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The Blood Fever was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met with Phoibe at Markos' vineyard.


Kassandra approached Phoibe, who was sitting on a rock.

  • Phoibe: How'd it go with Markos?
  • Kassandra: How it always goes. I didn't get the money, and I'm running another errand for him.
  • Phoibe: Why do you let him boss you around?

  • Kassandra: I owe him a debt. From the past.
  • Phoibe: Oh. Did you borrow drachmae?
  • Kassandra: Not that kind of debt. Few people would take it a runaway they caught thieving. I was just a kid.
  • Phoibe: Huh. I'm just a kid. And I've done pretty good myself.

  • Kassandra: He doesn't. He just gets me into situations I have to dig myself out of.
  • Phoibe: Maybe you shouldn't let him do that.
  • Kassandra: Thanks for the advice.
  • Phoibe: You're welcome!

Kassandra stood up.

  • Kassandra: What do you want, Phoibe?
  • Phoibe: You know Kausos?
  • Kassandra: The town on the other side of the island? Why?
  • Phoibe: People there are sick—and my friend Kynna is too. There's a blood fever. They say it's a curse and that they need help from the gods.
ACOD The Blood Fever - Kassandra Accept Phoibe's Request

Kassandra accepted Phoibe's request

  • Kassandra: I told you. I'm not a god.
  • Phoibe: But, Ikaros
  • Kassandra: Is a bird.
  • Phoibe: That doesn't mean you can't help!
  • Kassandra: All right, I'll look into it.

Kassandra travelled to the village of Kausos, which had been largely burned down.

  • Kassandra: By the gods. What's happened here?
ACOD The Blood Fever - Kynna's Family

Kynna's family tied up

He came across a priest and his guards surrounding a family.

  • Priest: Take them away!
  • Civilian 1: You're murderers! Murderers!
  • Priest: If the gods won't help you, the sickness must be destroyed by our hands! We have no choice.

Kassandra approached the priest and the tied up villagers.

  • Child: Help us!
  • Civilian 1: He won't let us go!
  • Kassandra: What's going on?
  • Priest: Kausos was consumed by plague... We couldn't keep up with the bodies. It was spreading—we had to intervene.
  • Civilian 1: They killed our brothers! Our neighbours!
  • Civilian 2: We survived the massacre, but he'll kill us now!
  • Priest: The gods have abandoned us. The sick must join the dead if we are to save the living!
  • Kassandra: You burned the whole village?
  • Priest: Many nights were lost praying. We had to take action—to scorch the blood fever out of Kausos.
  • Kassandra: Is there no hope for a cure?
  • Priest: Nothing has worked. Sacrifice, prayers...
  • Civilian 2: Healers won't come near us, soldiers won't let us leave... The gods won't answer our prayers!
  • Kassandra: But I don't know anything about plague.
  • Priest: There's nothing you can do.
  • Civilian 1: No!
  • Priest: If you intervene, I will be forced to defend the god's wills.
  • Civilian 1: Save us from him! Have pity!
  • Civilian 2: We aren't even sick! We'll get better!
  • Priest: Nobody gets better! This is the only way all of Kephallonia will save itself from extermination!
  • Civilian 2: Please!
  • Civilian 1: We have children! Think of them!
  • Priest: Don't regret stopping here, misthios...

  • Kassandra: Let them go.
  • Priest: What?!

The villagers ran for safety.

ACOD The Blood Fever - Kassandra Demanding

Kassandra demanding the family to be freed

  • Kassandra: You're no god.

The priest and his guards attacked Kassandra, who defeated and killed them. Kassandra returned to the villagers outside the village. Phoibe came over.

  • Phoibe: You're a hero!
  • Civilian 1: That priest came from the underworld. Some "man of the gods."
  • Civilian 2: The real gods sent you. Time to go. We're well enough to travel, but need healing.
  • Civilian 1: Before you go—take my drachmae. It can't pay for what you gave us, but it's all we have.

Kassandra accepted the coin pouch.

  • Kassandra: It'll do just fine.

She shook the man's hand.

  • Kassandra: Safe travels.

The family left the place.

  • Phoibe: Be safe, Kynna!

  • Kassandra: Forget about that. Just travel safely.

Kassandra shook the man's hand.

  • Civilian 2: You're a gift from the gods, Eagle Bearer. I hope they bless you!

The family left the place.

  • Phoibe: Bye Kynna! Be safe!

  • Kassandra: I'm sorry. I shouldn't be involved in this.
  • Civilian 2: We don't have to die!
  • Kassandra: How many others will die if I free you?
  • Civilian 1: You have blood on your hands!
  • Priest: You've acted on the gods' behalf. They'll bless you for this!

Kassandra left the village, allowing the priest to go ahead with the killing. Phoibe confronted Kassandra.

  • Phoibe: You... you didn't save them? What about Kynna? She's my friend!

  • Kassandra: How could I make that choice? I can't always go into things spear first.
  • Phoibe: You saw they were in trouble! What about Kynna?
  • Kassandra: They could infect the entire island, Phoibe. You don't know best either.

  • Kassandra: It's not that simple. You don't understand.
  • Phoibe: How do you know? I know you didn't help anyone!
  • Kassandra: There was no right decision to make. Nobody wins.

  • Kassandra: I know you're sad about Kynna—it's a big loss. But look around you. You want it to be like this everywhere?
  • Phoibe: No... But maybe Kynna would get better. They could be wrong about her!
  • Kassandra: And maybe the sickness would take the family tomorrow. It's impossible to tell.

  • Phoibe: I hope you're right.

Kassandra squat down to comfort Phoibe.

  • Kassandra: Sometimes, good people die, Phoibe. No matter how much we don't like it.
  • Phoibe: I know... I just wish it wasn't true.

Phoibe walked away.


Kassandra helped Phoibe to look into the blood fever plaguing the village of her friend. She was left decide the family's fate.


  • The choices made in this memory will affect the dialogue later in the game.
    • If Kassandra chooses to attack the priests and save the family, she will later be informed by Barnabas that the blood fever had spread throughout the island, turning it into a graveyard.
    • Not interfering with the priest's plans to kill the family will leave the young parents and their children dead, but save Kephallonia.


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