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This article is about the genetic memory. You may be looking for the historical event.

The Battle of the Nile was a virtual representation of one of Bayek and Aya's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek assisted Julius Caesar in the Battle of the Nile, the final push against Ptolemy.


Bayek and Caesar awaited Aya's signal from afar. A soldier rushed to them.

  • Roman Soldier: Ptolemy's men are breaking through our line!
  • Caesar: No, we wait until I see the signal. I can't believe you trusted a woman to do something of such importance. How are the fleet to receive their orders?
  • Bayek: Patience, Caesar.

After a while, the light of the Pharos turned green, signalling Aya's success. Caesar leaped into a chariot, with Bayek following him.

Origins Quest20BattleForTheNile Part04

Aya successfully gives the signal to Caesar's men

  • Caesar: The die is cast. Come, we go to the battlefield! Medjay, cover the retreat.
  • Bayek: Many men have doubted Aya. All have found themselves dead by her blade.

Caesar spurred the horses.

  • Caesar: Ha! Hey! Hey!

Caesar and Bayek raced to the battlefield through burning Alexandria.

  • Caesar: Out of the way! Brace yourself! Hard left!
    You better be as fast with your bow as they claim or we will be dead.
  • Bayek: You focus on driving. I will keep these fools at bay.
  • Caesar: Odd way to speak of your countrymen.
  • Bayek: Any who would give up on our people is no countryman of mine.

Their race continued, but the forces of Ptolemy XIII were in pursuit.

  • Caesar: To the back! Behind man! We're surrounded!
  • Bayek: I am working on it!
  • Caesar: Work more quickly! Behind us! The chariot gains! I hear more gaining on us!
  • Bayek: I am shooting as fast as I can, Roman.

A war elephant was heard in the near distance.

  • Bayek: That is not good.
  • Caesar: What is it?
  • Bayek: Hope we don't find out, Caesar. Faster! Perhaps we can outrun it!

The war elephant joined the chase.

  • Bayek: We will face it. Ready yourself, Caesar. This is worse than any battle you've yet had.
  • Caesar: It can't be that bad.
  • Bayek: It is Osiris himself.

Bayek shot arrows at the elephant.

  • Bayek: The arrows are only making him angrier! Hold the chariot steady!
  • Caesar: My focus is on not being trampled, Egyptian.
  • Bayek: I have an idea.
  • Caesar: Just get rid of the damned thing!

Bayek threw spears at the elephant.

  • Caesar: The lighthouse approaches quickly. We'll run out of land soon. Throw harder!
    There, it's the fleet!
  • Bayek: I have nothing left to throw!
  • Caesar: Anytime, Bayek.
Origins Quest20BattleForTheNile Part05

Bayek and Caesar attempting to go to the battlefield

Bayek grabbed a spear from the ground and threw it into the elephant's eye, killing it. The chariot crashed, and Bayek and Caesar emerged victorious.

  • Caesar: There will be songs of us, Bayek.
    Now we must join the ships... we will be heroes of sword and mind!

They reached the fleet.

Three days later, on Nile Delta, Bayek, Aya and Caesar fought Ptolemy's men. After they'd beaten one wave, they huddled together.

  • Roman Soldier: The line runs three stadia. According to our speculatores, Pothinus leads the charge.
  • Bayek: Keep the soldiers distracted, Caesar, I will handle Pothinus.
  • Caesar: Ad victoriam (For victory)!
Origins Quest20BattleForTheNile Part07

Caesar encourages Bayek

As Aya, Caesar, and his men fought Ptolemy's soldiers, Bayek made his way to a fort.

  • Caesar: Flee while you still can!
    You lose ground, you heartless bastards!
    Keep on, men, we will defeat them.
    Not a one of you can stay my blade.
    Feel the blood rush, Bayek! And know that Mars himself drives your blade!

Bayek contronted Pothinus inside the fort, riding a war elephant.

  • Pothinus: Meet Yugr Tn. She wishes to make your acquaintance!
  • Bayek: Pothinus! You will be in the Duat soon! Prepare yourself!
  • Pothinus: Come, Yugr Tn! Charge!
    The gods have entrusted me with your demise.
    You! You are but a gnat in our great plan!
    Oh, how I wish you could see yourself from such an angle, Bayek.
    You can still be done with this. Be free of this battle.

