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The Champion was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek witnesses an older man being beaten up on the street. He intervenes and discovers the man is a befuddled ex-gladiator who has lost his purpose in life.


Outside the Krokodilopolis Arena, Bayek saw two men fighting.

  • Man: Hilarus you old grain bag, your days are over!
  • Hilarus: Don't worry, I've got enough left for you!

The younger man beat up the older man.

  • Man: You are slow and weak! You can barely punch!

The older man tried to grab the younger man, but was countered. The older man tried again and again, but was blocked and countered each time, until the younger man shoved him to the ground.

  • Man: Be done with it! Your bones will break next time!

The man kicked the older man in the face.

  • Hilarus: Hello ground.

Bayek intervened.

  • Bayek: Hey! Get off him. Leave him alone!
  • Man: Who are you? You want some too? Ok, come on then, hero!

Bayek defeated the man in the fight. He helped up the older man and followed him.

  • Bayek: You are a little old for street brawling, aren't you?
  • Hilarus: You are going to lay into me with the insults, too? Youth is a state of mind, boy. The gods do not get old. But thanks for the help. It is good to have a brawling brother.
  • Bayek: You have an unusual fighting style. I like it.
  • Hilarus: I eat a lot of punches. A surprise strategy involving well-placed scars and internal bruising.
  • Bayek: Why were you fighting?
  • Hilarus: I have been fighting a long time. I was a champion when you were still on the tit! I have to fight.
  • Bayek: What do you mean? Are you in some kind of trouble?
  • Hilarus: Trouble? No! I make money from street fighting. Not everyone can afford the Gallic brothers in the arena. I give them a taste of it out here. It is a living if you can win some.
  • Bayek: But if I had not coming along...
  • Hilarus: It would have been another loss. It is cruel what age does to you. Hades! I miss the arena. I used to be good! I was Pompey's favourite for a time. Fighting out here feeds man. But there is no glory in it. Nothing beats the screams of thirty thousand bloodthirsty fans! One thing the arena gave me was an eye for talent. And you've got it. With some pointers, you would look the part. Why don't you take the next fight? I have had a few losses. I could use the rest.
  • Bayek: On one condition, old man. After this contract, you find another job.
  • Hilarus: Youth is a state of mind! It is up here. (whistles)

Hilarus brought Bayek to a small area, where a fighter was waiting.

  • Hilarus: Alright, this is it. Do not underestimate him. Keep your hands up – you are dropping your right hand when you hook. Let me know when you are ready.

The fighter greeted Hilarus

  • Man: It is the old melon, come to collect another beating.
  • Hilarus: Always the disrespect. It is going to bring you bad fate one day. Youth is a state of mind. Today I have got something special for you.
  • Man: Oh look! Grandpa brought a second. Come on then, pretty boy. Let us see what you've got.

Bayek defeated the fighter.

  • Man: I did not agree to this! Cheating old man! I am done.

The fighter ran away.

  • Hilarus: Who is the coward now, you little prick! Come back and finish the fight!

Bayek spoke to Hilarus.

  • Hilarus: That was good work. A fine start! Almost worthy of the arena. What is your name, son?
  • Bayek: Bayek of Siwa.
  • Hilarus: Hmm, not really a fighter's name though, is it? We will want something more memorable like the Siwan Pretty Boy. We can talk about that later. Training first.
  • Bayek: Training? Listen old man...
  • Hilarius: The next fight is tonight. Let us meet at sundown. Say at the top of the lighthouse?
    Take some time to rest, analyze your performance. Fight with extreme ka, be a god, and do not forget! The top of the lighthouse at sundown!

Hilarus left the place. Later that day, at sundown, Bayek climbed up to the top of the lighthouse, and admired the view.

  • Bayek: A beautiful night sky. It is nice up here.
    But where is that old fool? He is late.

He heard a voice from below.

  • Hilarus: Bayek! Down here!
  • Bayek: Why are you down there? You said to meet you up here!
  • Hilarus: Hurry. Come down. We have got a fight to get to!

