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The Fall of Granada was an altered representation of one of Aguilar de Nerha's genetic memories.

Aguilar's Journal

For many years, the Brotherhood has done everything in its power to protect Granada and the Apple of Eden that the Sultan holds for us. Despite our many sacrifices and efforts, the city has finally fallen to the Templar Order in the guise of the Spanish army, directed by Torquemada.

Torquemada and the army of the Inquisition are entering the Alhambra, and there is nothing we can do to prevent them. They intend to force our ally the Sultan to give up the Apple of Eden by threatening his son.

We must prevent the Apple of Eden from falling into Templar hands at all costs!


The Assassins met on a rooftop in the Realejo-San Matías Quarter of Granada.

  • Aguilar: If Torquemada takes possession of the Apple of Eden, Spain is lost, and the impact will be felt far and wide. It is imperative that we reach him before he obtains the Apple, whatever the cost! However, be cautious: let us remain unseen as long as possible.

The Assassins made their way through the district and eventually reached the Alhambra's Court of the Myrtles, where they saw Torquemada holding the Apple aloft before a kneeling Ojeda.

  • Torquemada: At last, the artifact is mine! And it only took conquering a kingdom to get it. Behold the seed of man's first disobedience, my loyal Ojeda; do you sense its power? With it, the known world shall be ushered into a new age, one of peace, in which all the warring populations of mankind shall bow in perfect obedience to our one Templar rule. And combined with the power of the Staff of Eden, I shall be the one to lead them!
ACReb Aguilar attacked Torquemada

Aguilar attacked Torquemada and retrieved the Apple

Aguilar struck the Grand Inquisitor in the shoulder-blade with a throwing knife. Pained, Torquemada dropped the Apple, which rolled towards the Assassin and was surreptitiously pocketed.
  • Torquemada: Augh! *cough* *cough* What... what chaos is this?
  • Ojeda: My lord, you are injured! You must withdraw!
  • Torquemada: WAIT – where is the Apple!? I have dropped it! THE APPLE! I must find it!
  • Ojeda: My lord! You must get to safety! I will find the Apple and bring it to you: I swear it! And I will give the Assassins a slow, painful death for ruining your moment of triumph!
ACReb Aguilar and Ojeda death battle

Torquemada limped away and Ojeda engaged Aguilar

As Torquemada limped away, Ojeda again engaged the Assassins in combat, but this time was fatally wounded.
  • Ojeda: *cough* *gasp* God curse you, you Assassin pigs! You are a blight on mankind! And you, Aguilar – you are as a child interfering in matters too serious for you to possibly understand, and I curse the chaos you bring. May the Father of Understanding bring you enlightenment, you fool. And may he guide us... to... victory...

Ojeda collapsed dead on the stone tiles.

  • Aguilar: At last I see justice done for your murder of my parents so long ago, for the murder of so many innocent lives throughout this land. You will harm Spain no more.

Aguilar turned to the Assassins.

  • Aguilar: Well fought, my comrades, we have the Apple. Come now, we must flee before the Templars arrive. The barred doors will not hold much longer.
ACReb Aguilar and Spanish Assassins after The Fall of Granada

Aguilar and Spanish Assassins back to their headquarter

The Assassins returned to their headquarters in the Sierra de Cazorla.
  • Aguilar: Despite our best efforts to defend the city, Granada has tragically fallen to the army of the Inquisition. However, we have accomplished one of our most important goals: The dog Ojeda is dead, and we have prevented the Apple of Eden from falling into Torquemada's malicious hands. I have personally delivered the Apple to one of the Brotherhood's trusted friends. Cristoforo Colombo will take it far away from here on a voyage to a new world, removing it from Templar reach.
  • Spanish Assassin: What of Torquemada? He yet lives, and is still in possession of a piece of the Staff of Eden.
  • Aguilar: You speak the truth friend. At this very moment, Torquemada is rallying his Dogs of the Lord for renewed attacks against the innocents of Spain. At great cost, Brotherhood spies have acquired intelligence that the Grand Inquisitor continues his search for the next piece of the Staff of Eden in Northern Spain. It is our sworn duty as Assassins to continue to harass his agents, counter his plans, and ultimately to bring down Torquemada by killing him. Come, friends; our path now lies in the North! Let us continue the fight!


  • This memory directly contradicts the heist scene from the movie. In the film, María and Aguilar fight Ojeda and his men to retake the Apple, with María sacrificing herself in order to ensure Aguilar's escape. Here, the only combatants are Aguilar and Ojeda, while María does not appear unless selected in the character menu. Further, Ojeda has time for his last words before dying, in contrast to his instant death in the film.


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