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The Exchange was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio collected the Masyaf Keys from the Assassin Hideout and set off to the Galata Tower, where the exchange with Prince Ahmet was to take place.


Ezio joined Yusuf's lieutenants and the other Assassins at the graveyard, where Yusuf was buried.

  • Assassin: Mentor.
  • Ezio: Now should be a time for remembrance and mourning, I know... but our enemies do not permit us that luxury. Yusuf thought highly of you, Assassin. And I find no reason to second-guess this judgment. Do you have it in your heart to lead these men and women, and to maintain the dignity of our Order as Yusuf did with such passion?
  • Dogan: It would be an honor.
  • Ezio: Bene. (Good.) I am glad.
    Our enemy is close. Take positions around the tower. Then wait for my command.

Ezio went to the rendezvous point and met with Ahmet.

Exchange 7

Ezio handing over the Masyaf Keys

  • Ezio: Where is she?
  • Ahmet: I admire you, Ezio. But your bloodlust makes it hard to call you a friend.
  • Ezio: Bloodlust? A strange insult from the man who ordered an attack on his own nephew.
  • Ahmet: He was to be kidnapped, Ezio, not killed.
  • Ezio: I see. Kidnapped by the Byzantines, so that his uncle could rescue him and be heralded a hero?
  • Ahmet: More or less. Now... the keys.
  • Ezio: First the girl.
  • Ahmet: She's all yours.

Ezio spotted a woman struggling with a guard on top of the Galata Tower.

  • Ezio: Sofia!
  • Ahmet: Tell your men to back off.

The Assassins sheathed their Hidden Blades, and Ezio tossed the keys to Ahmet.

  • Ahmet: She's all yours.

Ezio climbed Galata Tower and saved the woman, who turned out to be someone other than Sofia.

Exchange 10

Ezio helping Sofia

  • Ezio: Dannazione! (Dammit!)
  • Azize: Teshekkurler efendim, chock teshekkurier. (Thank you, sir, oh thank you.)

Ezio made his way to the real Sofia and saved her.

  • Sofia: Help!
  • Ezio: Are you hurt?
  • Sofia: No, not hurt. But very confused.
  • Ezio: I did not mean to drag you into this. I am sorry.
  • Sofia: You are not responsible for the actions of other men.
  • Ezio: All this will be over soon. But I need to recover what they have taken.
  • Sofia: I do not understand what is happening, Ezio. Who are these men?
  • Ezio: Run!


Dogan became the new leader of the Ottoman Assassins. Ahmet obtained the Keys and Ezio managed to save Sofia. Sofia and Ezio gave chase with a carriage.


  • When viewed with Eagle Sense, Ahmet did not glow red despite him being an enemy. On the other hand, Azize glowed red despite being an ally.
  • Apart from Ezio, none of the Assassins present during the event possessed Hookblades, and instead were armed with dual Hidden Blades.



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