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The Body Politic was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Dining Room

  • Man's body - Michel Hennebert: A man in his thirties, slumped at the dining table. Traces of blood dripping from the mouth indicating internal hemorrhage.
  • Necklace - A broken necklace made of glass beads. One appears to be missing.
  • Victim's wine glass - Partially filled. A powdery residue along the rim appears to be powdered glass.
  • Statement of Antoine Gerard - Antoine Gerard (dinner guest): "Political opponent" of the victim. Noted one of the victim's servants now missing.
  • Statement of Madeleine Gerard - Madeleine Gerard (dinner guest): Missing necklace. Claims it was broken.
  • Statement of Mme Hennebert - Mme Hennebert (wife of the victim): Feared something like this. Previous attempts on husband's life. Husband hired Armand to protect self.
  • Statement of Olivier Gedet - Olivier Gedet (dinner guest): Arranged the dinner to bridge political divisions. Hennebert fell choking to the ground immediately after all the guests drank a toast.

André's House

  • Bottle - Has a crude drawing of a skull and bones on it, indicating poison.
  • Note for André - "André, you are to go to the glazier at 31 Blvd Monmartre to order a replacement window. -- Alicia"
  • Statement of the Old Woman - Old Woman: Claims her son is at the apothecary shop near the Post Office.


  • Statement of André - André (servant): Poured wine and left room. Told that his mother very ill, he ran home.

Black Office

  • Agent list
Le Peuple
  • Note from chemist - 13 Floréal "The liquid is quite robust and can endure the high temperature of the glass seal that you describe." A second hand has scrawled across the bottom the following: "Everything looks good. Use our usual glassmaker to put this in place."
  • Note to agent - 12 Floréal "We've gulled Gedet into arranging a dinner at Hennebert's home. Please move forward with the plan."
  • Report - 10 Floréal "We have put the target in fear of his life - a sharpshooter put a hole in a window at his domicile. We believe he will be amenable to a meeting to cool passions and, at that point, will be vulnerable."


  • List of accounts
Citizen Hennebert: replacement window pane.
Mme LeMasse: large mirror.
"Patriot": glass beads for necklace, including one PR drop.
Mlle Bazette: set of wine glasses.
Mlle Lenormand: crystal sphere.
  • Glass bead - A teardrop shaped glass bead. Very resilient, yet curiously when the glass tail is broken off, the entire bead bursts into powder.
  • Statement of the Glassmaker - Robert the Glassmaker: Does a lot of work for politicians. Uncooperative.


  • Note to Alicia - "Alicia, tell André to order a new window from the glazier."
  • Window pane - A cracked window pane with a bullet hole.
  • Statement of Alicia - Alicia (maid): André brought in the wine. Armand tasted it and André poured wine for everyone. Hennebert fell dead. André disappeared immediately thereafter. André's address: 21 rue Ville l'Eveque.
  • Statement of Armand - Armand (bodyguard): Very upset. Searched all guests. Tasted wine before poured by André. Suggests empty glass could have held poison prior to pouring.


  • Feuillant letter - "Take care, my friend. We suspect that the Montagnard radicals have established links to the Black Office, operating out of the Office of the Post. Your every move is being watched. - Adrien Duport. Proud member of the Feuillants and friend of the Constituion"
  • Note from Gedet - "Citizen Hennebert, the incident of the bullet through the window is the final straw. I'm sure you, as the target, are more cognizant than I that we cannot allow your life to be put in constant danger. The precautions you have taken do not appear to be adequate. As a result, the other leaders and I believe that we must bridge the chasm with the Montagnards. I advise you to invite Citizen Gerard and his wife to our weekly dinner. I will attend as well. It's a purely social gathering to help clear the air, no discussion of politics will be allowed."


Dining Room

  • Monsieur Gerard (Deputy of the Assembly): Citizen Hennebert was a political opponent, but he certainly had my respect and my wife and I were delighted to accept his invitation. I understand that one of his servants has gone missing. That seems odd, indeed.
  • Madame Gerard (Wife of Deputy Gerard): I am Madame Gerard. My husband and I were invited to dine, and I was looking forward to a lovely evening. The Henneberts are known as a delightful couple.
  • Madame Hennebert (The victim's wife): I've feared just such an event for weeks! My husband has endured many death threats ever since his vote to spare the king. He even took the extraordinary precaution of hiring Armand to protect himself.
  • Olivier Gedet (Deputy of the Assembly): I hope I'm not to blame in any respect. It was I who advised Hennebert to invite the Gerards. I hoped to calm the murderous political situation. The wine was poured and we all drank a toast to letting bygones be bygones. Hennebert immediately fell choking to the ground.

André's House

  • Old Woman (Mother of André): My son ran to the apothecary. The one near the post office.


  • André (The victim's servant): I didn't know anything happened to Monsieur Hennebert. After I poured the wine, I stepped back to the servant's area. A messenger came to tell me that my sainted mother had taken a turn for the worse. I ran home, then rushed here to buy her some medicine. The only unusual thing about the evening was that just before the wine was served, Madame Gerard's necklace broke. Monsieur Gerard tried to fix it at the table.


  • Robert (Glassmaker): I do a lot of work for important politicians. I don't much like folks nosing about. Get on out of here.


  • Alicia (The victim's maid): André brought in the wine. Armand here tasted it and André poured everyone a glass. They toasted and right away Monsieur looked all queer. Then he fell dead! I am worried about André, though. He's completely disappeared. Here, I'll give you his address, he might know something.
  • Armand (The victim's bodyguard): It's my job to protect Monsieur Hennebert. I search everyone who enters this house for weapons or vials of poison. I also taste his food and wine before he has any. But I failed. I tasted the wine just before it was served by André. Like an idiot, I didn't taste it directly from his glass. A guest could have slipped poison into his empty glass long before the wine was poured.




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