
  • Jacob: Here we go.

The Templars attacked and Duleep and Jacob beat them up. Then Duleep threatened one kept alive.

  • Templar 1: Please, spare me!
  • Duleep: I need you to send a message to Ellsworth.
  • Templar 1: I'll do anything!
  • Duleep: Tell him to meet me at Lambeth Cemetery tonight. And tell him to come alone.

Duleep let the Templar run free.

  • Duleep: Meet me tonight at Lambeth cemetery. He'll never come alone, even if I ask him to.

Duleep and Jacob escaped from another group of pursuing Templars.

  • Templar 2: Thought you could get away, did you?

Afterwards, Jacob met up with Evie.

  • Evie: That caused quite a commotion...
  • Jacob: He's gone mad! Greenie was right!
  • Evie: He isn't mad, Jacob. He's trying to take action, to do the right thing... Oh never mind. I'll take it from here.
  • Jacob: Fine by me... I could use a good pint right about now.

Later that night, Evie met Duleep outside Lambeth Cemetery.

  • Duleep: Oh. I was expecting Jacob but I'm glad it's you who have come.
  • Evie: He thinks you've gone mad.
  • Duleep: I probably have.
  • Evie: What's your plan?
  • Duleep: I've asked Brinley to meet me here alone. In turn, he of course has sent a small army to secure the area. I need you to get rid of them and meet me back here. It's essential that when Brinley does arrive, I have him to myself.

Evie killed the Templars guarding the cemetery, then rejoined Duleep.

  • Duleep: That will certainly help quite a bit, thank you.

Brinley's carriage arrived.

  • Evie: He's here.
  • Duleep: I must talk to him.
  • Evie: Don't be absurd. This is dangerous.
  • Duleep: Miss Frye, this is something I must do, and I must do it alone. Remain hidden. I cannot afford to have him see you.
  • Brinley: You can't escape me forever, your Highness. Come out and face me.

While Duleep and Brinley conversed, Evie killed Brinley's guards without being seen.

  • Duleep: I told you to meet me here alone.
  • Brinley: I am not as silly as I once was, Singh. I wouldn't dare come to this meeting place alone. Not with your recently acquired friends.
  • Duleep: I am alone, Ellsworth. It doesn't have to be like this.
  • Brinley: You can't just walk this Earth like a free man. You are nothing more than a trophy, a stag's head above the mantelpiece. You have caused enough commotion as it is. It's time to put an end to this.
  • Duleep: If you kill me now, you will be a wanted man. Imagine the uprising when they find out the only son of Ranjit Singh has been murdered.
  • Brinley: Ah Ah Ah Ah... You think they remember you? You are a lost soul, a monarch who has abandoned his people. You are nothing.
  • Duleep: We were such good friends-
  • Brinley: Friends? You were no more than a play-thing. A prisoner in prince's clothing. You're lucky to be alive. I admit, I'm surprised they let you live.

If Evie was detected, Brinley pointed a gun at Duleep and shot him.

  • Brinley: I knew you were lying, Singh!

After Evie killed the guards (or the conversation ended), Brinley pointed a gun at Duleep.

  • Duleep: Ellsworth, listen-
  • Brinley: I've had enough of this.

Evie shot Brinley's hand, then Brinley and Duleep fought.

  • Brinley: I knew you were lying!

Evie intervened in the fight, pushing Duleep away and chasing after Brinley.

  • Duleep: No! You mustn't!

Evie tackled Brinley to the ground with her Hidden Blade ready.

  • Duleep: Miss Frye!
  • Evie: He will kill you!
  • Brinley: This is what I was sent here for. Be done with it, girl! I shall never forfeit my own mission.

Duleep approached with his own gun raised.

  • Duleep: I will not allow it!

Evie released Brinley.

  • Brinley: The Logins', the Company, they all wanted your silence! Whether you spare me or end me, you won't escape the fate they have planned for you.
  • Duleep: It seems you have learned nothing of India, of its people... But killing you? That is something I cannot do. It would make me no better than that cursed, oppressive company you work for.

Duleep emptied the magazines of his gun and tossed it aside. Brinley stood up and walked back to his carriage.

  • Brinley: You will die as you were raised, Singh. You will never be more than a trophy of war.

Duleep stopped Evie from following.

  • Brinley: We will bury you in English soil.

Duleep met Jacob and Evie back onboard the Train Hideout.

  • Duleep: You have done me much good. I am heavily indebted to you both.
  • Evie: We are happy to help.
  • Duleep: I fear that I cannot continue handling things in this manner. The Assassin way is not my way, as helpful as you have been. This Empire, this land, my people... The problem is so much bigger than death. I know I must devote my life to this cause, to put India, my home, back onto the map, return it to its people. It's a long and gruelling journey, but it is something I must do. Even if it takes me to my own death.
  • Evie: We understand, your highness.
  • Jacob: But, if you do change your mind, you know where to find us.
  • Duleep: That I do. Thank you, Assassins. Hopefully we never shall meet again.


Duleep confronted Brinley, but chose not to kill him. The Maharajah concluded his activities with the Assassins and resolved to finish his work without their help.


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