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This article is about the genetic memory of Arno Dorian. For other uses, see The Escape (disambiguation).

The Escape was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Following his assassination of Marie Lévesque, Arno met with Élise to escape.


Arno arrived at the meeting place, only to see Élise running.

  • Arno: What...?
  • Élise: No time to explain. Run!

Élise was followed by a large group of guards, prompting Arno to run as well. Delaying the guards by blocking a gate, the two found themselves at a presentation of a Montgolfière hot air balloon.

  • Woman: Will we be taking a ride this evening, Professor?
  • Professor: No, no, no... he! I'm afraid not; these older models are entirely at the mercy of the breeze, and there is far too much of it I'm afraid to be safe. Now, this particular example-

Élise climbed into the balloon.

  • Professor: What do you think you're doing? Get out of there this instant!

Élise pulled out her pistol to fend off the guards.

  • Élise: Cut the ropes! I'll cover you!

The professor saw Arno fighting the guards.

  • Professor: Oh my.
  • Élise: Hurry!
    Watch out!

Arno began cutting the ropes holding the balloon in place.

  • Élise: Good!
    Just one more!

The balloon began drifting upwards.

  • Élise: Arno!
  • Arno: I'll come to you. Hang on...
  • Élise: I'll try to stay put.

Arno began chasing after the balloon on the rooftops, while Élise shot the snipers in his way.

  • Élise: It certainly is lovely up here. You should see the view.
  • Arno: Oh, you don't say!
  • Élise: The wind is picking up! You'd better hurry!
  • Arno: Yes, thank you!
    Have you thought at all about how you plan to get down?
  • Élise: Oh, these things tend to work themselves out.
    You're going to run out of roof soon! I hope you've got a plan!
  • Arno: Does "watch and laugh as you crash into the river" count?
  • Élise: Leave them, just run!
    I can handle them, you keep running!
    Leave them!

A loud noise was heard.

  • Arno: What happened?
  • Élise: I think the rope's caught!
  • Arno: Just hang on!

Élise in the balloon

Arno climbed the tower on which the rope was stuck and cut the balloon free, while grabbing onto the rope. As the balloon drifted onwards, Arno held on to the rope.

  • Élise: Arno! Are you all right?

While attempting to jump onto a rooftop, Arno crashed into the side of a building.

  • Arno: Oof!

He then landed safely in a haystack.

  • Élise: Arno!
  • Arno: I'm alright!

Arno climbed onto the rooftops again, dodging volleys of sniper shots.

  • Arno: They might actually be trying to hit me.
    What did you do back there?
  • Élise: It's a long story!
  • Arno: I really should talk to Napoleon about this.
  • Élise: Run!
    Hurry up!
    Are you coming or not?
    We're almost at the river! Hurry!
  • Arno: Just... coming...

Arno catching the balloon

Using a wooden beam, Arno leapt onto the balloon and climbed into the gondola.

  • Arno: Next time, I plan the escape route.

The two looked over the city.

  • Arno: It's beautiful.
  • Élise: From up here, you'd never know the nation is tearing itself apart.
  • Arno: Can... can things ever go back to the way they were before, do you think?
  • Élise: Do you? After everything that's happened? Everything we've lost?
  • Arno: So that's it, then? The course of history forever altered, never again to return?

Élise held Arno's hand.

  • Élise: Maybe we can't go back. But going forward isn't necessarily an ending.
  • Arno: Élise, I-

Élise kissing Arno

Élise kissed Arno.

  • Arno: You cheated.
  • Élise: You took too long.
  • Arno: I love you.

Arno and Élise passionately kissed. The morning after, Arno woke up alone in the crashed balloon and found a note from Élise.

  • Note: Had to dash. You looked so peaceful, I didn't want to wake you. (I love you.)

Arno climbed out of the balloon.

  • Arno: ... Someone will come and collect it. Surely.


Following the death of Marie Lévesque, Arno and Élise escaped the area in a hot air balloon. They then shared a night of passion.



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