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The Champion, Part 2 was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio's Apprentice told him that the Champion, a Templar brute who had targeted a local printer before, was now targeting the printer's father. The Assassins decided to stop him.


Ezio met with his Apprentice.

  • Apprentice: Ezio, do you remember the printer we sent into hiding?
  • Ezio: I do. And I remember the Templar brute who nearly killed him.
  • Apprentice: That same brute has now set his sights on the printer's father, a local herald.
  • Ezio: A cruel way to draw his real target out into the open, no? We should warn the father... and get rid of this Templar.

Ezio and his Apprentice met the herald.

  • Ezio: Mi scusi, signore (Excuse me, sir). Your son has stirred up some trouble... enough that the men looking for him, may come for you now.
  • Herald: My son? But he is a humble printer. And I, a simple herald. Why would anybody want to hurt us?
  • Ezio: Words can wound like any blade, amico (friend).
  • Apprentice: Ezio! I think we are being watched. Can you see anything?
  • Ezio: Templars! Do you see them?
  • Apprentice: Evet (Yes), Mentor!

The group was attacked by Templar thugs. Ezio and his Apprentice managed to fight them off, after which Georgios Kostas showed up.

  • Herald: Ah!
The Champion P2 4

Georgios holding the Herald hostage

  • Georgios: If you draw your weapon, this man dies! Now, bring me the printer! Bring me this man's son! What is this man's life worth, Assassin?
  • Ezio: More than you can afford.

Ezio kept the Champion focused on him while his Apprentice managed to assassinate him from behind.

  • Georgios: Are you proud of your kill, Assassin? Do you expect praise for murdering a better and braver man? You have taken my life, but you cannot erase my legend, my power, my influence. Men feared me, even as they did my bidding... that is the mark of a true leader.
  • Apprentice: Leave this life in peace.


Both the printer and his father were safe and the Assassins managed to kill the Champion, a Templar agent.



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