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The Betrayal was a virtual representation of one of Shao Jun's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


With one Tiger left, Shao Jun chased Zhang Yong to the Great Wall of China.


  • Jun: I am the blade in the shadows. My prey is Zhang Yong. I shall walk in the darkness and strike swiftly. No one will stop me in my hunt. All your Tigers are dead, only you remain. I'll take back what you stole from us; my box, and my land. Now you plan to let Altan Khan and his Mongolians through the Great Wall? Madness. You'd let those barbarians invade our home rather than lose your grip on power? They will not breach the Wall, they will not reach China. I will stop them and then, I am coming for you...

While traversing the wall, Shao Jun noticed a Mongolian scout talking with a guard.

  • Jun: Killing those Mongolian Scouts should harm Zhang Yong's plans...

Shao Jun killed the scout and continued navigating the wall, overhearing guard patrols along the way.

  • Guard 1: I heard Master Zhang Yong is personally overseeing this operation.
  • Guard 2: I know he is. I saw him arrive earlier.

Shao Jun came to a gateway and noticed that it was open.

  • Jun: I need to get that gate closed. Keep the Mongolians out...

Shao Jun closed the first gate and moved on to the next one, killing another two Mongolian scouts along the way.

  • Guard 3: Stay vigilant, we must keep our eyes open.
  • Guard 4: Agreed. We can't let anyone through.

Shao Jun raised a bridge near the second gate, alerting the guards.

  • Guard 5: Keep an eye out for the Assassin. Master Zhang Yong believes she will show up.
  • Guard 6: I don't know who we should be more cautious of...the Assassin or the Mongolians.

Shao Jun closed the second gate and moved on to the third, noticing something different about it.

  • Jun: This gate has two wheels. I'll need to use them both...
  • Guard 7: This allegiance with the Mongolians doesn't make sense.
  • Guard 8: Master Zhang Yong knows what he is doing.

Shao Jun killed the final Mongolian scout and lowered the third gate.


Shao Jun reached Zhang Yong and impeded the Mongolians from invading China.



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