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The Champion, Part 1 was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore's Apprentice requested a favor. He wanted Ezio to overlook an escort of a printer. He suspected the Templars would attack him to silence the printer. Ezio accepted and killed all attackers from a distance.


Ezio met his Apprentice in the Assassin Den.

  • Apprentice: Mentor, do you have a moment? I have a request.
  • Ezio: I am eager to hear it.
  • Apprentice: Today a local printer received a death threat I feel we must take seriously. I believe the Templars are trying to silence him. I would like to draw his enemies out into the open by pretending to escort him to a new location.
  • Ezio: And what do you need from me?
  • Apprentice: I want you to stalk the stalkers. We will walk in the open, while you remain undetected.
  • Ezio: Molto bene. (Very good.)
  • Apprentice: Stay close, and kill any Templars you find. They could be anywhere.
The Champion P1 2

Ezio following the printer and the Apprentice

Ezio climbed to the rooftops and tailed his Apprentice and the printer. After a while, a heavily armed man intervened.

  • Champion: Stand down, Assassin. There is a contract on this man's head!
  • Printer: I will not be silenced! I will not! Do not kill me, efendim (sir)! Please! God help me!
  • Ezio: I am trying to save you!

Ezio fought off the attacking Templar agents.

  • Ezio: Stay here and stay hidden. My Assassin needs help.

Ezio returned to his Apprentice.

  • Ezio: What happened? Who was that fighter?
  • Apprentice: Quite an animal, no? I have never seen the Templars attack with such brute strength. Today I bested him, but not by much.
  • Ezio: Be on your guard. He will be back.


The printer was saved from the ambush the Templars had planned for him, and the Assassins learned of the existence of the Champion. His identity, however, remained unknown.



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