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The Company Man was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Having tailed Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer to a meeting with the camp's overseer, Aveline eavesdropped on their conversation to find out more about the Templars' true purpose there.


Aveline listened to the de Ferrer and the overseer's conversation.

  • De Ferrer: Of course, you're correct. The Company Man is already displeased.
  • Overseer: If we had more people--
  • De Ferrer: More people? We've already exhausted the local labor supply. I've brought workers from everywhere--as near as Cuba, and as far as New Orleans--and in total secrecy. Do you realize how complex and expensive that is? Be patient. Vázquez will soon be in place in New Orleans. He will succeed where Baptiste failed.

Aveline tailed the two men.

  • Overseer: Here's the man I was mentioning earlier. What should we do with him?
  • De Ferrer: Educate him on the error of his ways.

De Ferrer then left the overseer to deal with the captive.

  • Overseer: You didn't really think we'd let you violate your contract and run off with a head full of secrets, did you?

Aveline then stepped in to protect the captive, who had engaged in a fight with the overseer and his guards. After killing them, Aveline took out additional reinforcements with the overseer's whip.


Aveline protected a runaway from the overseer and his men.


  • The HD remake added a tailing sequence prior to the meeting between de Ferrer and the overseer.
  • In the Vita iteration, the overseer needed to be beaten along with his guards, before the cutscene in which he dies is triggered. In the HD remake, the cutscene is triggered as soon as his guards are defeated.



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