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The Chase was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Following the reports from Amanda Bailey, Connor and Robert Faulkner set out on the Aquila to investigate some disturbances near Martha's Vineyard.


  • Faulkner: Ah, it's good to be at sea again! But I don't much like that sky.
  • Connor: Even a pretty sunrise is a bad omen to you, Mister Faulkner. Where are these raiders?
  • Faulkner: By guess and by God an Easterly course - t'wards the coast. Miss Mandy reports of some British boats gathering somewhere in these rocks, threatenin' the Vineyard.
  • Crew member: Sails ahoy!
  • Faulkner: British gunboats after one of the Vineyard's ships captain! We must protect her!
ACIII-Chase 2

A merchant vessel attacked by British gunboats

The Aquila followed the merchant ship, which took fire from the British gunboats.

  • Faulkner: Draw their fire, captain!
    We need to keep the gunboats off 'er till she reaches the Vineyard pier!
    We need to protect the civilian ship!
    She can't take much more of that!
    What are you doing, captain? That ship needs our help!

The Aquila came across a minefield.

  • Crew member: Mines, captain!
  • Faulkner: Mines, captain! Destroy 'em or use 'em to our advantage. Either way, avoid the blasted things!
  • Connor: To our advantage? How?
  • Faulkner: Shoot the bloomin' things with the swivels when our targets get too close.

The Aquila continued escorting the merchant ship.

  • Faulkner: She should be safe now but it's a hot chase. Get after them and end the threat on the Vineyard.

The Aquila chased after several gunboats.

  • Faulkner: They've veered north. Naught there but an abandoned fort.

The Aquila reached the fort.

  • Crew member: FORT! FORT!

The Aquila took mortar fire from the fort.

  • Faulkner: That lobcock shouldn't be there!
  • Connor: Well it IS there, Mister Faulkner!
  • Faulkner: And it's too close to the Vineyard! Time and tide waits for no man! Take out her towers!
  • Crew members: Won't hit us with you at the helm, sir!
    Nice drivin' cap'n.
    Gotta avoid the mortars, sir!
    We need to dodge those mortars! Head clear of their splash down!
    We can't take another hit like that, captain! Steer away from them!
    Now, cap'n! While they reload!

The Aquila destroyed the towers of Fort Phoenix.

ACIII-Chase 8

Connor and Faulkner discussing the fort's purpose after its destruction

  • Faulkner: That fort won't be troubling anybody no more. Bloody English have gone too far this time.
  • Connor: That is the problem. What reason would the English have to threaten Martha's vineyard? It has no strategic value and its people remain peaceful. I fear an influence of a different kind saw to this.
  • Faulkner: Templars.
  • Connor: But what they intend, I do not know.
  • Faulkner: Your orders?
  • Connor: I need time to piece things together. We set a course for home.
  • Faulkner: Aye aye.


Fort Phoenix was destroyed, ending the threat to Martha's Vineyard.



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