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The Burdens We Carry was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore freed Caterina Sforza from her cell in the Castel Sant'Angelo. As she was unable to walk due to her previous encounter with Lucrezia Borgia, Ezio had to carry her out of the Castel.


Ezio approached Caterina's cell with Lucrezia.

  • Caterina: Salute Lucrezia! How I've missed you.
  • Lucrezia: Vai a farti fottere, troia. (Go fuck yourself, whore.)
  • Caterina: Always a pleasure. Bring her here. I'll take the key.

Ezio brought Lucrezia closer, to which Caterina reached into Lucrezia's cleavage, retrieving the key.

  • Caterina: Oh, classy.
Burdens 1

Caterina throwing Lucrezia into the cell

Caterina unlocked her cell and pushed Lucrezia inside.

  • Lucrezia: GUARDS! GUARDS!
  • Caterina: That's enough out of you!

Caterina slammed Lucrezia's head against the bars of the cell, knocking her unconscious.

  • Ezio: Can you walk?
  • Caterina: No.

Ezio closed the cell door behind Caterina.

  • Ezio: I guess we are going out the front.

Ezio picked up Caterina and began to carry her through the Castello. As they approached guards along the way, Ezio set Caterina down in a safe location, before silently eliminating them, so as to avoid detection.

  • Ezio: Wait here.
  • Caterina: As if I have a choice.
    What are you doing, Ezio?
    Come, Ezio, this way.
    Ezio, this way, per favore.

Ezio returned to Caterina after disposing of the guards ahead, where he picked her up again and continued through the Castello.

  • Caterina: Why save me, Ezio? With Forlì taken, I am useless to you.
  • Ezio: You have a family.
  • Caterina: It is not your family.
    That night at the Villa. I had to ensure our allegiance to protect Forlì. Do you understand, Ezio?
Burdens 2

Ezio preparing to throw Caterina

  • Ezio: È la politica. (Politics.) Of course. I knew it. You need not explain.
    Caterina. Did they...? Did Cesare...?
  • Caterina: No. My name must still have some small value. I was left... unspoiled.

They approached an open grate in the floor, through which a large pile of hay could be seen on the floor below. As Ezio walked to the edge, Caterina looked at him suspiciously.

  • Caterina: Don't you dare.

Caterina screamed as Ezio dropped her into the hay. After she landed safely, Ezio followed her by performing a Leap of Faith. Whilst hiding in the hay, a guard approached. Ezio assassinated him, and hid the corpse in the hay.

  • Caterina: Figlio di puttana (Son of a whore). Never do that to me again.

The pair left through the front door of the Castello, and noticed that the front gates were locked. Caterina pointed out the nearby cranks.

  • Caterina: It seems to open from over there.


Ezio freed Caterina from her cell and safely carried her through the Castel Sant'Angelo, without being detected.


  • Caterina would not lose health if she was hit by a poisoned guard while lying on the floor.


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