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The False Oracle was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek tracked down Medunamun to the Temple of Amun in Siwa.


Bayek infiltrated the temple, and found one of Medunamun's guards abusing a villager.

  • Guard 1: Lazy peasants! Make yourselves useful!

Bayek eliminated the guard.

  • Villager: Thank the gods!

Bayek infiltrating the Temple of Amun

  • Medunamun: Find the names of any villagers who visit the temple regularly. I want to question them all.
  • Guard 2: Of course, my lord.
  • Medunamun: Round up the oldest villagers for me to question.
  • Guard 2: The oldest, my lord?
  • Medunamun: One may have heard an ancient story or know about the vault.
    Fatigue grips me like a python. No one works as hard as I.
  • Guard 2: You are a martyr, my lord.
  • Medunamun: Is this meat? You know I do not eat meat.
  • Guard 2: I believe it is a local root vegetable, my lord.
  • Medunamun: What has become of the priest I questioned?
  • Guard 2: He died, my lord.
  • Medunamun: Find more priests!

Bayek struck down Medunamun. He saw apparitions of birds, and a feather fell. Medunamun then approached, walking between buried statues of masked people.

  • Medunamun: You! You have returned.
  • Bayek: To right your wrong.
  • Medunamun: I die, my work unfinished. So close, so very close to ushering in the perpetual rule of the strong and virtuous!
  • Bayek: Virtue?

Both drew their swords, and clashed. Medunamun projected a force from his hand, knocking Bayek back.

Bayek meeting Medunamun

  • Medunamun: The vault will give us the power of the gods. What is one boy?
  • Bayek: What is one boy?!

Bayek's deceased son Khemu appeared.

Bayek facing Khemu

  • Khemu: Papo?

Bayek's mind flashed back to a year earlier, as he was training Khemu in archery.

Bayek teaching Khemu archery

  • Bayek: Oh, so close. Hey, one more, one more.
  • Khemu: Ok.
  • Bayek: Eh.

Khemu took two arrows to fire at once.

  • Khemu: Well... I can try. This way, I'll get two!
  • Bayek: Hehehe, sure.
  • Khemu: Well.
  • Bayek: Up...strong...ready?
  • Khemu: Yes.

Bayek tickled Khemu as he shot.

  • Khemu: Oh, you made me miss. You...

Khemu's friend Chenzira showed up.

  • Chenzira: Khemu, come here! I found a hyena cave!
  • Khemu: A real one?
  • Chenzira: Yes!
  • Bayek: Ah, go ahead.
  • Chenzira: You're gonna love it, there's like sixteen hyenas, and they're so dark and scary.

Bayek going hunting with the kids

  • Khemu: Sixteen? Well, you know what, er, I'd rather go hunt with my papo.
  • Chenzira: You always get too scared.
  • Bayek: Eh! Eh, eh, let's go on a real hunt, huh?
  • Khemu: Alright.
  • Bayek: Come, come.
  • Khemu: What are we hunting?
  • Bayek: The Oracle wants the pelt of an ibex stag for the ceremony.
  • Chenzira: You will stand next to the Pharaoh, won't you, Bayek? You're the Medjay!
  • Khemu: When I'm Medjay, I'll stand next to the pharaoh.
  • Chenzira: You'll never be Medjay. You're too scared.
  • Khemu: That's not true.
  • Chenzira: What about the hyena cave?
  • Khemu: Shut up!
  • Bayek: Enough, you two.
  • Khemu: The sand is so hot on my feet!
  • Bayek: Sometimes, they light on fire. It makes you faster.
  • Khemu: Heh heh. I want my feet to light on fire!

They reached an ibex pack.

  • Bayek: It is up ahead.
  • Chenzira: Can I come?
  • Bayek: Heh heh, your mother's waiting for you.
  • Chenzira: All right. See you at the ceremony, Khemu!
  • Khemu: Bye, Chenzira!

Chenzira left.

Bayek and Khemu hunting the ibex

  • Bayek: The herd is around here. We don't want just any stag. We want the pack leader.
  • Khemu: Which one is he?
  • Bayek: Big, with giant horns. Quiet now. Do what I do.
  • Khemu: Senu! Senu, come to me!
  • Bayek: Why are you calling Senu?
  • Khemu: Chenzira told me I should steal his feathers, so that my weighing ceremony gets me to the Field of Reeds.

