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The Ballad of Si-Mut and Gertha was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Porable Animus HR-8.


Bayek tracks down Si-Mut's lost treasure.


Outside Operum Tuorum Gemmam Castra, Bayek came across a man digging in the ground.

  • Si-Mut: I remember, I remember, I can't remember! It's gone, lost, misplaced, hidden, sleeping, distraught, submerged. Gertha you have failed me.

The man travelled to another area to dig.

  • Si-Mut: It's gone! Can you find it? It must be found, found, found... smiling like a hyena, great yellow teeth, then, snap! That's what I remember...

The man began digging the ground.

  • Si-Mut: Nut, blue goddess of the sky and night, where is my treasure? Give it back, relinquish, unhand, bestow, bemoan, bemoan, bemoan...

Bayek approached the man.

  • Bayek: I do not mean to bother you.
  • Si-Mut: Be off with you! It's none of your business! Gertha has it well in hand. And I never spoke of treasure! Certainly not! But can you find it for me? I left it, I'm almost certain, somewhere. It must be here in my writings. I discard my writings as I travel, leaving scrolls as a trail of woe wherever I go. Read this one!

The man gave Bayek a scroll.

Si-Mut's Scroll 1: Obtained from Si-Mut:
"Woe! Oh. woe! I've been chased from my home! A band of bandits, unhappy about some previous incident, came in search of me. Gertha and I had to flee! Gertha slowed us down to a crawl. Wherefore have I encumbered myself with such a lugubrious companion? We arrived here safely, however, but Gertha has gone off to sulk, and I must lament my lost treasure alone."
  • Bayek: Where is this place you lived?
  • Si-Mut: Where I lived! Yes, I remember now. A marvelous place near the coast, just south of here. My collection of art and pottery I've found is housed there. How could I have forgotten? Gertha decorated the library!
  • Bayek: I will go take a look there for your treasure.

Bayek investigating cave of Ur'in.

Bayek travelled to Si-Mut's home in Madiama Nome, situated near a coast. He found it to be overrun by a group of bandits.

  • Bayek: This must be where Si-Mut lived.

Bayek sneaked into the bandit camp outside the cave and overheard a conversation between the bandits.

  • Bandit 1: We've found a treasure trove here!
  • Bandit 2: The crazy coot collected all this!
  • Bandit 1: What if he comes back?
  • Bandit 2: He ran off like his pants were aflame. We've seen the last of him.

Bayek eliminated the bandits and entered the cave. He found it to be full of treasures.

  • Bayek: Si-Mut collected all these treasures? What could he have lost that compares to this? Surely there must be a clue here somewhere.

Bayek read a scroll on the ground.

Si-Mut's Scroll 2: Found in the Ruins:
"I'm back in my home at last! The place where I collect all the ancient objects I have found across the peninsula. But alackaday! I seem to have lost my most precious treasure! I've been so addled ever since the adventure in the den of rabid dogs. I must have been a madman to go there. Could I have carelessly left my treasure there?"
  • Bayek: "Rabid dogs?" He must mean hyenas.

Bayek left the cave and travelled to the hyena den situated southeast of the ruins.

  • Bayek: I hate these cursed beasts.

He eliminated hyenas in the area. He came upon a sight of various corpses and a cart. He read a note on the ground.

  • Mountain Trade:
    We've established with a tribe up in the mountains. It's good trade, but risky. There are wild animals up there...
  • Bayek: Many did not survive these hyenas.

Bayek investigating the hyena cave with the painting of Nut.

Bayek entered a cave and with a distinctive cave painting. He inspected it.

  • Bayek: The goddess Nut. Goddess of sky and night.

He read a scroll on the ground nearby.

  • Bayek: More writings of Si-Mut?
Si-Mut's Scroll 3: "I fell in with some nomads. After a few miles, we were set upon by a pack of rabid dogs! Gertha craftily escaped, but the dogs killed the nomads and dragged me to their den. Curiously, the dog den has a beautiful painting of the goddess Nut. Is it possible the dogs can paint? That would be crazy. Almost as crazy as hiding in that little cave near the foul-smelling pissing place back in the bandit hideout!"
  • Bayek: Si-Mut had quite an adventure. I will search for this bandit hideout.

Bayek travelled to the bandit hideout in Klysma Nome.

  • Bayek: Ugh! What a foul odor! This must be the bog. He hid nearby.

Bayek sneaked into the camp and overheard a conversation between the bandits.

  • Bandit 1: A knowledgeable man. His conversation jumped from topic to topic like a beautiful butterfly.
  • Bandit 2: What was all that about a woman named Gertha?
  • Bandit 1: Some sort of goddess by my understanding.
  • Bandit 2: Yes. Yes. I believe you are right.
  • Bandit 1: And then he hid in the cave of the ancient creatures! Astounding.
  • Bandit 2: An extraordinary nomad.

Bayek eliminated the bandits and entered a small entrance in the wooden fences. he came upon a sight of a giant skeleton on the ground.

  • Bayek: Bones of the ancient creatures. I have heard of such things, but did not believe the tales.

He found a scroll on the ground.

  • Bayek: Of course. Si-Mut was here and left a scroll.
Si-Mut's Scroll 4: Found in the Cave:
"The gods have shorn me of luck! While searching the desert for ancient objects, I ate a delicious, odd-looking plant. I immediately passed out and awoke in the midst of bandits celebrating my initiation into their despicable ring! After drinking much honey-beer, I announced I needed to relieve myself and made my way to a foul-smelling bog to pee. I discovered this hidden cave nearby! I have hopes of slipping away soon. Clever Gertha is hiding in the desert, waiting with her characteristic patience. Thank Amun I had the wits to leave my treasure in the flooded part of the quarry!"
  • Bayek: The flooded quarry? I will soon have visited all of Sinai.

Bayek travelled to the sunken quarry situated at the coast of Klysma Nome. He found Si-Mut at the quarry.

  • Bayek: Si-Mut? What is he doing there?

Bayek approached Si-Mut.

  • Si-Mut: About time! Gertha and I were worried you got lost!
  • Bayek: I have been scrambling across the desert following a trail of your writings.
  • Si-Mut: I know how to write?! That's wonderful, praise Amun!
  • Si-Mut: I remembered I clearly hid my treasure in a jar and sunk it here, in the Red Sea. In fact, I sank several, only one has the treasure. You'll have to find the right one.
  • Bayek: Very well.

Bayek dove into the water and investigated the jars in the sunken quarry. He found nothing but empty jars at first.

  • Bayek: Empty!

He searched further out and retrieved a necklace from one of the jars.

  • Bayek: What is this? The treasure?

Bayek resurfaced and talked to Si-Mut.

  • Si-Mut: You found it! My flamingo foot, it brings me good fortune!
  • Bayek: A flamingo foot? This is your treasure?
  • Si-Mut: Come along with me. You are due a reward!

Bayek followed Si-Mut out of the quarry.

  • Si-Mut: I must show this to Gertha. She has been singularly unhelpful. I'm not certain she even believes in the power of the foot.

They camp upon the sight of a camel.

  • Si-Mut: Gertha! This kind neb (sir) has found my lucky talisman! You have been such a disappointment to me! Pretending to care about my treasure and all the while worrying only about your hump! Our friendship is over! I award you to this man. Perhaps you can be a better friend to him!
  • Bayek: Uh. Thank you.


Bayek helped Si-Mut to retrieve his lucky charm in the Underwater Quarry. He was gifted Gertha, an armored camel as a reward.


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