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The Big Break was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra attempted to find a ship in order for her to get to Megaris and fulfil Elpenor's contract.


Having left the Temple of Zeus, Kassandra headed out to find a boat in order to sail to Megaris.

  • Kassandra: Hmm. I need a boat. I should go see the shipbuilder.

Kassandra visited the shipwright Telemenes at the shipyard.

  • Kassandra: It's a fine ship, Telemenes.
  • Telemenes: Kassandra! She is that, ready to ride the waves for the right captain... and the right price.

  • Kassandra: What'll it take for you to part with her?
  • Telemenes: Oh, couldn't let her go for less than 100,000.
  • Kassandra: 100,000! Who has that much?
  • Telemenes: Someone who's serious about buying a ship. You think craftsmanship like this is given away?
  • Kassandra: What if I told you I had obsidian to trade?
  • Telemenes: I'd tell you I still need 100,000 drachmae! Besides, even if I took your obsidian, a ship this size needs an army to sail it.

  • Kassandra: I really need a boat, Telemenes.
  • Telemenes: Everyone on Kephallonia needs a boat, or passage on one. You've seen this shit hole.
  • Kassandra: All my life.
  • Telemenes: Even if I had a boat, who's going to row it? You? I'd give my left grape to see that!

  • Kassandra: This is Kephallonia. I could always find someone down on their luck and willing to work for next to nothing to get off this island.
  • Telemenes: The seas are treacherous now. Well, more than usual. It would be suicide.
  • Kassandra: You're not being very helpful, Telemenes.
  • Telemenes: Not sure if this helps, but rumor has it the Cyclops is coming for you and Markos.

  • Kassandra: Rumors mean nothing. Don't believe everything you hear.

  • Kassandra: Malaka! How is that helpful?
  • Telemenes: That monster's held Kephallonia for too long. I figured if anyone could finally rid us of his stench, it would be you.
  • Kassandra: Telemenes, what does this have to do with my need for a boat?

  • Telemenes: Rumor also has it his ship has docked in Kleptous Bay.
  • Kassandra: His ship, you say? I'll have to pay Kleptous Bay a visit.
  • Telemenes: Be careful. That one-eyed brute has a nasty temper.

Kassandra bade Telemenes farewell.

  • Kassandra: So I can take his ship and deal with the Cyclops at the same time. Two birds, one stone.

In little time, Kassandra arrived at the Bay, coming across the Cyclops torturing a man.

  • Kassandra: The Cyclops. Time to have a little chat.

The Cyclops pulled Barnabas's head from a giant pot of water.

The Big Break - Cyclops torturing Barnabas - Assassins Creed Odyssey

The Cyclops torturing Barnabas

  • Barnabas: The gods as my witness! I swear!
  • The Cyclops of Kephallonia: Which ones?
  • Barnabas: What difference does it make?

The Cyclops pushed him into the water again.

  • Barnabas: All of them! I swear! All of them!
  • The Cyclops of Kephallonia: I've never heard so much fucking god talk from one man in all my days.
  • Kassandra: Let him go.
  • The Cyclops of Kephallonia: No one on this island is allowed to say that word!
  • Kassandra: Did he say Cyclops? Did he hurt your feelings?
  • The Cyclops of Kephallonia: I don't like it when people call me that!
  • Barnabas: I didn't!!! I—
  • Kassandra: But you're so fat—I mean big and strong—and you really do only have one eye.

Kassandra took out the Cyclops's obsidian eye and began to toss and catch it.

  • The Cyclops of Kephallonia: My eye! Give it to me! Give it to me and I won't kill Markos for having you steal it. Give it to me!!!
  • Kassandra: You want it?
The Big Break - Goat and the Eye - Assassins Creed Odyssey

The goat fleeing with the Cyclops's eye

Kassandra took the obsidian eye and pushed it up a nearby goat's nethers.

  • Kassandra: Go get it.

The Cyclops and his men charged.

  • The Cyclops of Kephallonia: Nobody will recognize your body when I'm done!
  • Guards: To the death!
    I can't do this alone!
    You'll die here!
    Why me?
    Give up already!

Kassandra killed them, then freed Barnabas.

  • Kassandra: We shouldn't delay here any further. Even rats like these have friends in Kephallonia.
  • Barnabas: By Zeus, the Kephallonian bandits are no joke!
    Good thing you're on my side! They really seem to fear you.

They regrouped outside the hideout.

The Big Break - Barnabas and Kassandra meet - Assassins Creed Odyssey

Barnabas and Kassandra officially meet

  • Barnabas: I can't thank you enough. After spending most of my life at sea, it would have been absolutely shameful to drown in a pot! Ah, where are my manners? I am Barnabas, captain of the Adrestia.
  • Kassandra: Well, Barnabas. I am pleased to meet you. I'm Kassandra, misthios by trade.
  • Barnabas: Oh but you're much more than that, I'm sure!
  • Kassandra: What do you mean?
  • Barnabas: When they forced my head under water, I prayed to the gods. And when they pulled it out, there you were!

