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The Case of the Conflicted Courtship was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob or Evie met with Arthur Conan Doyle and Henry Raymond in the City of London, where they were presented with another murder case.


  • Arthur: A tragedy in the park!
  • Henry: Another chance to sort out a diabolical conundrum! One that I'll turn into a one-a-penny read for Purlock Publishing!

Jacob or Evie started their investigation.


Dr. Alton's Office

  • Alton (Prudence): Oh, my God, Prudence?! How horrible! I was about to propose!... But I don't understand. She and I didn't have a meeting arranged today. It is true that we sometimes meet in the park. But there was no arrangement for this morning.
  • Alton (medicine): That's very odd, indeed. Prudence was a patient here but wasn't given this prescription. There's no reason that she should be carrying such a packet.
  • Alton (treatment): You appreciate, I'm sure, that I cannot discuss the condition of any of my patients.
  • Alton (cut cheek): An unfortunate incident. One of my patients became... over-excited.
  • Shelby (Prudence): I don't know any of Dr. Alton's other patients.
  • Shelby (treatment): I'm quite angry, actually. I was having such terrific results; I felt like a new man! Much more vigorous and out-going. But the doctor has ended the prescription altogether for no reason!
  • Knight (Prudence): I'm sorry to hear about her murder. She was a patient here, but increasingly began to stop by, socially.
  • Knight (Baxter): Dr. Alton makes house calls to see him. Baxter doesn't come into the office. I make up the prescriptions and he picks them up at noon when I'm away at lunch.
  • Knight (park meeting): So she was meeting Doctor Alton in the park, was she? My understanding was that she was engaged to someone. In any case, the good doctor could do better, in my opinion. Perhaps now he will!
  • Knight (medicine): That medicine was developed by Dr. Alton, specifically for one of our patients, Mr. Shelby, but he's been using it for another patient as well.
  • Knight (Alton's cut): Mr. Baxter apparently attacked the doctor yesterday. It was after hours, but the doctor did have a cut on his cheek. Poor man.

Gilbert's house

  • Gilbert (Prudence): Prudence and I are engaged to be married. I'm desperate to see her. She should be by any moment, she had something important to tell me. I'm worried she's going to break off the engagement.
  • Gilbert (Baxter): I've never heard of such a man.
  • Gilbert (Dr. Alton): Prudence has been so distant lately. I believe she has a misplaced affection for her doctor, the cad! I would make a much more appropriate husband, and the wedding is planned!

Prudence's house

  • Lulu (Prudence): I saw her kissing my man in the park, didn't I? I followed her to this street yesterday, but lost her. I'll come every day if need be, until I catch her again. That trollop better promise to let him alone, or I'll give her what for!
  • Lulu (Baxter): He's all mine, I tell you! All the girls want a bit of Baxter, but they can't have him! You ask him yourself - he lives just that way.


The park

  • Prudence Browne - A young woman with identifying papers. Stabbed many times in highly violent manner. Wounds indicate a left-handed attacker.
  • Packet - A small paper packet containing powdered medication. Stamped "Dr. Trevor Alton" with an address.
  • Handbag - Contains an appointment diary " A.M.: Trevor, park; Noon: Gilbert, his house" - the address is indicated in the back of the agenda.
  • Knife - The bloodied murder weapon. It is a standard kitchen knife.

Dr. Alton's office

  • Personal note - "Doctor, I do hope that our professional relationship does not preclude a closer rapport. Yours, most sincerely, Miss Claire Knight"
  • Doctor's note - "Dear Miss Knight, I would ask you to please suspend Mr. Shelby's prescription." This note, as well as all medical entries in the office, appear to be written by a right-handed man.
  • Baxter's medical file - "Baxter now appears to be totally reliant on the treatment. He consumes far more than the prescribed dosage and is constantly demanding more. In addition, he has become alarmingly aggressive, going so far as to assault me physically. Furthermore, he has recklessly seduced several women over the past few weeks!"
  • Mr. Shelby's medical file - "Since using this treatment, Mr. Shelby has overcome his paralyzing timidity with astonishing success. However, owing to the effect I've seen of the same drug on Mr. Baxter, I feel obliged to terminate Mr. Shelby's use altogether."
  • Prudence's medical file - "Miss Browne came to see me, oppressed by grave anxiety concerning her recent engagement. This was not a medical concern, but nevertheless I prescribed a mild sedative. However, she has since embarked on an irregular relationship with... someone I shall not name! This situation is intolerable."

Gilbert's house

  • Letter from Prudence - "Dearest Gilbert. I have something of the utmost importance to tell you. I shall call tomorrow at noon. Please, dear Gilbert, know that whatever I have to say, I will always hold you in the highest esteem. Your Prudence." The letterhead gives Prudence's address.

Prudence's house

  • Prudence's diary - Several entries stand out:
"I hold my Gilbert in the greatest esteem, but I simply cannot imagine marriage and all it entails. I've seen so little of the world! I have begun to see a doctor in an attempt to calm my nerves and concentrate my mind. Dr. Alton is kind and gentle and the solicitous manner with which he listens is as beneficial as any medication."
"Oh, what a rapturous night! The timid Dr. Trevor Alton has surprising depths! We had a chance encounter in the park, whereupon he began to speak to me with such intensity and passion, I was quite swept up! Soon, his ardent kisses took my breath away. Could it be that I have found love at last? And what, then, of my engagement to Gilbert?"
"My feelings for Trevor (it seems so silly to call him 'Dr. Alton' now) are as strong as ever, but mixed with concern. He has become moody, even tormented. He complains of his experimental treatment and of his patients.
"I have told him that I plan to break things off with Gilbert."
"Trevor and I are to meet in the park this morning. Is a proposal in the offing? If he does propose - oh, please let it be so! - I shall go directly to Gilbert and break it off with him. A swift, sharp break is best for everyone."
  • Unsent letter to Dr. Alton - "Dearest Trevor, I must tell you that this evening something unsettling occurred. After our tête-à-tête in the park, I set off for home, all the while thinking of you! But suddenly a young woman appeared and began to berate me in the street, never ceasing to shout insults and shameful allegations involving someone named Baxter. Isn't that the patient you have had such trouble with? Oh, my dear, I managed to slip away, but it was so terribly upsetting!"
"But now I see that it is too late to post this and I will see you tomorrow in any case, my love!"

Baxter's house

  • Paper packets - Many empty paper packets. They have a residue of powder on them.
  • Knives - Collection of kitchen knives identical to the one found on the crime scene. One is missing.
  • Scattered papers - "You are nothing but a burden to me. A pathetic, sniveling burden! If only I could be rid of you!" Written by a left-handed man.
  • Scattered papers - "She plans to break her engagement! Because of you! Won't have it. I shall marry her myself - at least that way she will remain a respectable woman!" Written by a right-handed man.
  • Scattered papers - "I always get what I want. It is my due!" Written by a left-handed man.
  • Scattered papers - "She means nothing to you! You are a monster of my own making!" Written by a right-handed man.
  • Scattered papers - "I can't extinguish your life, so I shall extinguish hers!" Written by a left-handed man. There is a spot of blood on the note.


Dr. Trevor Alton was accused of the murder.

  • Alton: Oh, God, it's true. I couldn't help myself, the powder unleashed a creature within me. He seduced the innocent Prudence and then killed her to prevent us from marrying! It's too, too horrible!
  • Arthur: I knew something was amiss with the medical powder, but didn't understand until you found those papers. Well done!




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