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The End of the Line was a memory of Clay Kaczmarek during his journey through the Animus Black Room.


Clay explored his memories on creating his contingency plan and the end of his mission.


  • Juno: Your eyes are now open. Help Desmond Miles.
  • Clay: I will.
  • Juno: They must all suffer as we suffered.
  • Animus: DNA and memory scanned. Upload complete. Quarantining construct Clay Kaczmarek.
  • William: We are nothing.
  • Voicemail: Thursday, January 27, 2011. 2:00 PM
  • Harold: Hi Clay. It's your dad. Pick up the phone. I know we haven't talked in a long time. I'm fixing the back porch, it's hotter than hell out here, and I could use a hand. Call me. Let me know you're okay.

Second letter from Lucy to Clay



I've seen the security records from last night. You must want an explanation. I had hoped to tell you about it little by little, to get you on my side, but it's too late now.

William is using us. In this war. In this war against the Templars, he doesn't think about the lives he's hurting. We aren't people to him. How can we trust someone like that? Clay, you of all people should understand.

Abstergo cares about helping people. They understand the realities of the world, its limitations.

But I know that nothing I can say now will really change your mind.

I've deleted the security records. Vidic will never discover the breach. I promised to protect you, but I can't let you leave. William and the others must never know.

I'm sorry.



  • When walking towards the first laser, behind the letter near to the bottom of the wall, there was a code in hexadecimal on the wall that read:
53686520 6F75606120 6861 766520
6C656420 442061 77617920
66 726F6D20 746865 207061 7468
  • This translated to "She would have led D away from the path", referencing Lucy's treachery towards Desmond.
  • The achievement "The Loop" was unlocked upon completion of the memory. Additionally, the achievement "Cross Styx without dying" could also be earned during the memory.



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