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The Bodyguard was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob set out to rescue Prime Minister Disraeli and learn from him the identity of "B".


ACS S7 The Bodyguard 1

Jacob meets the Disraelis

Atop a tower, Jacob observed Benjamin Disraeli and his wife, Mary Anne, leave their house at 10 Downing Street and enter their carriage.

  • Jacob: So much for the house call. I'll have to find a way into that carriage.

Jacob snuck into the carriage.

  • Benjamin: What's the meaning of this? Who the devil are you?
  • Jacob: Prime Minister, I'm your new bodyguard. Jacob Frye-
  • Benjamin: I wasn't informed of any new bodyguard. Who is your commanding officer?
  • Mary Anne: Let the boy speak, Dizzy.
  • Jacob: Madam. Apologies, but we've learned of a threat on your life, and the Met thought it best to move quickly.
  • Benjamin: Threat? What sort of threat?

Gunshots were heard outside the carriage.

  • Jacob: That sort. And if you'll excuse me a moment.

Jacob left the carriage and killed the Disraelis' assailants. Afterwards, the Prime Minister opened the carriage door.

  • Benjamin: See here, what's all this-

Two thugs stood outside.

  • Thug: Not so fast, Your Excellency.

One of the thugs took the carriage and drove away the Disraelis' while Jacob finished off the remaining assailants.

  • Jacob: Oi! Get back here with that... Prime Minister!
ACS S7 The Bodyguard 3

Jacob recovering the Disraeli carriage

Jacob chased after the Disraelis' carriage and hijacked it from the thugs.

  • Jacob: Everyone all right?
  • Mary Anne: We seem to have come through unscathed. You have our thanks, Mr. Frye.
ACS S7 The Bodyguard 4

Disraeli rages

  • Benjamin: It was Gladstone, I bet my life on it. This is perfectly in keeping with his lack of character. Show yourself, Gladstone! Show yourself, you feckless muck-snipe!
  • Mary Anne: Well, he's hardly going to be in the van with a cudgel, Dizzy.

Jacob brought the carriage to safety at Downing Street.

  • Disraeli: Damn Gladstone! That bloody man! He will pay for this!

Jacob helped Mary Anne out of the carriage.

  • Mary Anne: Thank you. What do you intend to do about Gladstone, young man?
ACS S7 The Bodyguard 5

Jacob helping Mrs. Disraeli out of the carriage

  • Jacob: I assure you, madam, Gladstone is innocent in this.
  • Mary Anne: But he tried to kill my husband.
  • Jacob: Well, we'll look into Gladstone. Perhaps you can help me in another inquiry, madam. A gentleman with ties to parliament. Older, wears cavalry uniforms and has a large moustache?
  • Mary Anne: You seem like a rough and ready sort of fellow, Mr. Frye.
  • Jacob: Well... yes, I am, actually.
  • Mary Anne: And are you familiar with the poorer districts of our city?
  • Jacob: Roughly.
  • Mary Anne: Wonderful! As it happens, I've been eager to tour the Devil's Acre. If you were to escort me, I'd be happy to assist you in your inquiry.
  • Jacob: That strikes me as a dangerous idea.
  • Mary Anne: Then it's settled. Come back here to Downing Street tomorrow night, eight o'clock sharp. Good day, Mr. Frye.
  • Jacob: But, I-
  • Mary Anne: Good day, Mr. Frye.


After saving Disraeli and his wife, Jacob was forced to agree to escort the latter through the Devil's Acre in order to learn the identity of "B".


  • The title of the memory is a reference to the 1992 film of the same name.


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