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The Enemy Revealed was a virtual representation of one of Arbaaz Mir's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Arbaaz Mir continued to traverse the Precursor site, giving chase to William Sleeman.


  • Arbaaz: I can't afford to wait for that platform to come back down. I need to find another way up...

Arbaaz started climbing the Precursor walls.

  • Arbaaz: I should be careful, it looks a long fall.

After several minutes of traversing the temple, Arbaaz reached the platform where Sleeman stood.

  • Sleeman: Now to find out if this diamond really is the power source we've been after. It works!
  • Arbaaz: You have something that belongs to me, sir.
  • Sleeman: Another Assassin, I presume. Are your friends with you?
  • Arbaaz: Hundreds. We own the place, Sleeman. Give me my jewel... and that box.
  • Sleeman: Never!

Sleeman fired a shot at the Assassin, but missed.

  • Arbaaz: What have you done?
  • Sleeman: Damn you, Assassin!
  • Arbaaz: Time to leave...

Arbaaz escaped the collapsing temple, finding Hamid waiting for him.

  • Arbaaz: How did you find me?
  • Hamid: I followed the noise! What on earth did you do? This site was priceless!
  • Arbaaz: It was an accident, the temple collapsed! And you were right about the box, I saw it, with the Koh-I-Noor, it produced a light, and showed a map!
  • Hamid: A map?
  • Arbaaz: Afghanistan...
  • Hamid: Ah, that makes sense. Whilst you were down there, I followed Burnes. He has taken a battalion of men to Herat Castle, in Afghanistan. The box must have shown another Precursor site. Follow them, take whatever it is they are after before they can secure it. We don't want these precious artifacts in Templars' hands.


Arbaaz Mir escaped the Precursor temple, and set out to Afghanistan.



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