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The Burden of Command was an altered representation of fragmented genetic memories.


The war rages on in Greece, and our mercenary services are in hign demand! We've been hired for a lucrative contract with the Athenians, who are determined to protect their dominion from the encroaching Spartans.

The Spartans have set up camp in Arkadia and rumor has it that the infamous
polemarch Eustace will soon join them on the field.

The Athenians have orderd us to infiltrate the Spartan camp and gather intelligence on Eustace's location by interrogating their commander. A stealthy approach is advised.


The Misthios infiltrated the Spartan camp and interrogate a Spartan Hypaspist.

  • Misthios: You there! If you cherish your life, tell us about-
  • Spartan Hypaspist: What?! Intruders in our camp?! I'll put you to death! For Sparta!

After defeat Spartan Hypaspist.

  • Spartan Hypaspist: *gasp* Outmatched by a Misthios! What a shame!
  • Misthios: Lay down your sword and speak, Spartan! Where is polemarch Eustace?
  • Spartan Hypaspist: Is that you came? You foll... *Cough* Eustace is already in Arkadia, resting in a nearby city. And once he join us, he will *cough* lead us to a glorious victory! But Eustace should be the least of your worries... Generals Erastos and Heraclius are also leading our forces, and their rage and ferocity no equal! My only regret is that... *cough* I won't be here to see them crush your puny Athenian masters! For... Sparta...


The misthios sent by Athenians infiltrated the Spartan camp, and interrogated the Spartan commander for information about Eustace. After defeat, the Spartan commander told that Eustace and two other Spartan commanders were preparing to attack Athens.


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