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The Color of Right was a virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


After several weeks of languishing at an unknown location, Shay tried to piece together what happened.


  • Shay: Ugh...

A couple entered the room.

  • Barry: Huh, good to see you're feeling better.
  • Shay: Thank you... Mister Finnegan, was it?
  • Barry: Sweet Mother Mary, have we taken in the village idiot?
  • Cassidy: Barry! Remember, Shay, I'm Cassidy and this is...
  • Barry: Barry.
  • Cassidy: You've been ill for weeks.
  • Shay: I hate to have been a burden.
  • Cassidy: See, he's a civilized fellow.
  • Barry: Aye, for a clumsy deckhand. Probably fell off his ship half-drunk.
  • Cassidy: BARRY!
  • Shay: He's right...

A door opened downstairs, interrupting the conversation. Barry and Cassidy left the room to investigate, leaving Shay by himself.

ColorofRight 03

Gang members harassing the Finnegans

  • Barry: What do you all want?
  • Cassidy: Aaaahhh!
  • Shay: What's going on?

Despite his condition, Shay made his way through the hall.

  • Cassidy: You wretch! How dare you!
  • Man: Shut up, woman!
  • Cassidy: Ow!
  • Barry: Leave her alone! Argh!

Shay reached the ground floor, where he saw two gang members threatening Barry and Cassidy.

  • Shay: Now what are you going on about?
  • Gang member 1: Stay out of this, you fool!
  • Shay: Well I was going to, but now you've made things personal...

Shay defeated the intruders.

  • Barry: Aaarrgghh! And don't come back! Thank you, Shay. In me younger days, I could have taken them one-handed!
  • Shay: Why were these men bothering you?
  • Barry: Oh, the usual. They feel they're owed money because they're not harming citizens. Mark me words, those gangs are going to be the downfall of this city.
  • Cassidy: Wait here. I have something for ya.

Cassidy returned with a set of clothes.

ColorofRight 05

Barry handing over Shay's weapons

  • Cassidy: Won't do you any good walking around starkers... Here, try these on. They were our son's.
  • Barry: I suppose if you're looking for trouble, you'll be needing these.

Barry handed Shay his weapons.

  • Shay: Thank you.

Shay donned his new attire, before returning to Barry and Cassidy.

  • Cassidy: Ah, don't you look a right gentleman!
  • Barry: Cass!
  • Shay: Did I have a book with me?
  • Barry: Hmm... Just those peculiar weapons.
  • Shay: Thank you both. If you'll excuse me. Then the Manuscript is at the bottom of the Atlantic...

Having left the Finnegans' residence, Shay was spotted by the gang member from before.

  • Gang member 1: You again! You'll regret this! The Finnegans are dead. Hear me? Dead!

The gang member ran off, with Shay immediately giving chase.

  • Gang member 1: Putting your nose in other people's business ain't nice!
    You picked the wrong side!
    You'll regret this! And so will the Finnegans!
    My friends will want to meet you!

The gang member was joined by two of his allies, all of them engaging Shay in battle, though they were eventually defeated.

ColorofRight 09

Shay interrogating a gang member

  • Shay: What have you and your friends got against the Finnegans?
  • Gang member 1: I got no gripe! My boss sent me over.
  • Shay: Ah? And where is he set up?
  • Gang member 1: You can't miss it! There's always black smoke rising from the courtyard of that building!

Shay subsequently went to the gang's headquarters.

  • Gang member 2: This is our turf, and you're no friend of ours.
  • Gang member 3: If you're looking for trouble, trouble will find you.
  • Gang member 4: You don't belong here. Sod off!
    Hey! Move away... or die!
  • Gang member 5: You! Get out of here!

Shay cut down the gang flag, before tracking down the gang leader.

  • Gang leader: We own this town, boy!
    You won't get out of here alive!
    Look what the cat dragged in.
    What are you waiting for? Kill him!
    We'll give you a lesson!
    Stay out of our business.
    Get him, boys!
  • Shay: Don't make this difficult for yourselves...

After dismantling the headquarters, Shay spotted something useful on the gang leader's body.

  • Shay: That will help with smoke...

Having put on the gas mask, Shay noticed someone behind him.

ColorofRight 15

George Monro introducing himself to Shay

  • Monro: Be at ease, Master Cormac. We are friends. The Finnegans were worried you might take matters into your own hands. I am Colonel George Monro.
  • Shay: Colonel.
  • Monro: I came to help, but I see I am late. Thank you for dealing with these foul criminals. They were a blight on New York.
  • Shay: What do you care? You redcoats are nothing but landlords. The townsfolk here are grinding away, trying to make a living.
  • Monro: I cannot blame you for having that impression. Some of my comrades have been less than helpful. But I take a different approach.
  • Shay: And what is that?
  • Monro: I care. I want to see these colonists safe and prosperous.
  • Shay: Noble words.
  • Monro: Perhaps actions will convince you otherwise, Master Cormac.
    Here, reclaim what they have stolen.

Shay retrieved the stolen money.

  • Monro: Now, let us use some of that money for the good of the city. I realize you have no reason to trust me, Master Cormac.
  • Shay: You said you were a friend of the Finnegans.
  • Monro: I am. Their late son... worked for me. You are much like him.
  • Shay: How so?
  • Monro: He cared. And he wanted to do good by the people. We shared a dream, he and I, that of making the world a better place. Mere survival is not enough. Full bellies, warm clothing... Freedom from want is the greatest freedom of all.
  • Shay: It almost sounds like you have good will towards the people you govern.
  • Monro: I do not govern, Master Cormac. I merely assist.
ColorofRight 16

Monro explaining the urban renewal

The pair arrived at a dilapidated church.

  • Monro: See this neglected edifice, Master Cormac? We can make it better. Urban renewal is a new science, but one that has already proven effective on the Continent. I have arranged for resources, use them to improve that building.

Shay arranged for an architect to renovate the church.

  • Monro: I suspect New York will prosper under your watch, Master Cormac. You can do great things for this city and its citizens. After all, a man needs purpose. Farewell for now, Master Cormac.


Having learned of the gangs that plagued New York, Shay took down one of their headquarters, following which he became acquainted with Colonel George Monro.




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