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"The Farm. Like Masyaf, I guess, only not so, uh... creepy. Just a small desert community out in the middle of nowhere. About thirty of us living, you know, off-the-grid."
―Desmond Miles.[src]

The remains of the Farm in 2013

The Farm was an Assassin compound located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, outside of Rapid City.[1] The community consisted of some 30 individuals, not all of whom may have been active members of the Assassin Brotherhood.[2]

The Farm was the birthplace and childhood home of Desmond Miles, where he was to be trained as an Assassin.[3]

William Miles, Desmond's father, warned him of their enemies, and to be prepared for them. However, as Desmond complained, "No one ever came. Nothing ever happened."[4] This, coupled with the fact that Assassins who lived in the Farm were not allowed to leave the compound, eventually prompted Desmond to flee the Farm on his sixteenth birthday and see the outside world.[3]

When the Assassins attempted to liberate Desmond from Abstergo Industries in 2012, Warren Vidic revealed that the Assassin attackers were the last of the group from Desmond's birthplace. When Desmond asked Lucy Stillman – another Assassin, who was undercover at the Abstergo laboratory – about his parents, she said that she did not know whether they had escaped.[3] However, William Miles later contacted Desmond's Assassin team after they had broken out of Abstergo, confirming that he had survived.[4] Following this, William assured Desmond that his mother had survived, once he, Desmond, Shaun Hastings and Rebecca Crane reached the Grand Temple.[5]

On September 6, 2013, Shaun and Rebecca visited the ruins of the Farm while crossing South Dakota. Rebecca remarked that they barely knew Desmond, to which Shaun responded that despite that, they had experienced a lot together and made a difference, comforting her.[6]



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