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This article is about the Server Bridge. You may be looking for the fortress and prison.

The Bastille was a server bridge, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Abstergo initiated a server sweep, forcing the Helix initiate to evade and escape from one Helix server to another.


  • Bishop: Dammit. They're on to us again. It's not the best time, is it?
  • Deacon: I'm on it. Two seconds.
  • Bishop: We're close, Initiate. Arno and Germain had some kind of confrontation within the next few months. But we don't know where, or how it ended. We're counting on you to find out.
  • Deacon: Got it! The portal's open.
  • Bishop: If all goes well, this is your last forced migration.
  • Deacon: Yeah, and if it doesn't go so well, you could go into hippocampal shock, and take your meals through an IV for the rest of your life.
  • Bishop: Let's not dwell on that, shall we?

The Initiate jumped through the portal. On the other side, they found themselves in a cemetery outside Paris.

  • Bishop: This might look familiar to you. We're back in Medieval Paris. Late fourteenth century. You're outside the city walls now. I suggest you find your way back.

The Initiate went through a set of catacombs, before entering a quarry, in which they were forced to dodge falling rocks.

  • Bishop: This simulation is falling apart. Find the exit fast!
ACU The Bastille 1

The Initiate reaching the skirts of the battle for the Bastille

The Initiate escaped the quarry and reached the outskirts of Paris, where they witnessed the Bastille under siege. The portal then opened near the fortress.

  • Bishop: You're nearly there!
    Follow my voice!
    Get to the exit! Quickly!

The Initiate jumped through the portal.

  • Bishop: Okay, Initiate. Let’s finish this. You’re almost home.


The Helix initiate managed to evade Abstergo's server sweep.


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