Bayek succeeded in killing the war elephant, and as it fell, so did Pothinus.

Origins Quest20BattleForTheNile Part08

Bayek facing Pothinus in the Animus' memory corridor

  • Bayek: Your role in that insane order comes to an end, Pothinus. Face your judgement.
  • Pothinus: They went too far, in Siwa. I knew it then, but I just wanted peace for Egypt.
  • Bayek: Your peace leave many wanting.
  • Pothinus: This is inevitable. A good rule always does. My apologies, Bayek of Siwa. My fee is covered, it seems. (Pothinus placed a coin in his mouth) Now may I go to my glory.
  • Bayek: There is no glory left in Egypt.

Bayek held a feather up to Pothinus and sent him to the Duat. Afterwards, he met with Caesar.

  • Caesar: The damned eunuch is no more. Good. The speculatores found Septimius. He is in the village beyond. I will distract his men while you capture him. We must know what he plans.
  • Bayek: You'd think your spies would already know.
  • Caesar: They have their limits. But they claim Aya has a scent of that puppet King, so they also have their uses.
  • Bayek: Then Ptolemy is already caught. I will finish the rest.

Bayek reached the village where Septimius was. Septimius stepped out of a tent to meet Bayek.

Origins Quest20BattleForTheNile Part10

Septimius preparing himself to fight Bayek

  • Septimius: Ah! The fool finally comes. You will see your gods soon.

Bayek duelled with Septimius.

  • Septimius: Bayek of Siwa. We finally fight. Are you ready for your end?
  • Bayek: Prepare to face judgement, Septimius. You will find yourself in the Duat soon.
  • Septimius: Is that all your fury, Medjay? No wonder it was so easy to take your country.
  • Bayek: Keep talking, dog. You will find my fury soon.
    You will face judgement, Septimius.
    I will rip your heart out and feed it to the crocodiles, Septimius.
  • Septimius: Gods take you.
    Give up now! I will claim you died a hero, and not a traitor.
  • Bayek: You call this an attack?

As Bayek leaned down to confirm his kill, Septimius headbutted him.

  • Septimius: Did you miss me?

The two struggled on the ground as they exchanged blows. A horse neighed, and Caesar spoke, with Flavius Metellus by his side.

  • Caesar: Stop, Bayek. Septimius is a Roman. We will deal with him under our laws.

Bayek ignored Caesar and continued pounding Septimius with his fists. Roman soldiers came and pulled Bayek off Septimius.

  • Bayek: He killed my son!
Origins Quest20BattleForTheNile Part13

Aya aiming her bow in an attempt to kill Ptolemy XIII

Bayek broke free and attacked Septimius again. Caesar's men took a hold of him anew. Meanwhile, Aya, on the Nile Delta, had Ptolemy XIII in her sights. However, after they had locked eyes, Aya lowered her bow and looked away as the crocodiles attacked the reed boat of the Pharaoh, and drowned him. On the battlefield, the soldiers heard the news.

  • Soldier: The Pharaoh is dead!

One of the soldiers knocked Bayek unconscious, as two others held him.

Origins Quest20BattleForTheNile Part16

Cleopatra taking Alexander's Staff in signal of victory

Two weeks later, Cleopatra was crowned Queen at the Serapeum of Alexandria.

  • Cleopatra: Everything for which we have worked for so long is now ours. We have defeated our enemies! Only I can lead Egypt into a new era of prosperity.

The crowd roared as Cleopatra raised Alexander's Staff of Eden, handed to her by Flavius. Caesar stood beside Cleopatra, as did Apollodorus. Septimius stepped forward to stand with the royal family.


Ptolemy XIII and Pothinus were killed and Cleopatra ascended the throne, but Septimius was pardoned by Caesar and the Order of the Ancients was able to sway Caesar and Cleopatra to their side.


  • Caesar saying "the die is cast" refers to a famous quote attributed to him by Suetonius in Divus Iulius. Though often regarded as referring to a point of no return having been passed, it may be a mistranslation, with Caesar instead having said "let the die be cast".



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