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This article is about the memory. You may be looking for the expedition itself.

The Braddock Expedition was a virtual representation of one of Haytham Kenway's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After having obtained the plans for Edward Braddock's march, Haytham Kenway worked with Kaniehtí:io to ambush the general's patrol.


ACIII-BraddockExpedition 3

The group departing from the tavern

Haytham, Thomas Hickey, John Pitcairn, William Johnson and Benjamin Church were drinking in the Wright Tavern.

  • Thomas: On the cold, cold ground.
  • Benjamin: Hear, hear!
  • Kaniehtí:io: Hard at work, I see.
  • Haytham: How did you...
  • Kaniehtí:io: It is time. We've set up camp to the north. Meet me there.
  • Haytham: Gentlemen! Let us away.

Haytham and his allies rode for the meeting point.

  • Benjamin: First it was too cold. Now it's too god-damned hot!
  • John: And humid too! It's a right swamp, I tell you.
  • William: To say nothing of the mosquitoes.
  • Haytham: Warm weather and bugs are soon to be the least of our worries.
  • Thomas: Wot? Ya mean the Bulldog? Please. We'll be in that one's beef soon enough and onto the next.
  • Benjamin: Where's your boy Lee gone off to?
  • Haytham: Returned to finish out his service under Braddock.
  • Benjamin: I imagine the Bulldog's none too pleased after the stunt we pulled.
  • Haytham: Lee's to spin a tale of my incompetence and beg for forgiveness. He's a way with words – especially when it comes to flattery. I expect he'll be welcomed back with open arms.
  • Benjamin: Which would give us a man inside.
  • Haytham: Precisely.
  • John: Unless you've underestimated our enemy.
  • Haytham: If I have, Charles will sense it first and make his escape. He's more clever than you think.
  • Thomas: When this is done I'm taking a week in New York. It's high time I went 'n' saw the sights.
  • Benjamin: Of empty whiskey bottles and women's breeches, no doubt.
  • Thomas: Heh-heh-heh. What other kinds of sights is worth seein'?
ACIII-BraddockExpedition 4

Kaniehtí:io introducing Haytham to her allies

Haytham and his allies met with Kaniehtí:io and the Native tribesmen.

  • Haytham: I see you've been busy.
  • Kaniehtí:io: All the men are from many different tribes – united in their desire to see Braddock sent away. The Abenaki. The Lenape. The Shawnee.
  • Haytham: And you? Who do you stand for?
  • Kaniehtí:io: Myself.
  • Haytham: What would you have me do?
  • Kaniehtí:io: We will help the others to prepare. Follow.

Haytham and Kaniehtí:io crept and hid in the undergrowth to spy on Braddock's approaching army.

  • Kaniehtí:io: They come.

George Washington rode next to Braddock, who proceeded to lecture him on the reasons for their expedition.

  • Washington: Everything alright, sir?
  • Braddock: Just savoring the moment. No doubt many wonder why it is we've pushed so far west. These are wild lands, as yet untamed and unsettled. But it shall not always be so. In time, our holdings will no longer suffice. And that day is closer than you think. We must ensure that our people have ample room to grow and further prosper. Which means we need more land! The French understand this and endeavor to prevent such growth. They skirt around our territory – erecting forts and forging alliances – awaiting the day that they might strangle us with the noose they've built. This must not come to pass! We must sever the cord and send them back! This is why we ride. To offer them once last chance: The French will leave or they will die!
ACIII-BraddockExpedition 6

Haytham and Kaniehtí:io discussing strategy

  • Kaniehtí:io: Now is the time to strike.
  • Haytham: Wait. To scatter the expedition is not enough. We must ensure that Braddock falls. Else he's sure to try again. I will disguise myself as one of his own and make my way to his side. Your ambush will provide the perfect cover for me to deliver the killing blow.

Haytham went to take down several soldiers without alarming them.

