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The Branded Runaway was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


A runaway slave sought the help of a mercenary. Kassandra answered.


Kassandra spoke to a slave sitting by a camp fire.

  • Kassandra: Chaire. Is there something you need?
  • Man: You seem my brand, misthios? It says I'm a runaway, and the soldiers have seen it. More are coming for me... I'll never make it past them!
  • Kassandra: So you want me to provide protection?
  • Man: Obviously. Do we have a deal?

(Accept – I'm going to help you)

  • Kassandra: All right. I've got your back.

Kassandra and the slave successfully fended off the attacking soldiers.

  • Man: That should be the last of them, misthios. You're quite the warrior.
  • Kassandra: You're safe now.
  • Man: Thank you. For everything. Please, this isn't much, but take it.

The man gave Kassandra some of what drachmae he had.

  • Kassandra: Doesn't look this life is offering you much, but another awaits aboard my ship. Sail with me—we need someone like you.
  • Man: You know I can't leave, mercenary. Though I'd like to.
  • Kassandra: You're always welcome aboard if you change your mind.


Kassandra helped the slave by dealing with the soldiers sent after him.



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