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This article is about the memory. You may be looking for the event.

The Estates General was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno approached Olivier inside the de la Serre estate.


  • Olivier: Thrown out onto the street yet?
  • Arno: Oh, you would love that, wouldn't you?
  • Olivier: It'd break my heart.
  • Arno: Olivier, if I weren't here, who'd do all your work for you?
  • Olivier: The horses need brushing, boy. Get to it.
  • Arno: (Yes, sir).

Arno finished brushing the horses before François de la Serre got in the carriage. Just as the carriage left, an exhausted Perrault caught up to Arno.

  • Perrault: (My lord! Lord De La Serre! Wait! Jesus Christ all mighty lord!)
  • Arno: Some trouble, (my friend)?
  • Perrault: A letter... for (Lord) De La Serre... it's very important!
  • Arno: Calm yourself Perrault! That letter won't reach (Mister) De La Serre any faster if you drop dead of exhaustion. Give it here – I'll catch him.
  • Perrault: He must receive it today! It's very–
The Estates General 3

Arno agreeing to deliver the message

  • Arno: Very important, yes. I heard you the first time. I'll see that he gets it.

Arno took the letter and chased after the carriage.

  • Arno: (Mister) De La Serre! Stop!
    Make way, make way!
    Dammit, slow down!
    Apparently walnut is a popular finish this season.
    Who is driving this carriage? Pelops?

Arno caught up with the carriage.

  • Arno: (Mister) De La Serre!

A stranger got out of the carriage.

  • Arno: (Apologies). Wrong carriage. What I need is a bird's eye view.

Arno climbed a nearby church tower and caught glimpse of Élise and François stepping out of their carriage.

  • Arno: There you are!

Arno blended with the crowd to sneak into the building.

  • Guards: No entry!
    Are you deaf as well as stupid? (Piss off!)
The Estates General 8

Arno blending with the crowd during King Louis' speech

Once inside, he passed a crowd listening to King Louis' speech.

  • Citizen 1: Can we just... leave?
  • Citizen 2: That may be considered treason.
  • Citizen 3: Do you understand any of this?
  • Citizen 4: God, is he still talking?
  • Arno: Where the devil are they?

Arno spotted François onstage near King Louis, but de la Serre was called away by a guard.

  • Arno: Finally!

Arno noticed Hugo and Victor on the balcony.

  • Arno: Not these two again. Must have tailed me from the Estate.

Arno continued to make his way towards François.

  • Citizen 5: How long do you think he'll keep talking?

Arno found François and a nobleman conversing.

The Estates General 10

Mirabeau meeting with de la Serre

  • François: So, who or what will take its place? Another King? A council of capable men?
  • Mirabeau: That is the question, isn't it?
  • François: A truce, then?
  • Arno: What the devil was that about?

Victor tackled Arno into the next room. Arno countered him, forcing his head into a nearby wardrobe.

  • Arno: Now now... we can resolve this without recourse to violence...can't we?
  • Victor: Get him, Hugo!
  • Arno: I suppose not.

Arno and Hugo dueled.

  • Victor: Get him, Hugo!
  • Hugo: Rragh!

After Hugo was defeated, Victor freed himself from the wardrobe and dueled Arno.

  • Arno: Easy, big fella!

In the midst of their duel, Hugo got back up.

  • Victor: Think you can steal from me?
  • Hugo: No rich old man to save you now.
  • Victor: Let's see you run away this time!
  • Hugo: You can't take us both at once.
  • Victor: Hand over the watch!

Hugo and Victor were both defeated.

The Estates General 12

Arno mocking the guards

  • Arno: Not your day, is it Victor?
  • Guard: Open up in there!
  • Arno: To your health, gentlemen.

Arno jumped out the window.

  • Guard: You, boy! Stop! What are you doing there?!
  • Arno: Running.
  • Guard: He's getting away!

Arno escaped the guards.

  • Arno: No getting back in there now. I'll catch them back at home, I suppose.


Arno escaped trouble, but failed to deliver the message to François de la Serre.



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