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The False Mackandal was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Having followed Agaté's clues, Aveline found her way to her Mentor's hideout, where she was informed of the recent threat in the bayou.


Aveline met with Agaté.

  • Aveline: Agaté, you wrote of the enemy?
  • Agaté: Yes. Deep in the bayou, a dangerous imposter spreads real roots. He calls himself François Mackandal, my own mentor – the leader, the priest, the Brother, to whose cause I devoted my life. He was put to death by fire. I failed to prevent it. Who is this imposter, and what are his affiliations? This, you will need to uncover. But first, preparations.

The pair made their way to a small training ground.

  • Agaté: François Mackandal was an expert in poisons. This blowpipe was his.
  • Aveline: A fine weapon.
  • Agaté: A single dart, blown from a distance, will fell a man. You may use this to your advantage, if you approach in stealth.

Aveline then practiced with the blowpipe around Agaté's hut, learning how to use it from various strategic positions.


Aveline was given the mission of tracking down and eliminating a dangerous imposter and, in preparation, mastered the use of the blowpipe.



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