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The Fiend of Fleet Street was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob or Evie met with Arthur Conan Doyle and Henry Raymond in Whitechapel, where they were presented with another murder case.


  • Henry: Ah! This is one that's most promising
  • Arthur: An important detective is missing! Skullduggery is surely afoot!
  • Henry: Solve it, and I'll write it up quick as you please!

Jacob or Evie started their investigation.


Fleet street

  • Abberline (Det. Murphy): He's a friend of mine. The whole station is out looking for him as we speak. Ironically, he came here on an investigation himself - seems several people have gone missing in this part of town.
  • Abberline (missing people): We've had reports of missing people over the last few months. Detective Murphy is just the most recent and the only one who's anybody to speak of.


  • Mrs. Moffat (Det. Murphy): He was in here askin' about missing people. Bought a meat pie, he did. Stayed and chatted for a few minutes, then headed off to the barber.
  • Mrs. Moffat (missing people): I'm told that some people have gone missing, but I don't know anything about it.
  • Mrs. Moffat (meat): George delivers meat for my pies. Lovely lad. I pay on delivery. I believe he picks it up from the local butcher shop.

Butcher shop

  • Butcher (Det. Murphy): You mean the annoying bloke nosing around? I told 'im to sod off.
  • Butcher (meat): I pride meself on the quality of the beef I sell. Somebody selling cheap around here though, my sales have dropped off.
  • Butcher (George): George? I don't know any George.

Flower shop

  • Bean (Det. Murphy): An odd man, indeed. He spent a fair amount of time in here, poking around.
  • Bean (missing people): Some people around town just seem to vanish. It is mysterious.
  • Bean (manure): George delivers that to us. It's amazing - the flowers just grow and grow!
  • Bean (George): Sweet boy. Constantly giving my assistant gifts. A jacket, a handbag and so on.
  • Joanna (Det. Murphy): I saw him going into the barber shop when I was on my way to work.
  • Joanna (missing people): In this kind of neighborhood, people come and go.
  • Joanna (George): George is my sweetheart. I think he plans to propose marriage soon, maybe even today!
  • Joanna (George): George! I hoped he'd stop by - I want to see his new haircut! He must be at his house. Oh, I do hope he proposes soon!

Barber shop

  • Sodd (Det. Murphy): Yeh, I gave him a trim. He asked no end of questions. When I cut his hair, I notice a tattoo right at the base of his neck. A green celtic cross, it was.
  • Sodd (missing people): You're right. Several people have disappeared over the past months. Some of 'em were customers of mine!
  • Sodd (blood): I'm tryin' to quit drinking. Sometimes my hand shakes when I'm giving a shave.
  • Sodd (George): George was in here earlier, gettin' a haircut. He wanted to look nice for his girl. He's been seeing Joanna from the flower shop for some time now. Said he's finally saved up enough money to pop the question.

Leather shop

  • Jeffers (Det. Murphy): He came in asking lots of questions. I believe I answered them to his satisfaction.
  • Jeffers (missing people): I suppose there are a few people I haven't seen in a while.
  • Jeffers (George): Why would you want to know about him? Stupid boy. He does deliver tanned leather on occasion, but I really have very little to do with him.



  • Crate of meat - A crate of meat, with no label. The meat smells a little odd.
  • Bills - Bills paid. Several from George for meat delivery. It seems Mrs. Moffat pays promptly and gets a good deal from George.

Flower shop

  • Manure - A sack of manure for plants. Examination shows that small bits of bone are mixed in. One appears to be a human knuckle.
  • Woman's jacket - Made of soft brushed leather. Decorated with diamond-shaped holes.
  • Leather bag - Made of pale leather. On the bottom is a fading green image. It appears to be a cross of some sort.

Barber shop

  • Razors - Sharpened barber's razors.
  • Blood - Several drops of blood. Someone has stepped in it, leaving a trail.

Leather shop

  • Leatherworking tools - A collection of sharp knives and strong, thick needles. Also several awls, some of which would be used to punch distinctively shaped holes.
  • Leather scrap - A sheet of leather with a diamond shaped hole in it.

George's house

  • Ledger - A list of pick-ups and drop-offs. The pick-ups are mysterious. The drop-offs are: Meat delivered to bakery; Manure to florist; Leather to Tobias; Leather delivered to leather-worker. The totals show a thriving business - but the "supplies" gets most of the money.
  • Diary - A diary entry indicating that George is becoming increasingly suspicious concerning his deliveries. "Now that I have enough set aside to propose to Joanna, I've written to a detective about my suspicions regarding the true source of the products I deliver."
  • George's body - George is very recently dead. His chest has a puncture wound: a diamond-shaped hole.


Tobias Jeffers was accused of the murder.

  • Jeffers: He was coming too close to figuring out where all those people went! Ha! They got parceled out to the baker, the florist and me!
  • Arthur: You very cleverly puzzled that one out! A very unpleasant crime. Perfect for one of Mr. Raymond's penny dreadfuls!


Behind the scenes

The memory as a whole is a reference to Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, with characters similar to the characters in the musical, most clearly Feeney Sodd and Mrs. Moffat.


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