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The Assassin's Heart was a virtual representation of one of Arbaaz Mir's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Arbaaz Mir planned to visit his secret lover, Pyara Kaur, for which he had to infiltrate the Amritsar Summer Palace


Arbaaz Mir approached the Summer Palace.

  • Arbaaz: Security's tight today. Someone must have noticed my visits. I don't need weapons to knock out a few guards, but better not give them a reason to shoot me.

The Assassin reached the gates of the palace.

  • Arbaaz: The gate is not guarded... this should be easy.

Arbaaz entered into the palace gardens where two guards were talking.

  • Guard 1: ...
  • Guard 2: You're just trying to catch a glimpse of the Princess.
  • Guard 1: Can you blame me? Such a beauty is something to behold.
  • Guard 2: Your love for "rare beauties" will get you in trouble one day... Remember the last time, they almost caught you?
  • Guard 1: Ha! I'm too quick to be caught. I could teach those Assassins a thing or two!
  • Guard 2: Don't joke about that - they're supposed to be active in this area.
  • Guard 1: Well, then it's a good job you've got me around to keep the Princess safe.

Arbaaz passed by a sleeping guard.

  • Arbaaz: Catching rest, but not intruders.

Arbaaz came near two patroling guards.

  • Guard 3: There have been a lot of break-ins recently. Keep a look for anyone suspicious.
  • Guard 4: Yes, sir. I'll raise the alarm if I see anything.

Another pair of guards discussing.

  • Guard 5: Did you hear the Princess is here?
  • Guard 6: She seems to be visiting this place more and more recently.

Another pair of guards discussing.

  • Guard 7: We've increased the number of patrols due to all the break-ins.
  • Guard 8 The Maharajah must be concerned then.

Arbaaz came in contact with a guard impossible to escape.

  • Arbaaz: These palace guards are innocents take. I have to acquire a non-lethal takedown, to make my life easier.

Another pair of guards discussing.

  • Guard 9: Do you think anyone would miss me if I went and had something to eat?
  • Guard 10: Does your stomach rule your every action?
  • Guard 9: Not every action, but hunger is a beast I like to tackle head on.
  • Guard 10: It'll be time to change patrol soon. We can go to the kitchen then.
  • Guard 9: Ah, yes. Perhaps she'll be there.
  • Guard 10: I don't know who you mean.
  • Guard 9: Oh, but I think you do

Crossing a new pair guards talking on a bridge, Arbaaz decided to pickpocket them.

  • Arbaaz: I need supplies, those guards should have plenty
  • Guard 11: How many of us do you think the Maharajah has guarding this place now?
  • Guard 12: No idea. Must be over twenty.
  • Guard 11: Don't you think that's a little excessive?
  • Guard 12: What are you getting at?
  • Guard 11: Nothing... I just like to know what I am guarding, or who I am guarding against.
  • Guard 12: You think he's hiding something here?
  • Guard 11: Maybe... Or perhaps there's someone he's very keen to keep out.
  • Guard 12: Do you think that's what all of the break-ins have been about?
  • Guard 11: Yes. Don't you think it's strange that nothing has been taken in any of them?
  • Guard 12: Maybe they were disturbed before they had a chance?
  • Guard 11: Perhaps...

Arbaaz reached the wing of the palace where Pyara is housed.

  • Arbaaz: I need to find a way up there.

Arbaaz stole the key of the door from a guard.

  • Arbaaz: Got it

Arbaaz came closer to Pyara's appartments.

  • Arbaaz: There it is... now to reach it. Unarmed and in areas I shouldn't be, full of palace guards. This is going to be fun...

After traversing the palace grounds, Arbaaz finally reached Pyara's chambers.

  • Pyara: Are you here to kill me, Assassin?
  • Arbaaz: I'd be a fool to think I could...
  • Pyara: I could kill you now, slicing your throat or plunging my blade deep into your heart.
  • Arbaaz: Take my heart, it belongs to you anyway.
  • Pyara: Do you always have to have a line at the ready?


Arbaaz Mir managed to reach his secret lover, without harming any of the Sikh guards.



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