Bayek laughed.

  • Bayek: Anubis weighs your heart against a feather. You cannot tamper with this weighing ceremony. It is sacred.

Some of the ibexes ran off.

  • Khemu: Ahhh! Oh no! I scared them!
  • Bayek: It's okay, more time for us to spend the journey together! Enjoy the journey.

Bayek killed the pack leader.

  • Bayek: Hit!
  • Khemu: Did you hurt him?
  • Bayek: A clean shot to the heart hardly hurts at all. Let's get that pelt.

Bayek skinned the pack leader.

  • Bayek: We will take this to the Oracle before it gets dark.
  • Khemu: One day, I want to shoot an arrow through the sun.

Bayek laughed.

  • Bayek: You can. Your arrow will have to become Senu.
  • Khemu: Imagine: all my arrows are Senus! Then I will be able to hunt anything!
  • Bayek: You said you'd like to see the Pharaoh up close?
  • Khemu: Yeah.
  • Bayek: What if you stand with me by his side?
  • Khemu: Can I do that?
  • Bayek: As my son and the future Medjay, yes.
  • Khemu: Papo, what is a Medjay, really?
  • Bayek: The first Medjay was a protector of the pharaoh. But now, it means you must protect all the people of Egypt. Not just protect them, but work for their well-being.
  • Khemu: Oh, papo! I am so excited to be Medjay one day. You know all the secrets of Siwa.
    What if I never grow up to be a Medjay?
  • Bayek: Ah, of course you will! You are my son!
  • Khemu: But I get scared. I try to be brave, but sometimes it's hard.
  • Bayek: Hold on. Let's go this way.

Bayek and Khemu made their way to Halma Point.

Bayek and Khemu at the cliff

  • Bayek: When I was about your age. Sometimes, I got scared, too. Your grandfather was a well-known Medjay, and he wanted me to bring honor to the family when I succeeded him.
  • Khemu: Yeah?
  • Bayek: One day, he took me up this way. At the top, he said something to me. A single word. It changed me.
  • Khemu: One word?
  • Bayek: I got over my fear. I knew I could do anything I needed to.
  • Khemu: What did he say?
  • Bayek: I will tell you once we're there.

They reached Halma Point, where Bayek put Khemu at the edge of a cliff above the lake.

  • Khemu: What word did your father say?
  • Bayek: "Jump".
    Don't think so long. Jump!
  • Khemu: Yes, papo.
  • Bayek: Trust me. You can.
  • Khemu: I do! I will!
  • Bayek: Jump, then!

Khemu stepped away from the edge.

  • Bayek: Come back, you're not ready.
  • Khemu: I can do it, papo! I can!
  • Chenzira: Aaaaaaah!
  • Soldier 1: Shut up, you filthy, little shit!
  • Chenzira: Help! Help me!
  • Khemu: That's Chenzira!
  • Soldier 1: I said shut up!
  • Bayek: Run home to your mother. Chenzira will be fine. I will take care of it.
  • Soldier 1: Medjay Bayek!
  • Bayek: Go! Now.
  • Khemu: I'm scared. I don't want to go home alone.
  • Bayek: Khemu, just do what I say, please! Go!

Khemu ran off.

  • Soldier 1: Medjay Bayek!

Bayek grasped his sword.

  • Bayek: I am indeed Medjay here. Who summons me?
  • Soldier 1: Sheathe your weapon and follow me.
  • Chenzira: You said you only wanted to talk to him! Ow!

Bayek confronted the soldiers holding Chenzira.

  • Soldier 1: Come.

Bayek struck down by the soldiers

  • Bayek: Who are you to give commands to me?
  • Soldier 1: You piece of shit, we don't have time to piss away.
  • Chenzira: Aaaaaaah!

Chenzira ran away as Bayek fought the soldiers, but he was soon overwhelmed. The lead soldier punched him.

  • Soldier 1: Ha!

Bayek was knocked out and taken prisoner. He was brought before a masked man at the Temple of Amun.

Bayek led into the Temple of Amun

  • Soldier 2: Make a sound and you're dead.
  • Medunamun: What took you so long?
  • Man 4: Didn't want to be seen, sir. Kept to the shadows.

Bayek followed the masked man.

  • Medunamun: We are pleased you have joined us, Medjay. It is of great importance that we gain access to the vault. The temple priests stubbornly refuse to assist us. You are perhaps reluctant out of loyalty to the Oracle. We have someone to help convince you otherwise.

