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The Ezio Auditore Affair was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore used his newly acquired invitation and a few courtesans to enter the Castel Sant'Angelo, which was showcasing several works of art, including two da Vinci paintings. Ezio moved among the crowd and marked the paintings for the courtesans to steal.


Ezio met with a group of courtesans on the bridge to the Vatican. He instructed them on what to do once inside the Castel Sant'Angelo.

  • Ezio: Come with me. Once we get inside, I will mark the paintings for you to steal. Bring them to Leonardo's workshop. Capito? (Understand?)
The Ezio Auditore Affair 1

Ezio instructing the courtesans

The courtesans, led by Ezio, made their way to the art viewing but were stopped by a guard at the entrance to the castello.

  • Guard 1: Invitation?
  • Ezio: Here.

Ezio handed the guard the invitation and the group of courtesans flirted with him as they passed.

  • Guard 1: Oh my. Come back soon... I hope.

Ezio made his way around the viewing, in the outer yard of the castello, in search of the first painting.

  • Cardinal 1: How daring! I have not seen an annunciation from this angle before.
  • Cardinal 2: The composition suffers I feel. The light of God is not properly expressed. It does not move me.
  • Cardinal 1: You are truly stuck in your ways, my friend.

Ezio identified the first painting as St Jerome in the Wilderness and marked it for theft. Soon after, a guard emerged from the Castello, inviting the cardinals inside.

The Ezio Auditore Affair 6

Ezio marking Adoration of the Magi

  • Guard 2: The upper floors are now open to the cardinals who wish to see additional expressions of devotion.

Ezio sneaked into the Castello to locate the final da Vinci painting. Once the painting, Adoration of the Magi, had been identified and marked for theft, Ezio began his escape. His actions did not go unnoticed.

  • Guard 3: Two of the paintings are missing! Be on the lookout for a thief!


Ezio located the final two paintings and escaped the castello.


  • The first target painting is located randomly, thus Ezio needs to use Eagle Vision to find it.
  • To mark the paintings, Ezio scratches a line onto the edge of the frame.
  • The memory title is a reference to The Thomas Crown Affair, a heist film based on a 1962 novel, in which a wealthy banker plans to steal an expensive Monet painting.
  • The memory is one of the few where the Castel Sant'Angelo and the Ponte Sant'Angelo are not restricted areas.



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