  • Kassandra: All of Kephallonia heard your prayers. I just happened to be closest.
  • Barnabas: And you just happen to fight like Achilles while Zeus's eagle flies around your head!

  • Kassandra: You called, and I answered.
  • Barnabas: Many claim to have blood of the gods in their veins. You're the first I actually believe.

(If players choose "Where are you from?")

  • Kassandra: Where do you come from?
  • Barnabas: Everywhere, nowhere. The Adrestia is my home, but I was born in an olive grove in Mykonos. I haven't stepped foot there since I left for the military.
  • Kassandra: So you're a soldier?
  • Barnabas: I was. My brothers and I were captains in the Athenian fleet... until one night during a siege, Poseidon's fury destroyed our ships. That was the night I saw it.

(If players choose "What did you see?")

  • Kassandra: It? What did you see?
  • Barnabas: The sea god commands more than just the winds and waves when he truly unleashes his temper. I saw his beast, his murderous pet. Few believe me, but this dead eye is a permanent reminder. Punishment for looking on Poseidon's forbidden creature and living to tell the tale.

(If players choose "How did the fight start?")

  • Kassandra: So why were those men attacking you?
  • Barnabas: Oh, you know the people here... No offense. I tell them a tale of my last voyage, and the next thing I know they're acting like a bunch of savages!
  • Kassandra: What tale could you tell that would make them so angry?
  • Barnabas: My last voyage. We found a man floating alone on a raft... Before he passed, he told us a tale to make your blood run cold. Something about a horrifying creature, ugly and beyond description. I mentioned the words "one-eyed monster." Next thing I know, I'm drowning in a clay pot!
  • Kassandra: Yes, the Cyclops tends to take that personally.

(If players choose "Tell me about your ship.")

  • Kassandra: So... you have a ship.
  • Barnabas: Of course! Gods forbid I'd end up stuck in this place.
  • Kassandra: Where is it now?
  • Barnabas: Thanks to you, it's still in Sami Harbor where I left it.

  • Kassandra: Seeing as I saved your ship and your life, I’d say you owe me.
  • Barnabas: Mind of a misthios! You know who you remind me of? Me. Haha (unsubbed). A much younger me of course, before I found my true purpose... and lost my eye.
  • Kassandra: You’re changing the subject.
  • Barnabas: Ah yes, my apologies. You’re right, I owe you my life. What could a humble Barnabas do for the mighty Kassandra?
  • Kassasndra: I need a ship and a crew.
  • Barnabas: Hahahaha (unsubbed) of course you do!

  • Kassandra: Perhaps the fates brought us together after all. I'm in need of a ship and a crew.
  • Barnabas: You saved my life! It would disgust the gods to not offer it in return.

  • Kassandra: So, that's a yes?
  • Barnabas: My ship, my crew, and my services are yours!
  • Kassandra: You truly aren't from around here.
  • Barnabas: Gods, no! And I thank them for that. Come now and see the Adrestia.

At Sami Harbor, Kassandra met up with Barnabas again.

The Big Break - Leaving Kephallonia - Assassins Creed Odyssey

Kassandra and Barnabas at the harbor

  • Barnabas: We're ready when you are, captain.

Phoibe came up behind them.

  • Phoibe: Wait! Wait for me, Kassandra! I'm all packed and everything!
  • Kassandra: You're coming, are you?
  • Phoibe: If you're going, I'm going.

  • Kassandra: Phoibe, you're not old enough. I can't look after you all the time.
  • Phoibe: I can look after myself. I don't need anyone to help me!
  • Kassandra: Even if that were true, it's not your time.
  • Phoibe: But I wouldn't be any trouble. Promise!

  • Kassandra: Kephallonia's the only place you've ever known. You'd leave your home?
  • Phoibe: I would if it meant staying with you.
  • Kassandra: You can't go where I'm going. I need to be alone.
  • Phoibe: Who's going to keep you company?
  • Kassandra: I'll be fine.

  • Phoibe: If I can't come, then take Chara.
  • Kassandra: Chara?
  • Phoibe: My pet eagle. She's my friend. Mater gave her to me. But she'll be your friend now, and it'll be like I'm there with you. You know, to remind you of me
  • Kassandra: Thanks, Phoibe.

(If players saved Kynna and her family in The Blood Fever, the following dialogue will be shown.)

  • Phoibe: Besides, I'll have Kynna to play with—since you saved her!
  • Kassandra: Go easy on her. She may still be shaky with the fever.

(Otherwise, the dialogue continues on.)

  • Phoibe: But you have to promise we'll see each other again.

  • Kassandra: I promise. You haven't seen the last of me. Just stay out of trouble until then.
  • Phoibe: I will, don't worry! OK, you can leave now!