Bayek reached the ground and accompanied Hilarus as he walked.

  • Bayek: Why did you send me to the top of the lighthouse?
  • Hilarus: I have something to say to you. Hilarus is serious now. Students do not question their teachers.
  • Bayek: Old tomato, you are not my teacher...
  • Hilarus: I love that lighthouse, lost my virginity there. I wanted you to see it. That, and the climb is good for the lungs. Your reward was the view. It was worth it, don't you agree?
  • Bayek: It was actually. It is nice to take the time to realize how beautiful the world is...
  • Hilarus: You see! There is always method in my madness, Bayek. Remember that.

Hilarus started running. Bayek followed suit.

  • Bayek: What are you doing now!?
  • Hilarus: Racing you to the next fight!

Bayek raced against Hilarus around Krokodilopolis. Eventually, the old fighter stopped.

  • Hilarus: (Puffing painfully.)
  • Bayek: Rest easy grandpa.
  • Hilarus: Do not disrespect your teacher! I used to run circles in the arena for hours. Pompey called me The Camel of Hermes! I would never tire!
  • Bayek: By Amun! You're not my... Pompey compared you to a camel?
  • Hilarus: Hilarus Maximus, The Camel of Hermes.
  • Bayek: Hilarus... There must be something else you can do besides fighting.
  • Hilarus: What else is there! I once fought an entire garrison. You ever do that?
  • Bayek: I dabbled in it.
  • Hilarus: We have got another fight to finish. This way.

Bayek followed Hilarus to a brothel. A man and a woman passed them by.

  • Woman: Ah... Haha! Help! Help! It's Hercules!
  • Man: You are mine, Helen of Troy! You cannot escape me!
  • Hilarus: Ha-ha! Yes, it is a brothel. This is your next lesson – do not allow yourself to be distracted. Our last fight is inside.

They were greeted by a woman.

  • Woman: You are the challenger? I'm going to enjoy this. Come on, they are waiting.
  • Hilarus: Bayek, catch your breath. This one is going to be tough. When you are ready, let me know.

Bayek and Hilarus entered the brothel, where a man awaited them.

  • Man: The not-so-mighty Hilarus, come to claim lost glory. I see the rumors are true. You've got yourself a pet lion to hide behind. It will not matter. I will beat him for the money. Then I will beat you for the pleasure.

Bayek defeated the brothel challenger.

  • Man: Damn you! Cheating old man!

The challenger's comrades attacked Bayek and Hilarus.

  • Hilarus: Oh that is how it is going to be? Then I am in too!

Bayek and Hilarus defeated them. The men left the brothel and the woman from earlier addressed Bayek.

  • Woman: Well, that was a fetching display! How would you like something steady? Just look strong and take care of any trouble. You will be well looked after.
  • Bayek: Unfortunately, I am accounted for. Would you consider a genuine arena champion? Hilarus here was a favorite of Pompey's.
  • Woman: You are a little old, but you cut a good figure. Do you still have it in you?
  • Hilarus: Do I— Madam, I am Hilarus. Youth is a state of mind. You will be more than satisfied! If my charge releases me.

Bayek gestured his approval.

  • Woman: Come, then. We shall discuss the terms privately.

The woman took Hilarus elsewhere. Sometime later, Bayek visited the brothel anew, and found Hilarus on the second floor.

  • Bayek: Hilarus! How's the new... position?
  • Hilarus: Ah, the Siwan Pretty Boy is back!
    It is not so different from the arena, actually. What with the constant screams and groans. The owner keeps me... busy.
  • Bayek: You old dog...
  • Hilarus: Youth is a state of mind!


Bayek helped Hilarus with his fights and gained a shield in return.


  • If Bayek has already fought at the Krokodilopolis Arena before speaking to Hilarus, he'll give "And I have already fought in the arena..." in addition to his name when Hilarus asks for it.


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