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The Breaching of Sádaba Castle was an altered representation of one of Aguilar de Nerha's genetic memories.

Aguilar's Journal

With his dying breath, Lieutenant Cadavid confirmed a terrible truth: Ramírez has acquired the first piece of the Staff! He currently hides in Sádaba Castle with his bodyguard, Captain Ordóñez, until they can safely transport it to the Royal Monastery of Saint-Thomas.

Sábada Castle is the most fortified structure in Aragon. This will be no easy task.


The Assassins made their way through the fort, eventually reaching Ramírez and Ordóñez in Ramírez's personal quarters.

  • Aguilar: Ramírez, you dog: we have you at last!
  • Ramírez: Cursed Assassins, always hounding me! Ordóñez, hold them off while I make my escape! I must not be prevented from retrieving the second piece of the Staff from St. Lucia!

As Ramírez escaped out a back door, Ordóñez engaged the Assassins in combat, but was severely wounded.

  • Cpt. Ordóñez: I cannot stay to finish you off, infuriating Assassins; the Inquisitor requires my protection on his journey! Do not take this for weakness; duty compels me to put off the pleasure of killing you!

Ordóñez then escaped, leaving the Assassins alone in the empty castle.


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