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The Cowl Does Not Make the Monk was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore arrived at Monte Oliveto Maggiore during his search to find Stefano da Bagnone. While there, he met with one of his uncle's mercenaries.


  • Mercenary: Ah! There you are! Listen, we've found Stefano da Bagnone. Just follow this road and it'll bring you to the abbey where he's taken refuge.
    Wait, before you go... Take these. You can create a distraction.

The mercenary gave Ezio three smoke bombs.

  • Ezio: My thanks, friend.

Ezio proceeded towards the abbey but found that many guards had disguised themselves as monks and were protecting Stefano. After infiltrating the abbey undetected, Ezio noticed Stefano walking along the courtyard, talking with a fellow monk.

  • Monk: Let us pray brother.
  • Stefano: Pray? Pray for what?
  • Monk: The Lord's protection!

Ezio watching Stefano talk to a fellow monk

  • Stefano: If you think the Lord has any interest in our affairs, you've another thing coming. But please, by all means, continue to delude yourself if it helps to pass the time.
  • Monk: You speak blasphemy.
  • Stefano: No. I speak truth.
  • Monk: But to deny His most exalted existence...
  • Stefano: ...Is the only rational response when faced with the declaration that there exists some invisible madman in the sky. And believe me, if your precious Bible is anything to go by, he's completely lost his mind.
  • Monk: How can you speak as such? You wear His vestments...
  • Stefano: Only because they afforded me the opportunity to get close to the Medici. But you're right, I should look into replacing them – after the Assassin is dealt with.
  • Monk: Ah! That unholy demon!
  • Stefano: At least on this we agree.
  • Monk: They say the devil has gifted him with unnatural speed and strength.
  • Stefano: The devil? No. These are gifts he gave himself, through training. It is disturbing how unwilling you are to credit people for their circumstances. I think you'd make victims out of the entire world if you could.
  • Monk: I forgive your lack of faith and forked tongue. You are still one of His children.
  • Stefano: I told you... Oh, what's the use? Enough of this! It's like speaking to the wind.
  • Monk: I will pray for you.

Ezio assassinating Stefano

  • Stefano: As you wish. But do so quietly. I must keep watch.

Ezio stepped out of the crowd and assassinated Stefano.

  • Stefano: Now I will see who was right...
  • Ezio: Where is Jacopo?
  • Stefano: Nothing to fear I suppose...
    They meet in the shadows of the Roman Gods...
  • Ezio: Ora sei libero dalla paura. Requiescat in pace. (Be free of your fear now. Rest in peace.)


Ezio assassinated Stefano da Bagnone and found out the location of the next Templar meeting.



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