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The Deacon, Part 1 was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore met with his apprentice in the North Bayezid Den who informed him of a plot to kill Pachomius, the Patriarch of Constantinople. Following this, they began an investigation to find the one responsible, and discovered their target to be Cyril of Rhodes, a rogue deacon who had been banished for a few years.


Ezio met his apprentice at the Assassin Den.

  • Apprentice: Mentor, I have heard some troubling rumors.
  • Ezio: Tell me.
  • Apprentice: We have reason to believe a rogue Orthodox Deacon is planning to murder the Patriarch of Konstantiniyye.
  • Ezio: Do we know who this Deacon is?
  • Apprentice: Not yet. Clues have been sparse.
  • Ezio: We need a name first. It would not serve our cause to eliminate every holy man between Bursa and Belgrado. Vieni (Come), and we will ask around to see what we can learn.

Ezio and his apprentice set off to gain information.

  • Apprentice: What is our plan, Mentor?
The deacon P1 3

The official informing Ezio about Cyril of Rhodes

  • Ezio: The Orthodox millet in the city is too small to hide big secrets. We will ask the clergy some questions, and if necessary, make them answer.

Ezio walked up to a clergy official.

  • Ezio: There are rumors that the Patriarch is in danger from a rogue Deacon. Does that stir any ideas?
  • Official: Ah yes. We have heard those rumors too. And the name behind them is always Cyril of Rhodes. The Patriarch cast him out some years ago for gross misdeeds. He is banished. Anathema. If you see him in the city, you can be sure he intends to do harm.
  • Apprentice: What did you learn?
  • Ezio: Our target is Cyril of Rhodes. A banished Deacon.

Ezio and his apprentice made their way to a courtyard.

  • Ezio: Hold fast. There are a number of holy men here.
  • Apprentice: I know what to do, Mentor. And if I see an opportunity to eliminate him, I will take it.
The deacon P1 7

Ezio confronting the Apprentice

Ezio used his Eagle Sense to find his target.

  • Apprentice: I have him, Mentor.
  • Ezio: Stop! That is not our target!

Too late; the Apprentice killed an innocent deacon while Cyril of Rhodes managed to escape.

  • Ezio: Brash fool! You killed an innocent man!
  • Apprentice: I have no excuse, Mentor. Forgive me.
  • Ezio: Even if I do, many others will not.
  • Apprentice: Nor should they.
  • Ezio: Take up his body and bring him to the shore. This is your burden to bear.

Ezio and his apprentice brought the body to the shore.

  • Ezio: Commit this poor man to the sea, then meditate on your mistake.
  • Apprentice: Evet (Yes), Mentor. May the shame I feel never fade.


An innocent man was killed by Ezio's apprentice, and Cyril of Rhodes managed to escape with his life.



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