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The Baker's Dilemma was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A local baker's taster has been imprisoned by the Ptolemies for non-payment of taxes.


Bayek travelled to one of the markets in Memphis.

  • Teta: Feastday breads! Fresh feastday breads!
    Breads in all shapes and sizes! Bread in the shape of the Double Crown!
    I curse Ahmes the fruit-seller, eater of his own shit.
    The finest bread in Memphis! Favorite bakery of Cleopatra, the Queen!
    May the life and mind and memory of Ahmes the fruit-seller be forgotten.
    Coriander-seed bread! Date bread! Two loaves for the price of one on feastdays!
    May the liver and lungs and stomach of Ahmes the fruit-seller putrefy into ash.
    Feastday breads! Buy a fresh loaf for your sweetheard!

Bayek approached the baker.

  • Teta: Hello, friend! Bread for your sweetheart?
  • Bayek: No, thank you. Why do you speak a curse under your breath?
  • Teta: The magician who sold it to me said I must recite it two hundred times a day. Since I cannot recite while I sleep, I do it while work. Though it is hard to get any baking done without my taster!
  • Bayek: What happened to your taster?
  • Teta: Gods blast the regime! They arrested him for not paying the tax on spices! And now I am out of cinnamon!
  • Bayek: Looks like you need more than a magician.

Bayek set out to find Teta's taster.

  • Bayek: The regime presses even a poor baker so hard? Helping her would be a strike against Ptolemy, however small. And her bread smells delicious.

With Senu's help, Bayek found the man in a cage on a carriage, in transit.

  • Bayek: Could that be the man the baker is looking for?

He approached the carriage.

  • Bayek: You are the taster?
  • Sasobek: Yes, I am he.

Bayek rescued the man and carried him out of the cage.

  • Bayek: Teta the baker asked me to bring you to her.
  • Sasobek: My beautiful Teta! Now I can see her face again before I die. I am weak with hunger and with love. Will you carry me to Teta?
  • Bayek: If I must.

Bayek carried Sasobek on his back.

  • Bayek: Can you walk?
  • Sasobek: I am too weak even to stand!
  • Bayek: Really?
  • Sasobek: My strength comes from the beautiful Teta!
  • Bayek: Does she know you feel this way about her?
  • Sasobek: I have not yet been brave enough to confess my love for her! Also, I am a wanted man.
  • Bayek: I can see that. You did not pay your taxes.
  • Sasobek: It has nothing to do with taxes! I'll tell you everything when we get back to Teta. Teta, beautiful Teta... Her face is like the sun! Teta, my love, I am coming to you!

Bayek carried Sasobek to the market.

  • Sasobek: Hurry! Not much further until I can see my love again!
  • Bayek: This man is heavy. Too good at his job, I suppose.

Bayek carried Sasobek back to Teta.

  • Sasobek: Teta!
  • Teta: You brought back my taster!

Bayek put Sasobek down.

  • Bayek: This man has something to tell you.
  • Teta: Well?
  • Sasobek: Teta, I love you!
  • Teta: What?
  • Sasobek: And I uncovered a plot to poison the lady Taimhotep, beloved of the High Priest!
  • Teta: What?!
  • Bayek: What?
  • Sasobek: Lady Taimhotep loves our cakes and bread. For five years, we have delivered them to the Great Temple. But yesterday, I overheard a guard say that this week's cakes had been poisoned!
  • Bayek: Have they been delivered?
  • Sasobek: I... I don't know. They'd be in the garrison, if not.
  • Bayek: Then I will have to move quickly.

Bayek turned to leave. Teta and Sasobek continued to converse.

  • Teta: This... This is all too much for me.
  • Sasobek: Would you like to sit down?
  • Teta: No! I need to think.
  • Sasobek: Of course, love.
  • Teta: Hush!

Bayek travelled to the Memphites Barracks, where the cakes were held. He discovered several stashes of cakes in the main hall.

  • Bayek: A basket of cakes. I got here in time. Now to make sure they will not poison anyone.

Bayek destroyed the baskets and headed to another room, where he discovered the rest of the baskets.

  • Bayek: Another basket of cakes. These need to be destroyed too. I should check to see if there are any others.

Bayek destroyed the baskets.

  • Bayek: That is the last of the cakes. Taimhotep is safe now.


Bayek helped the baker to rescue her taster. He discovered a plot to poison Taimhotep and was able to prevent it.


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