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The Book of the Dead was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


An old man's cherished Book of the Dead has been ripped from his grasp. Bayek determines to reclaim it from the bandits responsible for the theft.


As Bayek was wandering around Yamu, he heard an old man asking for his Book of the Dead.

  • Beka: My Isesu... I will never see her again. Has anyone seen my Book of the Dead?
    Without it, my spirit cannot follow my wife's to the Field of Reeds.
    No one can help me! No one has seen my Book!

Bayek approached the old man.

  • Beka: Have you seen my Book of the Dead in your travels, Medjay? I went all the way to Memphis to buy it!
  • Bayek: No. How was it lost?
  • Beka: Bandits. They came from the dunes nearby. When their leader saw how I cared for the Book, he wrenched it from me. I thought my heart would stop!
  • Bayek: I can help. I do not fear them.
  • Beka: I have been praying for someone like you. That Book will unite me with my wife's spirit!

A lady approached them.

  • Daughter: There you are, Father! We are going home.
  • Beka: But this Medjay is helping me!
  • Daughter: Oh yes, you are going to find his book? If by some miracle you do, thank you.
ACO The Book of the Dead - Beka and Daughter

Beka's daughter leading her father home

The woman led her father away. Bayek followed them.

  • Bayek: Did you hear where the bandits meant to go?
  • Beka: Oh, I... The leader told the others to meet him at the Necropolis... I think.
  • Daughter: We live nearby.
  • Beka: I am not going home until I--
  • Daughter: Father, the Book is gone. You will find Mother in the Field of Reeds without it. I promise.
  • Beka: That warrior will find the Book!
  • Daughter: Yes, yes. He will find it.

Bayek made his way to the Necropolis hideout, south of Yamu, in Iment Nome. He eliminated the bandits at the hideout and entered, finding the Book on top of a vase.

  • Bayek: Here's the Book of the Dead. Beka will be pleased. Now to return the Book to the old man.

There was a letter in the hideout, too.

  • (Hideout Letter):
    Mobare, I am sending a parcel your way. It contains dozens of books of the dead that we've stolen. You are to find their owners and demand a high price to have them returned, but do it discreetly. We don't want the Temple priests finding out about this.

Before he could reach Yamu, a bandit appeared in an attempt to stop Bayek.

  • Bandit: Thought you could steal from me?
  • Bayek:: Is it stealing if you rob a thief?
  • Bandit: I took it for my father!
ACO The Book of the Dead - Bayek's Return

Bayek learning of Beka's death

Bayek killed the bandit and returned to Beka's house. He found the old man's daughter weeping.

  • Daughter: (sobbing)
  • Bayek: Has your father left us?
  • Daughter: His good life is over. He was too weak to live 'til your return.
  • Bayek: May he be conducted in peace.
  • Daughter: He was in despair that his ka would not join my mother's.
  • Bayek: Where is his body? It is not too late.
  • Daughter: You are a blessing from the gods! He receives the rites in the small temple.
ACO The Book of the Dead - Beka's Body

Bayek finding Beka's body

Bayek made his way to the mummification temple. He discovered Beka's body and placed the book beside him.

  • Bayek: Old man, your Book. May it guide you to your wife's side.


Bayek recovered the Book for the Dead for Beka. Though the old man did not live to see it returned to him, Bayek fulfilled his promise to him and placed the book by his body, hoping that it would reunite Beka and his wife in the Field of Reeds.


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