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The Fall of Robespierre was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


After having discredited Robespierre, Arno met with Élise, who had news of the situation's development.


  • Arno: I got your message. What's going on?
  • Élise: We may have gone too far in discrediting Robespierre.

As Arno followed with Élise, crowds of Jacobins and opponents of Robespierre walked the streets.

  • Arno: What happened?
  • Élise: He's been arrested.
  • Arno: What?
  • Élise: Apparently he made vague threats about a purge against "enemies of the state" and the Committee turned on him. They're taking him to Luxembourg prison. He's scheduled for execution in the morning.
  • Arno: Then we'd best get to him first.
  • Jacobins: Death to the enemies of freedom! Paris for Robespierre!
  • Protesters: Down with the tyrant Robespierre! Paris for the guillotine, more like. The blood of Danton choke him!

Arno and Élise came across a destroyed carriage and several corpses.

  • Arno: What in the hell...?
  • Élise: These men were National Guard. Robespierre's escort. Damn, if we've lost him....
  • Arno: Let's not panic just yet. We might be able to find some sign of what happened.

Arno found a National Guard survivor.

ACU The Fall of Robespierre 1

Arno and Élise meeting a wounded guard

  • Arno: Élise! What happened here?
  • Guardsman 1: We were ambushed. Troops from the Paris Commune attacked us en route. They were trying to free the prisoners.
  • Arno: Did they take Robespierre?
  • Guardsman 1: I'm not sure. The fighting left me behind. They fell back that way.
  • Arno: (Thank you.) Go find yourself a doctor.
  • Élise: If he's still in custody, they'll have taken him to the Luxembourg prison.
  • Arno: But if not, they'll need to hole up somewhere nearby. They won't get very far with half the city turned out against Robespierre.
  • Élise: I'll check the prison. You follow the riots, see if you can pick up a trail.
  • Arno: Right.

Arno found another wounded guardsman.

  • Arno: Where is Robespierre?
  • Guardsman 2: They took him that way.

Following his directions, Arno came across another wounded guardsman.

  • Arno: Where did they go?
  • Guardsman 3: They went that way.

Following his directions, Arno found a crowd surrounding Robespierre and his Paris Commune guards.

  • Protesters: Bastard! Murderer! Tyrant!
  • Commune guard 1: Run, sir! We'll hold this lot until reinforcements arrive!
  • Robespierre: You are a hero of France, (my friend!)

As the Commune guards fought the National Guard, Robespierre ran, and Arno tailed him. In the meantime, the National Guard also ran after Robespierre.

  • Protesters: Never again the tyranny!
    Remember the Girondists!
  • Jacobins: The Commune stands for Robespierre!
    The Supreme Being save us!
    Robespierre! Robespierre!
    Traitors! Is this how you thank the savior of France?
  • Protester: Remember Danton!

Robespierre eventually arrived at the Hôtel de Ville.

ACU The Fall of Robespierre 3

Robespierre entering the Commune's protection

  • Commune guard 2: Thank God you made it, sir. The Commune stands with you.
  • Robespierre: Thank you, Sergeant. Your loyalty does you credit.
  • Commune guard 3: Best get inside, sir. The Convention's soldiers will be here soon.
  • Robespierre: Yes, of course. I place myself in your capable hands.

Robespierre entered.

  • Official: Be it known that the Paris Commune, by dint of its actions protecting the criminal Robespierre, is now in open rebellion against the nation. Soldiers under the command of the National Convention have been dispatched to apprehend the traitor Robespierre and his followers. Citizens are advised to stay in their homes while justice is carried out. Be it further known that Citizen Robespierre, Citizen Hanriot, and all their allies are declared outlaw! Any citizen found to be aiding these criminals will share their fate upon the guillotine. Revolutionary justice shall prevail!

Arno infiltrated the Hôtel de Ville.

  • Commune guard 4: I didn't sign up for this...
  • Commune guard 5: Robespierre's going to get us all killed.
  • Commune guard 6: Any news?
  • Commune guard 7: The Convention's called out Barras.
  • Commune guard 6: (Shit.)
  • Commune guard 8: We'll never hold this place if the Convention attacks.
  • Commune guard 9: Five more were missing at last muster. At this rate, the Convention won't have to fire a shot.

Arno quietly began opening the door to the room in which Robespierre hid.

  • Robespierre: Damn him! I sent for Germain hours ago!

As Arno opened the door fully, Robespierre noticed him and grabbed a pistol.

  • Robespierre: Shit!

Arno walked towards him quickly, took his pistol and pointed it at him.

  • Robespierre: Germain warned me about you. You're one of them, aren't you? An Assassin.
  • Arno: Not anymore. Where is Germain?

Élise walked into the room.

  • Arno: Élise?
  • Élise: We don't have much time. Where's Germain?

Élise pointed her pistol at Robespierre.

  • Robespierre: I will never talk.
ACU The Fall of Robespierre 4

Robespierre being interrogated

Élise shot Robespierre in the jaw.

  • Élise: Then write.

As he screamed in pain, Robespierre wrote down Germain's location on a piece of paper.

  • Élise: The Temple. I should have known. I hope you enjoy revolutionary justice, (sir.)

As Arno and Élise ran away, the National Guard arrived to arrest Robespierre.

  • Guardsman 4: Seize him!


Robespierre was arrested and sent to be executed the following morning. In the meantime, Arno and Élise finally learned that Germain was hiding in the Temple.



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