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The Art of the Heist is a recurring Helix Rift Event in Assassin's Creed: Rebellion that originally lasted from August 29–September 3, 2018. It comprises of five missions set during the Reconquista in which the Spanish Brotherhood of Assassins were aided by the Spanish Thieves' Guild in retrieving Leonardo da Vinci's paintings The Celestial Mysteries from Inquisition forces throughout Spain.

Successful mission synchronization gives players Data Nodes which unlock various reward tiers based on the total Nodes collected, with the top tier granting players the ability to play Lupo Gallego in future missions; a long weapon, set of medium armor, and accessories scaled to one's Brotherhood level; and Codex. Players can earn extra Nodes if they used one or more preset Sync Bonus Heroes.

Official Synopsis

Spain, 15th century
In the late 15th century, the Spanish Thieves' Guild, an ally of the Brotherhood, acquired a priceless set of five Leonardo da Vinci paintings, "The Celestial Mysteries". This set was to be sold to finance the fight against the Templars. Lupo Gallego, leader of the Spanish Thieves' Guild, gave the set to his business associate, the reckless nobleman and Brotherhood member Jaime del Rada, to find a buyer.

But one fateful night during a party at the Monarchs' Court, Jaime foolishly gambled the set away in a card game against an Inquisition captain, Diego de Burgos. Diego then separated the set and gave each piece as a gift to his underlings.

Lupo, ashamed by his own poor judgement in trusting Jaime, called for all the best Brotherhood thieves to help recover the set and restore the Thieves' Guild honor.

With the five paintings dispersed across Spain, the Brotherhood's most silent Assassins embarked on a recovery mission and scattered into the night...


Chapter 1 - Valencia

Chapter 2 - Murcia

Chapter 3 - Toledo

Chapter 4 - Madrid

Chapter 5 - Salamanca