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Showapple.jpg|Ezio holds out the Apple for Cesare to see.
Showapple.jpg|Ezio holds out the Apple for Cesare to see.
Cesaregrimaces.jpg|Cesare is weakened by the poison.
Cesaregrimaces.jpg|Cesare is weakened by the poison.

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The Apple of Eden is a memory in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.


Ezio Auditore races through the Vatican, being pursued by a great deal of guards, until he reaches the courtyard in front of the Basilica di San Pietro where the Apple of Eden was hidden before Cesare Borgia arrives. Upon obtaining the Apple, Ezio flees the Vatican.


Ezio uses Eagle Vision to locate the Apple, and presses against the ornament in the pavilion to retrieve it. A small chamber containing the Apple opens, and he takes the artifact just as Cesare arrives with two Papal guards.

  • Cesare: You?!
  • Ezio: Looking for this?
  • Cesare: It ends now, Assassino. My sword will take your life.

Cesare clutches his chest, apparently weakened from the poison from Rodrigo's apple. He instead sends his guards to kill Ezio, but Ezio points the artifact towards them. Energy in the form of light beams is suddenly emitted from it, and the two guards kill each other. Cesare retreats.

  • Cesare: GUARDS! GUARDS!


Ezio escapes the Vatican unscathed, along with the Apple of Eden.


  • To achieve full synchronization, Ezio must not lose any health.
    • The player cannot use the artifact to fight the guards, doing so will result in health loss.
  • Ezio cannot call his recruits to assist him in this memory.
  • Once a player interacts with the Apple's location, they cannot decline the memory starting or any future memories starting, nor can they abort that memory or any future memories.


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