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The Daughters of Artemis was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met Daphnae, the leader of the Daughters of Artemis, in Phokis.


Kassandra visited a small Temple of Artemis on a small hill. She found a woman outside the temple. The woman spotted Kassandra.

  • Daphnae: You! What are you doing here?

Kassandra approached the woman.

  • Daphnae This is sacred ground. You should not be here.

The woman drew her sword.

  • Daphnae: Well? Either leave or tell me what you want. Who are you?

  • Kassandra: A misthios. I'm not here to start trouble, but if that's what you want, I'll end it.
  • Daphnae: Your name.
  • Kassandra: I'm Kassandra. Some call me the Eagle Bearer.

  • Kassandra: I mean no disrespect.
  • Daphnae: Then answer my questions. Who are you?
  • Kassandra: Some know me as the Eagle Bearer, but my friends call me Kassandra.

The woman withdrew her sword.

  • Daphnae I am Daphnae, leader of the Daughters of Artemis, and you are maybe exactly who I've been looking for.
  • Kassandra: And who would that be?
  • Daphnae: A warrior, a hunter. One who straddles our world and the gods'. One who will meet my challenge.
  • Kassandra: When you put it like that, how could I not accept?
  • Daphnae: There is a boar not too far from here. Kill it, then bring me its pelt.
  • Kassandra: You want me to kill a pig?
  • Daphnae: This is no ordinary boar. Let's see if you're worthy of my challenge. Kill it, and bring me the pelt. I'm be waiting... with your reward.
ACOD Kalydonian Boar

The Kalydonian Boar at its lair

Kassandra travelled to the northwest region of Phokis. With Ikaros' help, she spotted the boar on a marshy plateau.

  • Kassandra: That's a big pig.

Kassandra defeated the Kalydonian Boar and recovered its pelt.

  • Kassandra: I should get this pelt back to Daphnae at the temple.

She returned to Daphnae.

  • Daphnae: Did you get lost?
  • Kassandra: Here, I killed your piggy for you.

Kassandra handed the pelt to Daphnae.

  • Daphnae: Hmm. You are skilled, of that there is no doubt.

  • Kassandra: You shouldn't doubt my abilities.
  • Daphnae: Lesson learned. But I'm also interested in seeing what else you can do.

  • Kassandra: I have plenty of talents, of that you can be sure.
  • Daphnae: Oh, is that so? Well, I look forward to putting them all to the test.

Daphnae went closer to Kassandra.

  • Kassandra: Oh? And what do you have in mind?
  • Daphnae: Many things...
    But first, to business. There are beasts that roam this world, but are not fully of it. They've placed here by the gods as trials—as tests.

  • Kassandra: These beasts are creatures, like any other. The world is full of mysteries, but not everything is unexplained by the gods.
  • Daphnae: Perhaps before this is over, you will have a different opinion.

  • Kassandra: Neither god nor mortal has stopped me so far from achieving my destiny.
  • Daphnae: We will see.

  • Kassandra: What exactly do you want me to do?
  • Daphnae: I want you to prove your worth in the eyes of Artemis, and hunt these creatures.
  • Kassandra: I don't need to prove my worth to anyone. Just tell me what's the reward?
  • Daphnae: With each pelt you return, I will grant you a boon from Artemis. If you are able to slay all the beasts—well, let's say your relationship with the Daughters of Artemis will be forever changed...
ACOD The Daughters of Artemis - Kassandra Accepts Request

Kassandra accepting Daphnae's request

  • Kassandra: All right, I'll do it. Now, just how many of these animals are there?
  • Daphnae: Artemis has laid out eight trials, and you already started the journey. Hunt down those that remain.
  • Kassandra: How will I recognize the creatures?
  • Daphnae: Oh, you'll know. Bring the pelts to me. I'll await your return with my sisters, the Daughters of Artemis. I hope you don't make me wait to long to see your face again...


Kassandra eliminated the Kalydonian Boar, impressing the leader of the Daughters of Artemis. Daphnae tasked her to hunt down the rest of the legendary animals to prove her worth to Artemis.


  • If Kassandra killed the Kalydonian Boar without first meeting Daphnae, she would be greeted at the boar's den by Thalia, a member of the Daughters of Artemis who'd direct Kassandra to meet Daphnae at the temple.
  • The complete list of hunts, including the Kalydonian Boar hunted in this quest, are:
  1. The Hind of Keryneia
  2. The Nemean Lion
  3. The Krokottas Hyena
  4. Kallisto the Bear
  5. The Lykaon Wolf
  6. The Kretan Bull
  7. The Erymanthian Boar



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