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The Austrian Conspiracy was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


With the Austrian army advancing on Paris in September 1792 during the French Revolution, Austrian spies attempted to pass the plans for the defense of Paris to their compatriots.


  • Bishop: Paris, 1792, and Austria is knocking at the door.

An Austrian spy arrived in a courtyard in the Quartier du Marais at night to meet another man.

  • Danton: You're late.
  • Spy: I was dodging patrols. Danton gave quite the speech. We should return to Austria as soon as possible.

The man turned around, revealing himself to be Georges Danton. French troops surrounded the spy.

  • Danton: Then why not stay as my guest, traitor!
  • Bishop: Georges Danton, a revolutionary leader with a leaky ship. Danton and Robespierre were the big daddies of the French Revolution. A revolution about to be crushed by an Austrian army with spies all over Paris. The Assassins knew there was a spymaster pulling the strings. The Spymaster was funneling information on Paris' defenses to the Austrians.

The guards escorted the spy behind Danton, but the former managed to free himself, and advanced on Danton with a sword drawn.

  • Spy: King Louis will be back in Versailles within the week.
  • Danton: Hah! Over my dead body.
  • Bishop: Danton rallied Paris against the Austrian threat, so he's a target. You need to protect Danton, then take down the spymaster.

Arno eliminated the Austrian spy.

  • Danton: You're just in time. Hold them off while I find a way out of here!

Danton looked at a locked door.

  • Danton: Is there no way out of here?

Arno defended Danton against the attackers.

  • Danton: The doors are locked! There must be another way out!

Arno eliminated the last of the enemies.

  • Danton: We're out of time! The spies are sending information to Austria. You need to find them before they meet their couriers.
  • Bishop: All right. Let's grab those documents.

Arno stole the documents.

  • Bishop: These documents were sent by the Comte de Gambais. Infiltrate his house, then take out the count and his accomplices.

Arno infiltrated the Hotel des Ambassadeurs.

  • Vicomte de Gambais: Were you at the assembly? Did you hear his speech?
  • Guard: No sir. I was on duty here...
  • Vicomte de Gambais: Audacity. MORE Audacity, he said... As if a revolution weren't audacity enough!

Arno assassinated both Vicomte de Gambais and the Comte de Gambais.

  • Bishop: That's all of them. Okay time to get out of there.

Arno escaped the area.

  • Bishop: Paris' secrets are safe from the Austrians. Well done.


Arno protected Danton, and eliminated the Austrian spies.


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