  • Kassandra: It's up to the Fates, but I'd like to.
  • Phoibe: The Fates know we're best friends, Kassandra. They'll make sure we meet again.
  • Kassandra: If you say so.
  • Phoibe: I say so!

  • Kassandra: Phoibe, I'm never coming back.
  • Phoibe: What do you mean?
  • Kassandra: Someone's counting on me. To do something very dangerous. And there's a new future in it for me if I succeed.
  • Phoibe: I won't see you ever again?
  • Kassandra: I don't know. Until we do, you just have to keep yourself safe.
  • Phoibe: I will.

  • Markos: Kassandra! Leaving Kephallonia without saying goodbye to your dear Markos? Tell me it isn't true!
  • Kassandra: Well, you're here now, so it won't be true. Goodbye, Markos.
  • Markos: All these years as a dynamic duo. I'll never replace you! Well, I may need another assistant someday. But it won't be easy! Come now, give me a hug!

  • Kassandra: All right, come here.
  • Markos: Yes, bring it in! Oh, will I ever miss you, Kassandra.

They hugged.

  • Kassandra: Thanks, Markos. I'll miss you too.

  • Kassandra: Partners shake hands.

They shook each other's hands.

  • Markos: The true signs of a woman in business!

  • Kassandra: And what does the future hold for you?
  • Markos: Wine, of course! Though, you never know when the vines will wither. I'm always ready for another adventure! Speaking of adventure, I have a task for you, dear Phoibe.
  • Phoibe: An adventure? Yes!
  • Markos: Already following in your footsteps, isn't she, my friend?

Markos and Phoibe walked off, waving.

  • Barnabas: Ready to set sail?

(If players choose "Let's go.")

  • Kassandra: Prepare to cast off. It's time to leave.
  • Barnabas: Good. The tides wait for neither man nor woman.
  • Kassandra: Time to go.
  • Barnabas: So, what course do we set? Where in this big, beautiful world does the mighty Kassandra want to go?
  • Kassandra: Megaris.
  • Barnabas: Megaris! But we'll be sailing into war.
  • Kassandra: I got a contract for some general's head.
  • Barnabas: Whose head?
  • Kassandra: They call him "The Wolf."
  • Barnabas: The Wolf! Who wants Nikolaos of Sparta dead?
  • Kassandra: Nikolaos of Sparta?

At the mention of his name, Kassandra drifted back to a memory.

The Big Break - Memories - Assassins Creed Odyssey

The scene on Mount Taygetos

  • Civilian: The oracle has spoken! To prevent Sparta's fall, the child must fall first.
  • Myrrine: You can't let this happen! Please! He'll do us no harm—he'll help us! He will lead us!
  • Civilian: Silence!
  • Myrrine: Sto—You can't! Nooo! No, no.

Kassandra rushed free from her captor's grip, rushing to the cliff edge to rescue Alexios from the civilian. As she did so, she accidentally pushed the man over the edge just as he let loose the baby. The other civilians began to scream.

  • Civilian: Murderer! She has killed him!
  • Civilian: Toss her over!
  • Civilian: Pay for her dishonor! For the life she has snuffed! She's not Spartan, Nikolaos!
  • Myrrine: Look at me Nikolaos! Don't! Don't listen! Nikolaos! Don't listen! No! Don't listen! Nikolaos! Why?

Nikolaos approached Kassandra.

The Big Break - Nikolaos and Kassandra - Assassins Creed Odyssey

Nikolaos and Kassandra

  • Young Kassandra: ... Pater!
  • Myrrine: Nikolaos! Stop! Nikolaos! No! Nikolaos! Nikolaos! Look at me! Look at me, Nikolaos! Don't! Don't listen!
  • Civilian: Your blood is tainted! Rid yourself of this poison! For Sparta!

Nikolaos took Kassandra by the arm and held her over the edge of the cliff.

  • Young Kassandra: Pater?
  • Myrrine: No, oh my baby...
  • Young Kassandra: Pater!
  • Myrrine: Kassandra!

A bolt of lightning split the sky behind Nikolaos. Whether it startled him is hard to say, but he let go of Kassandra in that instant, and she fell from the cliff.

  • Myrrine: Kassandra!
The Big Break - Departing Kephallonia - Assassins Creed Odyssey

the Adrestia leaving Kephallonia

Kassandra returned to the present, appearing more determined than ever.

  • Kassandra: Get me to Megaris. Now.
  • Barnabas: But I don't understand. Of all the places under Helios, why risk our necks to go there?
  • Kassandra: The Wolf of Sparta is my father.


  • Kassandra secured her long-sought ticket off of Kephallonia, and in doing so acquired her very own ship and crew to take her anywhere in the Greek world. She also learned her contract from Elpenor was on her father, Nikolaos of Sparta.



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