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The Crate Escape was a virtual representation of one of Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


While Jacob investigated Starrick's Soothing Syrup, Evie followed a lead on the Piece of Eden.


Jacob, Evie and Henry discussed their plans.

  • Henry: This Soothing Syrup has become the only medicine available in Lambeth. It bears the Templar Grand Master's name.
  • Jacob: About time for a visit to the doctor.
  • Evie: I don't see that cure arriving any time soon.
  • Jacob: And what exactly will you be doing, might I ask?
  • Evie: You know very well, tracking down the Piece of Eden.
  • Jacob: Enjoy your studies. I'll be out killing Templars.

Later, as Evie was inspecting documents, Jacob walked up behind her.

  • Jacob: Ah, another exciting night home for Evie Frye.
  • Evie: Just on my way out, actually. I've found the Piece of Eden.
  • Jacob: What's this one going to do, hm? Heal the sick? Deflect bullets? Control the populace?
  • Evie: They're dangerous objects, Jacob, especially in Templar hands.
  • Jacob: Huh, you sound exactly like Father.
  • Evie: If only. Lucy Thorne is expecting a shipment tonight. She's Starrick's expert in the occult. I'm nearly certain she is receiving the Piece of Eden Sir David Brewster mentioned.
  • Jacob: Sounds like fun. Mind if I join you?
  • Evie: Promise you will stick to the mission.
  • Jacob: I swear.
The Crate Escape 04

Lucy Thorne with a Templar

Later that night, Jacob and Evie overlooked the docks where Thorne's shipment had arrived.

  • Thorne: The contents of that box are worth more than your life and those of your entire family. Do you understand?
  • Templar: Yes, Ms. Thorne.

The Templar turned to his subordinates, who were loading the chest onto a cart.

  • Templar: Careful, there! And double the guard on that cart! Now, Ms. Thorne, there's the matter of some papers for Mr. Starrick. If you'll just come this way...
  • Thorne: Very well, but make it quick.

Thorne and the Templar went into an alley.

  • Evie: Whatever it is she's after, it's in that chest.
  • Jacob: There are gunmen on the rooftops.
  • Evie: Can you dispose of them before I reach the cart?
  • Jacob: I was hoping for a challenge.

While Jacob went after the guards, Evie searched the chest. Inside, she found a set of documents and a book with an Assassin insignia on the cover. Jacob then appeared.

Crate Escape 02

Evie inspecting the crate

  • Jacob: Did you find it?
  • Evie: Actually...

Thorne and the Templar ran towards the cart.

  • Templar: There he is!
  • Jacob: I think it's best we leave.
  • Evie: What did you do?
  • Jacob: It's hardly the time for questions.

Jacob mounted the cart and took the horse reins.

  • Evie: Whoa!
  • Thorne: Come on!

As Jacob drove the cart, Evie was forced to fight off the Templars following them.

  • Evie: We need to get this crate back to a safe place!
  • Jacob: What do you think I'm trying to do?
  • Evie: At a guess, I'd say "kill us both"!
Crate Escape 03

Evie executing one of the pursuers

Jacob called to the pursuing Templars.

  • Jacob: If you really want to fight, come over here!
  • Evie: Jacob!
  • Jacob: Wager you can't hit my sister!
  • Evie: Stop it!
  • Jacob: Come over here and get us, then!
  • Evie: Jacob, stop it!
  • Jacob: My sister will give you a walloping!
  • Evie: Jacob! Careful!
  • Jacob: What is it?
  • Evie: It's papers, Jacob. Documents. Research!
  • Jacob: What are we supposed to do with papers?
  • Evie: Read them. If only we had the time.
  • Jacob: Then where's your Piece of Eden?
  • Evie: Get us out of this and I might find out!
  • Evie: Would you drive a little more carefully? You're endangering the documents!
  • Jacob: Oh, poor documents! Perhaps you'd rather I just stop right here?

Evie ran out of bullets for her pistol.

  • Evie: I need cartridges!
  • Jacob: Use mine!
  • Evie: I'm out of bullets!
  • Jacob: Take my cartridge!
  • Evie: I don't have enough bullets!
  • Jacob: I've got more - just keep shooting!
The Crate Escape 13

Jacob and Evie escaping the Templars

As their train passed by below, Jacob stopped the cart.

  • Jacob: We're going to have to jump.
  • Evie: What about the chest?
  • Jacob: Leave it! Jump! Now!

Jacob and Evie jumped onto the train below.

  • Jacob: Well that was fun! Thanks for the invitation. Must do it again. Ha ha!
  • Evie: Damn it.

Evie took out the book she had recovered from the chest. The train then stopped at a nearby station.

  • Agnes: We fixed up the train for ye. Lick of paint, new rugs from Camden Lock and mah wee sister, the seamster, did a discount on the curtains.


Although she was unable to keep the Templar chest, Evie recovered a book containing information on the Piece of Eden in London.




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