  • Redcoat 1: The wood's too thick. At this rate it'll be days before we reach Duquesne. We should follow the river instead.
  • Redcoat 2: The troop would be exposed there. We must maintain the element of surprise.
  • Redcoat 1: We're near 2000 men. One scout is all they need to know of us... And then what? Swiftness would serve us better.

The soldiers were alerted to Haytham's presence.

  • Redcoat 1: Kill them!
  • Redcoat 2: Ambush!

Haytham and the Native warriors killed the remaining soldiers, before Haytham dressed himself as a Redcoat and rode towards Braddock's patrol.

  • Redcoat 3: How could anyone call this forest home? It's all mud and bugs and monstrous things...
  • Redcoat 4: Aye. Better we cut it all down. Clear a space for civilization - and not this wild dark.
  • Redcoat 3: No wonder the savages are so filled with fury. I'd be too if I had to live in such a place.
  • Redcoat 4: Don't know why so many refuse to throw in with us. Life in the cities is much more pleasant. Can you imagine? Ground for a mattress. Canopy of leaves for a roof. It's barbaric.
  • Redcoat 5: I'm telling you, we've packed the cart too high! The ground is uneven - its dangers hidden. One false move and the whole thing is sure to fall over...
  • Redcoat 6: With the French pushed back there'll be a lot of opportunities for us up north.
  • Redcoat 7: I hear the beaver pelts they gather fetch a fine price back home.
  • Redcoat 8: Aye - but for all the riches one might claim, the winter waits to take it all away.
  • Redcoat 7: Come now, it can't be that bad. Else the frogs wouldn't have lasted this long.
  • Redcoat 8: Oh - don't you know? King Louis filled the place with whores to keep his men from turning tail.
  • Redcoat 7: What?
  • Redcoat 8: Aye. Loaded up a dozen boats with the finest Paris had to offer. Called 'em the King's Daughters, they did. Sent to warm the men in ways the campfires couldn't.
  • Redcoat 7: I don't believe a word of it. Much as I'd like to...
  • Redcoat 8: If Braddock's mission is successful, we'll get to see for ourselves soon enough. Then we'll know the truth of it.

Haytham rode over to Braddock, who was talking with a pair of his soldiers.

  • Braddock: Have served, you mean.
  • Redcoat 9: Sir?
  • Braddock: You are grateful to HAVE served.

Braddock shot one of the soldiers with his pistol.

  • Redcoat 10: General!
ACIII-BraddockExpedition 8

Haytham confronting Braddock

  • Braddock: I'll not tolerate doubt amongst those I command. Nor sympathy for the enemy. I've no time for insubordination. He paid for his treachery as all traitors must. If we are to win this war against the French... Nay, when we win this war... It will be because men like you obeyed men like me – and did so without hesitation. We must have order amongst our ranks, and a clear chain of command. Leaders and followers. Without such structure, there can be no victory. Am I understood?
  • Haytham: Edward. Not so fun on the other end of the barrel, is it?
  • Redcoat 10: LOOK OUT!

Daniel Liénard de Beaujeu came charging towards Haytham and Braddock, but was shot from his horse by Charles Lee.

  • Charles: Sir.

Braddock began to ride away on his horse, while Haytham looked over at Charles from a distance.

  • Haytham: Where are you off to, Edward...?

As the Natives and the French began their ambush, Haytham rode off to follow Braddock, destroying powder carts along the way. Due to a falling tree, Braddock fell from his horse.

  • Haytham: I never took you for a coward, Edward.
  • Braddock: Come on then.

Haytham's horse was shot by Washington.

ACIII-BraddockExpedition 10

Kaniehtí:io holding Washington down, allowing Haytham to confront Braddock

  • Braddock: Such arrogance. I always knew it would be the end of you. IS the end of you.

Kaniehtí:io took down Washington, saving Haytham from being shot.

  • Kaniehtí:io: Don't.

Braddock ran off.

  • Kaniehtí:io: Hurry! Before he gets away! I SAID GO!

Haytham followed Braddock through the woods.

