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The Arsenal Gates was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After having tailed Tarik Barleti, Ezio Auditore made his way to the Arsenal Gates, where Tarik and Manuel Palaiologos were. Ezio met with Yusuf Tazim and they decided to cause a riot to get the Arsenal Gates to open.



Tarik meeting Manuel outside the arsenal

Manuel and Tarik met each other near the arsenal gates.

  • Manuel: You may verify the amount, Tarik, but the money stays with me until I have seen the cargo for myself and assayed its quality.
  • Tarik: Understood. You are a shrewd man, Manuel.
  • Manuel: Trust without cynicism is hollow.
  • Janissary: The count is good, Tarik. It's all here.
  • Manuel: So what now?
  • Tarik: You will have access to the arsenal. When you are satisfied, the cargo will be delivered to a location of your choosing.
  • Manuel: Are your men prepared to travel?
  • Tarik: Not a problem.
  • Manuel: Poli Kalà. (Very good.) I will have a map drawn up for you within the week.

Ezio met Yusuf.

  • Ezio: Are we here for the same reason?
  • Yusuf: One of my men claims he saw a shipment of weapons enter the arsenal. So I got curious.
  • Ezio: Weapons. I would like to see them for myself.
  • Yusuf: Short of killing everyone, I'm not sure how you will get inside.

Yusuf and Ezio oversaw two Janissaries harass a merchant.

  • Janissary: You have been warned twice! No merchants near the arsenal wall. Take this away!

Janissaries harassing a merchant

  • Merchant: Hypocrites! If your men did not buy my produce, I wouldn't sell it here! You are worse than the Byzantines, you traitor!
  • Janissary: Hold your tongue, parasite!
  • Yusuf: Even in times of peace, the poor are always under siege.
  • Ezio: If we inspire them to vent their anger, perhaps that will help our cause.

Ezio started bribing heralds.

  • Yusuf: Feigning solidarity to push your own agenda. What a gentleman. No?
  • Ezio: It is not pretty, I know. But it will work.
  • Herald 1: The Janissaries are corrupted, good people of Konstantiniyye! They have surrendered their loyalties to the devil, and do injury to our Sultan's image!
  • Herald 2: Men and women of the city! Hear me now! You have broken no laws, and thus deserve no abuse. Fight back against these men who belittle you!
  • Herald 3: Good citizens of Istanbul! The Janissaries collude against you! Do not suffer their injuries! Return them!

Ezio joined Yusuf again.

  • Ezio: That gate will not stay closed for long.
  • Yusuf: The people are doing you a favor, Ezio. Return it, and keep them safe from harm.

The citizens breaking into the arsenal

Ezio fended off the attacking guards.

  • Citizens: Justice or death!
  • Guards: Hold them back!
  • Citizens: Down, you bastard!
  • Guards: Sound the alert!

The arsenal gates opened.

  • Citizens: Push through!
    Go! Go!
    Justice or death!


Ezio learned of Manuel Palaiologos' involvement in Tarik's plans and caused a riot. The riot effectively opened the door to the Arsenal, allowing Ezio to infiltrate it.



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