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The Execution was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Having learned that Germain would be present at King Louis' execution, Arno met with Élise near the Place de la Révolution, intending to assassinate him.


  • Élise: They're bringing the king up now. Are you sure Germain will be there?
  • Arno: Yes, I'm sure.
  • Élise: Then what are we waiting for?
  • Arno: Let's split up. We'll cover more ground that way.

Arno surveyed the massively crowded Place de la Révolution from a rooftop, and saw the king sitting in a carriage. He then saw a speaker at the execution platform.

  • Speaker: Bring forth the condemned!

Arno then noticed two tunnel entrances around the platform, before beginning his search for Germain.

  • Speaker: Silence! Silence all! Before God almighty, let justice be served upon this stage with dignity! Heed here this fallen man! This tyrant! This profaner of the brotherhood of man. Wretched and false friend of beleaguered France! Wicked and deceitful! Here you pay through death the debt incurred by your thoughtless reign. Bear witness all. This is the punishment that awaits ALL CITIZENS - man or woman, lord or peasant - who would betray the principles of our young nation, by deed or by thought! Any citizen who conspires against our new won liberty with loose talk... any citizen who tarnishes the gleam of our glorious Revolution shall meet this same fate. What we do here today will ring through the vaults of history! Our children, and our children's children, will look back upon this day as the birth of freedom! May all mankind be so liberated! Bring forth the condemned!

Germain and his guards confronting Arno

As Arno found Germain watching the execution at his stand, the Grand Master's guards surrounded him.

  • Germain: Hello, Arno.
  • Arno: (Mister) Germain.
  • Germain: It's fitting you're here to witness the rebirth of the Templar Order. After all, you were there for its conception.
  • Arno: (Mister) de la Serre.
  • Germain: Ah, I tried to make him see. But the Order had become corrupt, clutching at power and privilege for their own sake.
  • Arno: But you could set it right, is that it? All by killing the man in charge.
  • Germain: No, de la Serre's death was only the first stage. This is the culmination.

As Louis was brought to the guillotine, he spoke to the crowd.

  • Louis: (People, I die innocent. Gentlemen, I am innocent of everything I have been charged with. My wish and hope is that my blood may consolidate the well-being of the French people.)
  • Germain: The King is... merely a symbol. A symbol can inspire fear, and fear can inspire control - but men inevitably lose their fear of symbols. As you can see.

Louis was placed in the guillotine.

  • Germain: This was the truth de Molay died for: the Divine Right of Kings is nothing but the reflection of sunlight upon gold. When the Crown and Church are ground to dust, we who control the gold will decide the future.

Louis being executed

Louis was decapitated.

  • Germain: Jacques de Molay, vous êtes vengé. (Jacques de Molay, you are avenged.)

Louis' head was shown to the crowd.

  • Germain: I must take my leave. Good day to you. Kill him.

As Germain left, Élise arrived and killed two of his thugs.

  • Élise: GO!

Germain entered his carriage.

  • Arno: Quite an entrance.
  • Élise: What are you doing? Go after him!
  • Arno: I'm not leaving you here to die!

The two fought against the guards.

  • Guards: Protect the Grand Master!
    Kill her!
  • Arno: Élise, it's time to go!
  • Élise: I can handle it! Go after Germain!
  • Arno: Élise....
  • Élise: No, dammit!

Arno and Élise chasing Germain

Together, they killed the guards surrounding them.

  • Élise: Go after him!
  • Arno: Not without you!

Arno and Élise continued in the carriage's direction.

  • Arno: More of them!
  • Élise: I can handle it! Go after Germain!
    Just go! Follow Germain!
  • Arno: It's not worth it!
    Don't be absurd, you can't fight so many on your own!
  • Élise: Go! I'll buy you time!
  • Arno: Élise! Wait!

Fighting them off, they were faced by more of Germain's guards.

  • Arno: Élise, it's over! Let's go!
  • Élise: I'm not letting him get away!
    Dammit, he's getting away!

Arno and Élise reached Germain's carriage.

  • Élise: Empty. He must have gone on foot!

Élise ran onwards.

  • Arno: Élise!

She eventually stopped.

Élise chastising Arno

  • Élise: He's gone. Dammit! Our one chance....
  • Arno: It's not over. We'll find another lead-
  • Élise: No, we won't! You think he'll be so careless now, knowing how close at heel we are? You were given a golden opportunity to end his life, and you refused to take it!
  • Arno: To save your life!
  • Élise: It isn't yours to save!
  • Arno: What are you saying?
  • Élise: I'm willing to risk everything to put Germain down. If you don't have the stomach for revenge... then I don't need your help!

Élise left.

  • Arno: Élise - Élise!


Louis XVI was executed, and Arno failed to assassinate Germain since he refused to let Élise take on the Grand Master's bodyguards alone. This caused her to question his devotion to avenging her father. As a result, she cut off contact with Arno.



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