  • Braddock: I don't deserve this!
    You're a hypocrite, Haytham!
  • Haytham: I'm sorry Edward, but you've forced my hand.
  • Braddock: Dammit!

Haytham mortally wounded Braddock.

  • Braddock: Why, Haytham?
  • Haytham: Your death opens a door. It's nothing personal. Well, maybe it is a LITTLE personal. You've been a pain in my arse, after all.
ACIII-BraddockExpedition 12

Haytham explaining the reason for Braddock's assassination

  • Braddock: But we are brothers in arms.
  • Haytham: Once, perhaps. No longer. Do you think I've forgotten what you did? All those innocents slaughtered. And for what? It does not engender peace to cut your way to resolution.
  • Braddock: Wrong! Were that we applied the sword more liberally and more often, the world would be a better place than it is today.
  • Haytham: In this instance, I concur. Farewell Edward.

Haytham stabbed Braddock again, silencing him for good. After that, he took his ring. From there, Haytham and Kaniehtí:io met again after the ambush had ended.

  • Haytham: It's done. Now I've upheld my part of the bargain. I expect that you will honor yours?
  • Kaniehtí:io: Follow me.

The two made their way to a strange wall, filled with markings. Haytham attempted to open it with the amulet.

  • Haytham: No... No!
  • Kaniehtí:io: You seem disappointed.
ACIII-BraddockExpedition 15

Haytham at the entrance of the Grand Temple

  • Haytham: I thought that I held a key that would open something here...
  • Kaniehtí:io: This room is all there is.
  • Haytham: I expected... more. What do they mean?
  • Kaniehtí:io: It tells the story of Iottsitíson, who came into their world and shaped it for what life might come. She had a hard journey, fraught with great loss and peril. But she believed in her children and what they might achieve. And though she is long gone from the physical world – her eyes still watch over us. Her ears still hear our words. Her hands still guide us. And her love still gives us strength.
  • Haytham: You have shown me great kindness, Ziio. Thank you. I... I should go.

Before Haytham could leave, Kaniehtí:io kissed him, which he complied to. Not long after that, Haytham returned to the Green Dragon Tavern.

  • Charles: Master Kenway. Did you find it, then?
  • Haytham: It was not the right place.
  • Charles: The others are waiting for you.
  • Haytham: Gentlemen. Please, sit. I fear our "temple" was no more than a painted cave. Although it did contain precursor images and script, which means we are close.
  • Thomas: Not close 'nuff it seems.
  • Haytham: We need to redouble our efforts and expand our order, and establish a permanent base here. Although the site eludes us, I am confident we will find it.
  • John: Truth.
  • Benjamin: Hear, hear.
ACIII-BraddockExpedition 18

Charles Lee inducted into the Order

  • Haytham: Furthermore, I believe it is time we welcomed Charles into our fold. He has proven himself a loyal disciple – and served unerringly since the day he came to us. He should be able to share in our knowledge and reap all the benefits that such a gift implies. Are any opposed?

Haytham paused for a brief moment.

  • Haytham: Very well. Charles, come, stand. Do you swear to uphold the principles of our order and all that for which we stand?
  • Charles: I do.
  • Haytham: And never to share our secrets nor divulge the true nature of our work?
  • Charles: I do.
  • Haytham: And to do so from now until death – whatever the cost?
  • Charles: I do.
  • Haytham: Then we welcome you into our fold, brother. Together we will usher in the dawn of a New World. One defined by purpose and order. Give me your hand.

Haytham gave Charles the ring he took from Braddock.


Haytham killed Edward Braddock, ending his quest to conquer the lands of the Native American tribes. He also discovered the precursor site he had been looking for, though he was not able to open the door he found there. Furthermore, Charles Lee was inducted into the Templar Order. Also, Desmond Miles was stunned to learn about Haytham's allegiance to the Templars.


  • While riding to Braddock's position, George Washington could be seen to glow blue in Eagle Vision, even though he was against Haytham.



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