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This article is about the memory of Shao Jun. You may be looking for an alternate use of the word.

The Escape was a virtual representation of one of Shao Jun's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


With the Precursor box in hand, Shao Jun allowed herself to be captured and taken to the Maijishan Grottoes in order to eliminate the Eight Tigers.


Gao Feng approached Shao Jun's cell.

  • Feng: The box is empty, or should I say, incomplete. Where is the rest of it? We know who you are. We know who you were. You've come far for someone who was merely once a concubine. I will ask you again, Assassin, what is in this box? Where did it come from and what is its purpose? Why continue to resist us? Look around you. No one is coming. We wiped out your Order. There is no escape from here.
  • Jun: Why would I want to escape? I am exactly where I want to be.
  • Feng: Such arrogance! Ma Yongcheng will make you talk.
  • Jun: Let him try.
  • Feng: No wonder your kind fell so far.
  • Jun: My 'kind' isn't done yet.

After Gao Feng left her cell, Shao Jun planned her escape.

  • Jun: Time to get out of this cage...

Kicking the door open, Shao Jun leapt out of her hanging cage and onto the nearby platform. While sneaking above a guard patrol, Shao Jun noticed a prisoner attempting to escape.

  • Guard 1: Huh? Who's there? Stop right there!
  • Prisoner: Please, no! Wait...

The guard struck down the prisoner.

  • Guard 1: I'll let the dogs on the body later.

As Shao Jun traversed the prison, she caught the attention of a caged dog, alerting a nearby guard patrol.

  • Guard 2: What was that?
  • Guard 3: Where?

Shao Jun evaded notice and continued her way through the caverns, reaching a solitary guard on a raised platform. Shao Jun whistled to distract him.

  • Guard 4: What's that?

The guard investigated the source of the noise, allowing Shao Jun to sneak by unnoticed. While eliminating another guard with her shoe blade, two more talked about the goings-on of the prison.

  • Guard 5: Yeah, not much activity.
  • Guard 6: Let's hope it stays like that.

Shao Jun snuck past the patrol and recovered her rope dart.

  • Jun: Good to have you back, my friend...

With her reacquired rope dart, Shao Jun eliminated a nearby guard standing on a ledge. Continuing on, Shao Jun came upon another guard patrol.

  • Guard 7: Been a quite patrol.
  • Guard 8: Let's hope it stays like that.

Using her Eagle Vision, she took notice of their paths and eliminated them from the shadows. As she continued, Shao Jun noticed two guards talking to each other.

  • Guard 9: Keep your wits about you.
  • Guard 10: And you yours, you're meant to be watching my back.
  • Guard 9: I'll watch yours, just make sure you're watching mine.

Using their conversation as a distraction, Shao Jun snuck past them and happened upon another patrol.

  • Jun: A little distraction could help me here.

Using her firecrackers, Shao Jun managed to bypass the patrol and recover her sword.

  • Jun: My revenge can begin now.

Reunited with her weapon, Shao Jun remembered her training with Ezio Auditore.

  • Ezio: Time to test your sword skills, prepare to defend yourself! Remember to look for signs your opponent is about to strike. Yes, that's it! This time when you block, perform a rollover. Perfect. This tactic is also good to escape from combat. Attack this enemy, show me how you strike with your sword. Good. Standard attacks are quick, but they deal little damage. Strike the enemy harder than that! Excellent. Heavy attacks deal more damage. See the enemy is now weakened, finish him! Good, keep going! Well done, Shao Jun. Your training is complete for now.

Her mind returning to the task at hand, Shao Jun ventured through the caverns, locating an old ally, Hong Liwei.

  • Hong: I've told you... I know nothing of the Assassins!

Shao Jun reached Hong's cell.

  • Jun: Stay here. I'll get the key and get you out of there.

Shao Jun eliminated the key-holder and returned to Hong's cell.

  • Jun: Here is the key. Escape when you can.
  • Hong: Bless you, Assassin.

After rescuing Hong, Shao Jun left the caverns and assassinated Gao Feng.

  • Jun: Your men did not capture me, Gao Feng. I allowed myself to be caught. I was exactly where I wanted to be. Close enough to kill you. Where is the box you took from me?
  • Feng: Far from your reach by now, Assassin.
  • Jun: One of your Tiger brothers must have it. No matter. I will find which one, and retrieve it from his still warm corpse.
  • Feng: Do you even know what the box is?
  • Jun: I know it belongs to the Brotherhood.
  • Feng: How naive, thinking you can retrieve the box. Thinking that killing me will achieve anything.
  • Jun: Killing just one of you will not give me the vengeance I seek. You are the first of the Tigers to fall, but you will not be the last.


Shao Jun killed Gao Feng and set out to find the other members of the Eight Tigers.



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