Chenzira's mother Rebecca was also held prisoner inside the temple.

  • Rebecca: Bayek! I thought they just wanted to ask him a question! What have I done?!
  • Soldier 3: Quiet!
  • Medunamun: Come along!

Bayek was brought deep into the temple, where a group of masked men holding Khemu stood before a door to a vault.

  • Khemu: Papo!
  • Masked Man 1: See that no one comes in.
  • Bayek: Khemu! Are you hurt?
  • Masked Man 2: Go ahead. Try it your way.
  • Bayek: Leave my son out of this!
  • Masked Man 3: Your son has something to explain to you. Would the Ibis show him the orb?

Medunamun took out an Apple of Eden.

  • Medunamun: We believe we need this to enter the vault.

Khemu was given the Apple, but nothing happened. One of the masked men kicked Bayek in the head.

  • Masked Man 1: This is a waste of time!
  • Masked Man 3: The boy is frightened! It's all right.
  • Khemu: Papo (Father). They need you to tell them about the vault. They need to know how to use this.

The Order of Ancients holding Bayek and Khemu captive

  • Rudjek: As Medjay, you must have some clue or key or legend that explains its use.
  • Bayek: I don't know anything about this vault! Please, leave my son out of this!
  • Soldier 4: My lords! The Pharaoh has been roused! He insists on coming here!
  • Medunamun: We will be discovered!
  • Masked Man 3: Quickly!

Bayek was brought before the door to the vault.

  • Masked Man 2: Talk to your son. If the vault isn't open when we return, you'll never see him again.

The masked men left Bayek and Khemu and turned their backs to them.

  • Khemu: Papo. I did what you said, but—
  • Bayek: It's all right, son.

Khemu tried unsuccessfully to untie Bayek.

  • Bayek: No?
  • Khemu: Papo. I can get it to you.

Khemu pointed to a knife held by one of the masked men.

  • Bayek: No. Khemu, don't.
  • Khemu: They're going to hurt us.

Khemu left to take the knife.

Khemu trying to take the knife

  • Bayek: Khemu, they'll... Khemu.
  • Masked Man 1: This foolish waste of time!

Khemu stole the knife and brought it to Bayek.

  • Bayek: No, Khemu, Khemu. No, come, come, come, come, come.
  • Masked Man 1: Out of time! Tell us!
  • Bayek: Oh, oh, I don't know!
  • Masked Man 2: We must go now!
  • Masked Man 1: I will cut the heart from the boy.
  • Bayek: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Stop!
  • Masked Man 1: He will never know the afterlife.
  • Bayek: No, no, no, I will tell you, I will tell you, I will tell... no, no, no.
  • Masked Man 1: He's stalling for time.
  • Masked Man 3: What's this?

Bayek tried to attack the masked men.

  • Masked Man 2: Stop! This is madness!

Bayek drew the knife on one of the masked men.

  • Masked Man 1: The Snake takes that as your answer.

The masked man grabbed Bayek's arm, plunging the knife into Khemu's chest.

  • Bayek: No! No! Khemu! Khemu... no, no, no.

Bayek holding Khemu's dying body

As Bayek looked at Khemu's lifeless body, he tried to attack the masked men.

  • Masked Man 1: Shut up!

The masked man knocked Bayek unconscious. Back in the present, Bayek wept over the apparition of Khemu, who turned into Medunamun.

  • Medunamun: We thought you were dead. You could not even save your own son! You are no one. Bayek of nothing. Father to nobody.

Medunamun taunting Bayek

Bayek hit Medunamun with the Apple he took from him.

  • Bayek: Here! Here! And here is your "nobody"!

Bayek bludgeoned Medunamun to death with the Apple.

Bayek returned to Hepzefa.

Bayek returning to Hepzefa, holding the Apple of Eden

  • Hepzefa: Well done, my friend! Our hero returns! You've brought joy to Siwa.
  • Bayek: I should get to Alexandria. I need to see Aya.
  • Hepzefa: Don't be in too much of a hurry. Siwa will always need its Medjay.
  • Bayek: But you are the protector here now. I'm always pleased to help.
  • Hepzefa: Come see me when you're certain you're ready to go. We will drink a beer to our friendship!


Medunamun was killed by Bayek, who readied himself to leave Siwa and meet with his wife Aya.



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