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The Commander's Ruse was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward met with Antó again, and together they prepared to assassinate Kenneth Abraham.


  • Antó: I have a plan but it won't be easy. Abraham is well connected and his pockets are deep. But we have located a man in his inner circle. We will tail him until he reveals our target.
  • Edward: Let me bring him to his end.
  • Antó: Here he comes now.

Edward and Antó tailed the guard.

  • Soldier 1: Evening.
  • Soldier 2: Sir.
  • Soldier 1: Pleasant night for a ball.
  • Soldier 2: Pleasant night to celebrate impending victory.
  • Soldier 1: Our numbers are many. They will not stand a chance.
  • Soldier 2: Pity they will not be invited, to see us celebrate before our victory.
  • Soldier 1: Quite.
  • Soldier 3: Officers, may I join you?
  • Soldier 1: Evening.
  • Soldier 2: The more the merrier.
  • Soldier 3: I've just come from the barracks. I'm quite certain the new weapons shipments will end our Maroon problem once and for all.
  • Soldier 1: That is the plan! That is the plan.
  • Soldier 2: Do you think they'll be expecting it?
  • Soldier 1: Most likely. They always do somehow. But this time it won't matter. Now, if you'll excuse me. I have a private matter to attend before I make my entrance.
  • Soldier 2: As do I.
  • Soldier 3: We will see you there.

Edward followed the two men.

The Commander's Ruse 2

Edward tailing the officer

  • Soldier 2: Good evening. Will the Commander be in attendance tonight?
  • Soldier 3: Yes, I was just speaking with him. He is here somewhere.
  • Edward: The prat was right under our noses the whole time!
  • Antó: I've never met a soldier as cunning as a Maroon. It's no mistake he's been harder to defeat than the weak who came before him.
    He's a slippery one. He won't behave like an ordinary soldier.
  • Soldier 4: Cockpits, you say?
  • Soldier 5: The highlands, furrowed through.
  • Soldier 4: Furrowed, now?
  • Soldier 5: Earthquakes, man. They attack from ravines and gaps and caves and fissures made by earthquakes.
  • Soldier 4: "Cockpits."
  • Soldier 5: Laugh all you want. It's your funeral. I've heard the stories. I'm not getting caught.
  • Soldier 6: My father fought the Coromantees. One of the few to live to tell the tale.
  • Soldier 7: That Cudjoe, is he all the warrior they make him out to be?
  • Soldier 6: I spit at his name. And his brothers, too. But our war will be different. In our time, we'll take this land.
  • Soldier 8: How can we lose? They're fighting with scavenged shot and living on plantains. It'll be over in an afternoon.
  • Soldier 9: Cheers, mate! That's the spirit!
  • Soldier 10: It's the lookout men you really have to look out for.
  • Soldier 11: Is that supposed to be funny?
  • Soldier 10: No man. You hear the Abeng Horn, you don't laugh, you run. See you coming from miles away, they catch you where you least expect it.
  • Soldier 11: Surely our superior weapons give us the upper hand.
  • Soldier 10: Maybe. Still, I say, you hear that horn, you're in trouble.
    Could we not simply starve them out?
  • Soldier 11: How? The land is full of boar and fruit, and we need the rivers as much as they do.
  • Soldier 10: Could we not take the land then?
  • Soldier 11: Not according to treaty.
  • Soldier 10: Treaty? That's rich.

Edward located his target and assassinated him.

  • Kenneth: Antó. How many years have we fought? Your men, in the mountains, with no weapons to speak of. And my army, resplendent. And yet you live, and I die...
  • Antó: You lacked the conviction to win.


Edward assassinated Kenneth Abraham, and acquired the third Templar key.



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