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The Best Defense was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met with magistrate Periktione to decide the next step in dealing with the Sons of Xerxes.


After helping the villagers of Lalaia, Kassandra returned to the magistrate Periktione, who was speaking to her sister Thyia.

  • Thyia: Peri, we need to be strategic about this!
  • Magistrate Periktione: Destroying the caches is strategic! Wandering through the woods looking for scouts is a waste of time.

Kassandra approached them.

  • Magistrate Periktione: Eagle Bearer! Good. You can talk some sense into my sister.
  • Thyia: i've just spoken with the hunting party. They recovered new enemy arrows near the boundaries of the village.
  • Kassandra: Scouts. Likely sent ahead to find weaknesses in Lalaia's defenses... Of which there are many.
  • Thyia: That's what I've been telling Peri! We need to kill those scouts. Even if we do defeat the lion's share of the Sons in battle, the scouts will cut our throats as we sleep!
  • Magistrate Periktione: If everyone dies in battle there will be no village left to defend. Agnodike spoke of enemy weapons caches. If we destroy those, we'll cut the legs off our foes.

(If players choose "What enemy caches?")

  • Kassandra: What did Agnodike find?
  • Magistrate Periktione: She overheard the Sons of Xerxes discussing supplies they stole from a nearby fortress and returned to their camp.

(If players choose "Why are you so worried about the scouts?")

  • Kassandra: Why are these scouts such a threat?
  • Thyia: What if we're away in battle and the scouts return to kill those we've left behind?

(Let's get ready.)

  • Kassandra: We need to deal with this now.
  • Magistrate Periktione: Which do we focus on, the scouts or the caches?

  • Kassandra: I'll take care of the scouts. The last thing we need is an ambush.
  • Magistrate Periktione: if you've chosen wrong, we'll be exposed with nothing to show for it! But if you must go, go now. Are you ready?
  • Kassandra: I'll see you when it's done.
  • Thyia: What is it that Spartans say about shields? With them or on them?
  • Magistrate Periktione: May the gods guide your path and the arc of your sword.

Kassandra head off to locate the scouts. Making her way to the Bay of Hades, she found a scout group walking along a road.

  • Kassandra: There's a scout!

Kassandra eliminated the first group of scouts and headed off to locate another. Finding them in the woods, she approached and eliminated them. Kassandra then found another group on a road, eliminating them.

  • Kassandra: That's all of them. Better get back to Lalaia.

Kassandra returned to Periktione in Lalaia.

  • Kassandra: I hunted them to the last.
  • Thyia: I'll sleep easier knowing that.
  • Magistrate Periktione: I still worry about them overcoming our numbers in battle. But, thank you. This will change our fate.


Kassandra sided with either Periktione's or Thyia's plan to deal with the Sons of Xerxes.


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