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The Bounty of Thoth was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


We have entered the pyramid at the Ibis' heels. We must stop him before he can reach the secret Vault buried deep below the ancient Pharaoh's tomb. We cannot let him touch the ancient powers that lay dormant there.

A Pharaoh's tomb can be treacherous, and no doubt the Ibis' most devoted cultists will stand in our way. Today, we will send Medunamun back to the Duat, where Anubis' judgement awaits him.


The Hidden Ones made their way through the Vault, evading or eliminating cultists as they descended down the levels. They soon reached the Vault's central chamber, where a cult priest and Medunamun stood perplexed before the Vault pedestal. The priest engaged the Hidden Ones in combat but was killed.

  • Medunamun: Why won't it work? It should work! I deserve it, the power should be mine. MINE!!!
  • Hidden One: Medunamun, you coward! It seems the Gods have judged you unworthy of their powers, no? It's over.
  • Medunamun: What... The Hidden Ones?! How did you get past my decoys, and my guards? Impossible!
  • Hidden One: You underestimated us once again, Medunamun, just like when we killed you the first time. Now, face your justice.
  • Medunamun: AAAARGH! You worm! This should be my moment of triumph, and you're ruining it! Die!

Medunamun engaged the Hidden Ones in combat but was fatally wounded.

  • Medunamun: No! I am... I will be... *cough* a better Ibis... The power should be... Mine...

Medunamun collapsed dead on the Vault floor. Performing the last rites, a Hidden One removed the mask.

  • Hidden One: I recognize this man. This is no "Ibis Reborn". He was one of Medunamun's subordinates, a priest named Menkhtu. Of little significance. He deceived us all! What a huge sham, for such a small man. He faces Osiris now, and the gods' judgement is final. Like the real Medunamun before him, the "Ibis Reborn" shall turn to dust. He shall trouble Egypt no more.


The Hidden Ones assassinated The Ibis Reborn, ending his plans to use Isu artifacts to seize power over Egypt and rule through the Sect. On closer inspection, it was revealed that it was not Medunamun but the former priest Menkhtu, who had once served as an underling to the late Oracle of Amun.


  • The mention of Thoth in the memory's title is a reference to the god's role in Egyptian mythology. When a person died, Anubis or Osiris would weigh their heart against a feather from Ma'at, the personification of justice. Only if the heart and the feather were in equilibrium would Thoth record the result, otherwise the heart would be consumed by the waiting Ammit, preventing the soul from finding rest.


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